Dr Allan Wain

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Dr Allan Wain

Dr. Allan Wain - Head of Research and Strategy for CP2

About  Dr Allan Wain

An experienced economist, Dr. Allan Wain holds undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in a number of fields. Attending the University of Melbourne on a scholarship, he earned his doctorate in economics and finance. Dr. Allan Wain subsequently completed postdoctoral studies in economics through a scholarship to Imperial College in London, England. He also has studied at Stanford and Harvard Universities.

Dr. Wain serves as a fellow with the Labor and Worklife Program (LWP) at Harvard Law School, where his research interests include investigations into the ways in which infrastructure-related enteprises both affects and are affected by social values, government policy, employment prospects, and market behavior.

In addition to his fellowship with the LWP, Dr. Allan Wain has worked as the head of research and strategy at CP2 since April 2015. Formerly Capital Partners, CP2 has conducted independent international market research since 1997. The company presently supports offices at Aurora Place in Sydney, Australia, and Holland House in London, England.

Work experience

Work experience
May 2014 - Present

LWP Fellow

Harvard University
Apr 2015 - Present

Head of Research and Strategy





The University of Melbourne

Post Doctorate

Imperial College