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Dragos Tudor

Technical leader / Application developer / Full stack programmer

Work experience

Nov 2014Feb 2015

Senior Programmer / Application Developer


Project: major client web app.

Project details: spa, angular [by feature], kendo ui - angular integration, client-side testing (Jasmine, Chutzpah), WebAPI, SignalR, DDD-light, EF CodeFirst, server-side testing NUnit, NSubstitute, Castle Windsor so.

Technical environment : VS 2013, SQL 2012, ASP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework 6.0, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, Angular, etc.

Responsabilities: client-side R&D, server-side R&D, domain-side D.

Duration: 3 months.

Apr 2014Oct 2014

Technical Leader


Project : EDI (Electronic data interchange) DDD/CQRS solution (research, prototyping and development).

Project details:

100% async (MVC view controllers, MVC data(json) controllers, WCF proxy(client) services, WCF (server) endpoint services, queries over EF ORM).

100% DI (MVC controllers, queries, command and event handlers, domain services, aggregates etc.)

DB: multiple file groups, write(commands) and read(query) storage, current and archive storage.

Infrastructure: multiple DBContext (one for each domain), read and write storage pipelines, scoping (for transactions).

DDD: 1 core domain, 3 subdomain, 1 supporting domain. Business transactions (sagas), domain events, aggregates, entities, value objects, standard types, domain services, openhost services, application service.

CQRS: commands, events, command handlers, event handlers, queries.

WCF: 1 per session instancing with multiple concurrency mode, 1 per call. wsHttpBinding, username authentication, https, exception handling based on ExceptionDetail, self-hosting testing etc.

Presentation: SPA web site.
Server-side : MVC view(partial views) and data (json) controllers, direct db. (read) queries, commands through service proxies.
Client-side: Angular (MVC) view, controllers, factories(services), interceptors, directives, events etc.

Desing patterns: event aggregator (over Reactive Extensions), factory, lazy, adapter, façade, proxy, strategy etc.

Device-compatibility: tablets, smartphones, laptops etc.

Duration: 4 months (~1000 hours).

Responsibilities: all.

Technical environment : VS.NET 2013, SQL 2012, ASP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework 6.0, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, Angular, etc.

Mar 2014Jul 2013

Senior Programmer / Application Develope


1. Project : Project Management web app (National Agency)- moderate difficulty.
Database owner, 80% code owner (60 entities and dictionaries, 200 views, project wizard, isolated business logic, so).

Duration : 6 weeks.

Responsibilities : modeling, design, development, testing, optimization, research.

Technical environment : VS.NET 2013, SQL 2012, ASP.NET MVC 4, Entity Framework 5.0, jQuery, Bootstrap 2.3, Knockout KendoUI, etc.

2. Project : business (CMS-Lite / DDD-Lite) web app - moderate difficulty.
Databases owner, 80% code owner, 10% tests owner (from 640 integration, unit, regression, behavior, performance tests).

Duration : 3 months.

Responsibilities : partial business analysis, modeling, web design, development, testing, optimization, research.

Technical environment : VS.NET 2013, SQL 2005, ASP.NET MVC 4, Entity Framework 6.0, WCF Services, jQuery, Bootstrap 3.0, Knockout, KendoUI, IoC Castle Windsor, CKEditor, APM, NPOI (reporting) so.

3. Module : Importing files module for web app + securing WCF service (National Agency)- higher difficulty.
Extract from legacy app importing logic, create a new importing engine and adapt existing metadata to new engine.
Partial database owner, 90 classes, interfaces, 27 integration and unit tests.

Duration : 3 months.

Responsibilities : modeling, development, testing, optimization, full documentation.

Technical environment : VS.NET 2013, SQL 2008R2, NPOI so.

4. Module : Caching module for web store
Web caching (16 integration, performance, unit tests)

Duration : 1 week.

Responsibilities : modeling, development, testing, optimization.

Technical environment : VS.NET 2013, ASP.NET MVC 5, WCF Services, so.

Sep 2012Jun 2013



Project : Web Framework.

Responsibilities : all.

Technical environment : VS.NET 2012, SQL 2012, ASP.NET MVC 4, EF, MEF, WebAPI, jQuery, Knockout etc.

Jun 2011Jul 2012

Senior Programmer


Project: eLearning app.

Framework development (parts), code templates generators, custom controls, UI and server filtering, sorting, paging, aggregating, exception handling, authentication, UI modules (MVVM) etc.

Responsibilities: analysis, design, code development, testing, optimization.

Technical environment: VS.NET 2010, C#, Silverlight, MEF, WCF, EF, LINQ, SQL 2008 R2.

Oct 2008Jun 2011

Analyst Programmer / Application Developer

ERB Retail Services (Eurobank Group)

Project: Internal portal web site.

Data layer - Database architecture, tables, views, procedures, triggers, functions, optimizations, db admin etc.
Business layer - business logic, data access, mailing, data files reader (binary Excel, CSV, XML), logging, exceptions handling, authentication, authorization, reporting, WCF Services, etc.
Presentation layer – multilanguage, themes, web custom controls, Ajax, mixed authentication, validation, etc.

Responsibilities: analysis, design, code development, testing, implementation, maintenance, optimization (single developer).

Technical environment: VS.NET 2010/2008, ASP.NET 3.5, C#, Ajax, jQuery, WCF, LINQ, SQL 2008/2005, Reporting Services.

Apr 2007Oct 2008

Analyst Programmer / Team Leader


Client : Rompetrol Downstream.
•Invoicing application – web based application
•Fleet management (version 1.0 and 2.0) – web site
•Import / Export data application – windows service
•Database replication.

Responsibilities: analysis, code development (work templates, technology integration), implementation, optimization.

Technical environment: VS.NET 2005, C#, ASP.NET, Ajax, Web Services, Windows Services, .Net Remoting, SQL 2005/2000, InRule

Oct 2005Apr 2007

Analyst Programmer / Application Developer

Garanti Bank - Garanti Leasing

Project: Invoicing app.
•Invoices module.
•Payments module.
•Reconciliation module.
•Reporting module.
•Administration module.

Responsibilities: analysis, code development, testing, implementation, optimization, maintenance.

Technical environment: VS.NET 2005, C#, VB.NET, Windows Services, .Net Remoting, Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, MSSQL 2000

Aug 2002Oct 2005


Seracom IT

Project: web ERP.
•Documents encryption module.
•Reporting module.
•Resources module.
•Gantt Chart module.
•Other modules (printing etc.)

Responsibilities: analysis, code development, testing, implementation, maintenance.


Oct 2003Jul 2005

master e-Business

CSIE - ASE, Bucharest
Oct 1995Jul 2000

automotive engineer

University POLITEHNICA, Bucharest