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Software & hardware repair, installation, configuration (incl. pocket computers, mobile phones, network printers, bank equipment, SWIFT machines e.t.a.).

Large & small networks design, installation, management, problem solving, expanding & optimizing. Professional Web design (Flash, PHP, Ajax).

In 2004, site "Drakia" has won the "Best flash site of 2004" award in Moscow ("Russian Webmasters Union").

14 years of engineering experience, 16 years of computer experience. Highly developed experience in PC software & hardware problem-solving, performance optimizing, information restoring e.t.a. Excellent knowledge of computer hardware, every kind of Windows (from 3.x to Vista & Windows Server 2008), full knowledge of DOS & DOS-based tools (recovery, low-level software installation e.t.a.), limited experience in Linux & MacOSX.

Graphics programs: Corel (excellent), Cool3d (excellent), Bryce, Photoshop e.t.a.

Web development: DreamWeaver (excellent), SwishMax (excellent), TopStyle (excellent), Flash, UltraEdit e.t.a.  Lot of other tools.

Work experience


System administrator (15 computers)

Computer center "Manhattan"

Major Technical Specialist, IT department

"People's Bank", main office

Software & hardware repair, installation, configuration, consulting, system administration (74 computers).





Secondary Schools №№128, 52, 149