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Dr.Abdelrahman Elsheikh

General  Practitioner 


Date of  birth : 01/01/1976

Nationality : Sudanese   

Religion: Muslim

Marital status: Married

Language  :  1- Arabic   mother  tongue       2- English    -  Expert  



- MMBS of Medicine

Omdurman Islamic University  - Faculty  of  Medicine 

Medicine  - Sudan  2004

- Diploma  in  Family  Medicine  -  Sudan

- MRCP- part 1 ( UK)

- MRCP - part 2 (UK)

- Certificate  of  internship - Sudan

- Permanent  Registration  Certificate from  Sudan  Medical Council - 2007

- Professional Registration Certificate  & ID  from Saudi Commission for  Health Specialists -  2010 

- Doctor  Evaluation  Certificate   as  General  Practitioner- M.O.H   UAE

Committee No.   19/2014

Issue  Date  : 12/07/1015  

Work experience

Oct 2009Present

General Practitioner

K.S.A - M.O.H

General Practitioner

Aug 2008Aug 2009

Medical Officer

Khartoum North Teaching Hospital

Emergency Medicine

Apr 2008Jul 2008

Medical Officer

Oumdurman Military Hospital

Internal Medicine

May 2007Mar 2008

Medical Officer

Alamal National Hospital

Internal Medicine

Jan 2007Mar 2007

House Officer

Khartoum Teaching Hospital

Orthopedics  Department 

Nov 2006Jan 2007

House Officer

Khartoum North Teaching Hospital

Medicine  Department

Jul 2006Oct 2006

House Officer

Khartoum North Teaching Hospital

Pediatrics Department   

Apr 2006Jul 2006

House Officer

Oumdeuman Maternity Hospital

Obs&Gynae  Department

Dec 2005Mar 2006

House Officer

Oumdurman Military Hospital

General  Surgery  Department

Sep 2005Dec 2005

House Officer

Marawi Teaching Hospital

Medicine Department



Performing    all   types   of   Windows 

Some of the activities done & Skill squired during training period

1- Management  of   different   types of  emergency

2- Assisting  in major  & minor  operations

3- Performing  the  following  surgical  operation  under full supervision: 

a-Appendectomy  b-Caessarian Section   C- Abscess  drainage  from different   parts  of  the  body

4- Practical  procedure:

A- Insertion   of  IV  canula  B-Giving   Injections   by different   routs   C- Insertion   of  Nasogastric Tube D- insertion   of  Folly urinary   catheter  E- Lumber  Puncture  F- Tapping   an  Ascites   G-  Paracentesis    H- Aspiration   of  pleural   effusion   I- Joint  Aspiration  J- Relieving Tension  Pneumothorax   - K- Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation L  Fixing  different   types  of  Plasters  & Traction  Devices - M- Conduction   of  Normal  Labour

My employment period was full of teaching rounds,reffered clinics,duties in the emergency room,tutorials and other forms of continuous medical education.