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Experience is not only one of the best guarantees of quality (and nowhere is it more important than with healthcare services), it is also an absolute prerequisite for bringing one's field forward and making one's own contribution. With more than a quarter century spent in dentistry, helping people with each and every dental issue possible, Dr. Steven Bongard is the perfect example of the value of years in building expertise.

During his time as a dental surgeon, he continued to educate himself to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and most promising new technologies... And it is only natural that he gravitated towards implants, an area in which he would distinguish himself. Today, as Chief of Clinical Services for Chrysalis (which he co-founded with longtime partner Dr. Mark Kwon), Dr. Bongard has become an authority amongst his peers for his contributions to bone grafting methods and the placing of implants.

Chrysalis Dental Centres - Toronto

4576 Yonge Street, Suite 100

Toronto, ON M2N 6N4, CA

Phone: 416 800 0927