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H.E. Sir Dr Patrick Bijou

Investment Banker , Fund Manager & Senior Banking Redemption Officer &  Judge for the ICJ-ICC


Sir  Patrick is an Investment banker and Fund Manager. He is also Senior Banking Redemption Officer and Judge for the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Courts. He is an educated and lateral thinker and brings extensive banking experience having worked as a senior banker in many banks that include Credit Agricole and Deutsche Bank. He has also worked on Wall Street, a very capable and highly experience trader in the derivative and bond markets, having setup MTN desks within Lloyds Bank. Sir Patrick led the Deutsche trade desk and was responsible for developing asset origination and distribution structures. He is a senior adviser in the Prime Minister’s Office in various countries. Sir Patrick has been responsible for serving large corporate, creation of new credit for international supply chains and SMEs, public sector and commodity clients across a range of products that include supply chain finance, receivable finance, contract monetization, private placement and a broad range of trade services.  Sir Patrick undertook similar roles at Conduit Capital  and Morgan Stanley. He has extensive contacts with major banks around the world to include Wells Fargo, Barclays, HSBC, Deutsche and ICBC, where he deals at board level.

Sir Patrick has tailored funding and investments for many different clients which include governments, banks and financial institutions, and has implemented over $1.3B funding for social housing in the Bahamas where he is connected at government level, his credibility extends to being a personal adviser to the Prime Minster. 

He has high level contacts in banks, where his financial architecture and engineering has created off balance sheet solutions to rectify capital adequacy shorts falls. Sir Patrick is also a venture capitalist — backing several successful start-ups. He has extensive asset management experience and runs two significant fund, his return ratio's are of the highest levels in his sector, offering clients very satisfying returns on their capital.

Sir Patrick experience and out of box thinking makes him a significant asset, he has a doctorate in Economics and brings over 30 years experience in his sector. As a notable investment banker and Redemption Officer and Judge for the ICJ/ICC , he possesses certain expertise and skills in business management  and corporate governance. With that comes a host of managerial  expertise, experience and a seasoned methodical approach.

Work History


Registered Private Banker & T1 trader, Level 7 Banker and Banking Analyst , Fund Manger

Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, Credit Agricole CIB, Calyon, Lloyds Bank, Blackstone & Tiger FUND. Senior Banking and Redemption Officer & Judge ICJ/ICC


  • MTN & Private Placements at Conduit Capital markets
  • MTNs and Private Placements/Syndicate at Credit Agricole CIB
  • Interest Rate Derivatives Structuring & Marketing at Calyon.



Debt Capital Markets, MTNs & Private Placements, Structured Products.


MTN & Private Placements in the Bond markets.

Responsible for the set up of the MTN & Private Placement Desk / MTN dealer function within Lloyds PLC Bank: Became the first dealer for Lloyds treasury for increasing significantly the portion of self led deals from 4% to 32% in 2002


  • Excellent understanding of Structured Products via the Multi Product Approach of desk covering Interest Rate Derivatives, Equity Derivatives, Commodities, FX, Credit and Inflation Linked Structures

Fund Manager


Efficaciously managed medium to high net-worth clients. Completed overview and balance sheet analyses. Made product recommendations based on clients’ needs and extensive analyses. Managed a Sales/Operations platform of 20+ staff.

  • Referred over $30M in hard dollar assets including raw deposits, $1.5B in investments to the Wealth Management Group, lending opportunities and high-level planning
  • Deeply involved in advisement and analysis of holdings
  • Reviewed and analyzed credit packages prior to partnership establishment to identify cash flow and invest income sources
  • Was named the top investment referral within the branch for the majority of 2002-2005

Personal Banker 1


Took on a wide range of roles; formed new banking relationships through opening accounts, facilitating peripheral product sales and providing the utmost in quality customer service. Maintained ongoing accounts and assisted the branch in daily operations. Analyzed and managed client portfolios to enhance client relationships and experience; cross-sold with help from numerous partners.



BA Business Studies, MBA Economics & International banking, PhD Economics

St Andrews, Edinburgh Scotland: Camden College New Jersey, USA, Southampton University, England. University of Hertfordshire, England

Business Studies, Economics, Banking 



Camden College, New Jersey, USA

Business Studies


Economics  and International banking

PHD Economics 

PhD Thesis: The Impact of Quantitative Easing Measures on Interest Rates, Financial Markets, and Economic Activity: A case study of U.S.A.

An empirical analysis of the ECB quantitative easing programme


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