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A top-performing qualified accountant with over 15 years of public financial management experience, teaching and research. Outstanding specialist distinguished for treasury single account management, public financial management reforms strategy  implementation, project management, project accounting, audit, as well as teaching and research in corporate finance. Highly accomplished  scholar-practitioner in the valuation of IPOs on the Ghana Stock Exchange with extreme ability to build and maintain relationships.

Work experience

Nov 2015Present

Head, Revenue and Cash Management Directorate

Controller and Accountant-General's Department (CAGD)

As the Head of Revenue and Cash Management in the Controller and Accountant-General of the Republic of Ghana, I am currently responsible for the implementation of Ghana's Cash Management Reforms initiatives including the implementation of Ghana's Treasury Single Account: Since taking up this job, I have chalked the following success:

1. Established the Revenue and Cash Management Directorate of CAGD with a staff strength of 20.

2. Lead the development and implementation of Ghana's Bank Account Tracking platform (i.e., the B-Tracking Platform);

3. Got all commercial banks in Ghana submitting MT940 S.W.I.F.T messages to the B-Tracking Platform;

4. Developed a comprehensive work plan and budget for the implementation of Ghana's Treasury Single Account (TSA) strategy;

5. Worked hand-in-hand with IMF's AFRITACK WEST 2 Consultant in an ex-ante assessment of the liquidity impact of Ghana's TSA Strategy on the banking industry in Ghana;

6. Developed a request for proposal (RFP) and got a panel of six banks selected to act as Government of Ghana's Investment Managers for the next 24 month starting in April, 2016.  

Jun 2015Oct 2015

Project Coordinator Public Financial Management Reform's Project

Ministry of Finance - Ghana

As a project coordinator, in this brief position, I had the opportunity of assisting the Project Director in the management of $45 million World Bank funded project on Ghana's Public Financial Management Reforms. As the Project Coordinator my responsibilities included: 

1. Maintaining an up-to-date inventory of the project, complete with their components, activities, requisite resources, procurement plans, planned disbursements, and key milestones / deliverables.

 2. Monitoring project activities and milestones on a daily basis in partnership with Component Leads (CLs) and Project Management Unit (PMU) based on the agreed Project Implementation Action Plans and the overall Annual Work Plans and Budgets (AWP&B).

3.  Making close follow up with the CLs for getting monthly and quarterly updates and reports, with a focus on both technical and financial utilization.

 4. Undertaking technical oversight on behalf of the Project Director in order to accelerate implementation and disbursements, and draw attention to any major issue that requires his/her/her attention.

5. Providing backstopping support to the CLs and PMU in providing the required information/data for the completion of Project Implementation Progress Reports (IPR) and Project Completion Reports (PCRs).

6. Based on the monitoring and technical oversight, advising the Project Director on any foreseeable changes, bottlenecks, and possible solutions/remedies to improve project performance.

 7. Facilitating desk and technical review of disbursement applications to ensure their completeness and accuracy prior to their submission to the World Bank.

8. Preparing Status Reports of the projects for review by the Project Director in his regular meetings in the Top Management and the World Bank.

 9Undertaking periodical Site visits to ascertain the actual status of project implementation and report on the financial versus physical achievements.

10. Serving as technical counterparts to supervision / review missions from the World Bank.

Apr 2007Aug 2014

Project Accountant  Afram Plains District Agricultural Development Project (APDADP)

Ministry Food and Agriculture - Ghana

As the project accountant of a $32 million dollar African Development Bank's funded mechanized agricultural development project in the remote district of Ghana called the Afram Plains District, I was responsible for:

1. The establishment of the accounting and internal control systems of the project meant to ensure that each member of Project Co-ordination and Management Unit (PCMU) is aware of the control environment within which the Project is operating. 

2. Maintaining all accounting records in a form that is appropriate and acceptable to the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group as the funding agency and the Government of Ghana as the counterpart financier.

3. Maintaining all accounting records in a form that is appropriate for regular auditing, which is an important requirement for continues release of funds by the Bank (i.e. AfDB). Audits for the accounting periods 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 has been successfully completed and submitted to the bank and a ‘No Objection’ received for all of them.

4. The drafting of individual units Annual Work Plan & Budget (AWP&B) in conjunction with the other members of the PCMU and solely responsible for its consolidation into an Overall Project Annual Work Plan & Budget (AWP&B).

5. Following-up on issues arising from the implementation of the Overall Project Annual Work Plan & Budget (AWP&B).

6. The preparation of withdrawal applications and justification of expenditures needed for the replenishment of the Project Revolving Fund Account (called the Special Account) by the Bank.

7. The preparation of direct payment requests meant for a direct disbursement by the Bank to the suppliers, contractors and consultants to the Project.

8. The preparation and establishment of Letters of Credit for suppliers and contractors were necessary.

9. Installation and operationalization of Sun Accounting Software as part of the Information Management System of Project.

Jan 2004Mar 2007

Senior Audit Manager

Asafu - Adjaye & Partners

As the manager responsible for the statutory audit of various clients, I was responsible for:

1. Planning: the timing and staffing of the audits together with arrangements for attendance at stock takes and requests to third parties for confirmations. Also I was responsible for preparing the planning memorandum and confirming the audit approach in the memorandum with the audit partner as well as briefing the audit staff.

2. During the Audits: I monitored the progress of each audit to ensure that the effect of deviations from the planned timetable are minimized.

3. Review: I was responsible for carrying out a formal and comprehensive review of the audit work done to ensure that a conclusive opinion can be formed on the financial statements in question.

4. Drafting financial statements and management letter: I was responsible for the drafting of financial statements and management letter for the review by the partner for presentation to client management.

5. Staff Appraisal: In respect of those members of the audit team I was responsible for completing an assessment form. This assessment form is part of the firm’s arrangements designed to ensure that all employees involved in an audit work are and continue to be competent in the conduct of the audits for which they are responsible or employed.

Academic Qualifications

Sep 2010Dec 2013

Master of Laws (LLM) in International Finance and Banking Law

University of Liverpool

My LLM dissertation was titled "Ghana's Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Framework: How Compliant are the Actors in Ghana's Financial Services Sector?"

Jun 2006Oct 2009

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration

My MBA Dissertation was titled “The Choice of Performance Measures of Organizations in Ghana: A Case Study of Aluworks Ltd”

Professional Certifications

Sep 2009Dec 2010

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level  1

CFA Institute

I had the level 1 of CFA in 2010 and currently pursuing the level 2

Jan 2002Dec 2004

Fellow, Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA)

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA)

I became an Affiliate in 2004 and a Fellow of the Association in 2008

Jan 2000Dec 2001

Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)

I graduated as an accounting technician in 2001

Professional Training And Academic Conferences

2014 Ph.D. Academic Residency 4 in London, UK.

I was exposed to such research skills as: - Best Practices in Presenting Research 1; - Best Practices in Presenting Research 2; - Best Practices in Presenting Research 3; - Social Change; and - Completing the Dissertation: American Psychological Association (APA) Style Considerations;

2013 Ph.D. Academic Residency 3  in Barcelona, Spain.

 I  was exposed me to such research skills as: - Research Design Methods and Methodology; - Pragmatic Aspects of Research; - Building the Prospectus; - Principles of Instrument Development; - Qualitative Research Methods; - Multiple Regression; - Using Secondary Data in Research; - Logistic Regression; and - Dissertation Writing Guidance: The Dissertation Rubric and the Dissertation Writing Template;

2013 Ph.D. Academic Residency 2  in Paris, France.

I was exposed me to such research skills as: - Skills for Doctoral Research 1: Translating Research Ideas Into Research Questions; - Skills for Doctoral Research 2: Connecting Research Questions to Research Methodology; - Skills for Doctoral Research 3: Literature Critique; - Advance Library Skills for Doctoral Research; - Synthesizing Literature; - Keys to Successful Library Research; and - Literature Review from the Perspectives of Library and Writing.

2012 Ph.D. Academic Residency 1 in Madrid, Spain.

I was exposed to such research skills as: - Practicing Doctoral Scholarship; - Key Skills to Successful Library Search - Introduction to American Psychological Association (APA) Style References; - Writing at Doctoral Level; - Introduction to Scholarly Research; and - Literature Review from the Perspectives of Library Writing.

2011 SWap, Mid-term Expenditure Framework and Program Portfolio in Montreal, Canada.

I attended a short course in Montreal Canada offered by Setym International in on Sector-Wide Adjustment Program (SWap) aimed at improving project management skills of the attendees.

2010 Workshop on Project Performance Enhancement Tool (2PET) in Koforidua, Ghana.

This workshop was organized and certified by the African Development Institute o f the African Development Bank to equip attendees with project management tools.

Computing Skills

Sun Accounting Software

As the project accountant, I had over 7 years working experience with this accounting software.

SPSS Statistical Package

As a doctoral student, I was exposed to an extensive use of this software for the conduct of academic research.

Turnitin Software

As a student of both University of Liverpool and Walden University I have been thoroughly trained in the use of the Turnitin plagiarism software

Microsoft Office Suite

As a scholar-practitioner I have proficiency in most of the Microsoft's office suite including Word, Excel, and Power point.


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