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dr. Khalid omer Elguzouli mohamed


Personal Data


Name: Dr. Khalid Omer Elguzuli Mohamed


Date of birth: 01/01/1991 AD

Place of birth:Kingdomof Saudi Arabia, Najran

Nationality: Sudanese

Marital status: Single

Language: Arabic & English

Residency : in Saudi Arabia, Najran city

ID (Iqama) no.: 2068594510

Contact info. :

Mobile number : 00966534804879

Telephone number : 00966175431226

Email  :


Primary school:

King Saud primary School, KSA, najran

Secondary school:

Ibn Khaldoun secondary school, KSA, najran


Ranked first at the level of Saudi Arabia Secondary School

Certificate of Ministry Exam with other ten students 2007/2008

Batch , excellent , with grade 100%.

Academic Affiliation



Graduate date: 14/4/2015 AD.


University name: University of Khartoum, Faculty of Medicine


University location: Sudan, Khartoum.

Duration of study : Six years from Oct. 2008 to Apr. 2015 AD.

University Certificates


Medicine Bachlore and Bachlore of Surgery (MBBS) certificate from

University of Khartoum and grades subscription for all six years with

excellent degree

Recommendation certificate from Dean of Khartoum University

recommending further studying and training.

Recommendation certificate from community medicine department,

University of Khartoum, faculty of Medicine  in Research And 

Methodology recommending further studying and training


Internship Training and Experience 

Beginning at: sep 2015 , suppose to End at: sep 2016 AD.

Sep 2015Dec 2015

Maternity and Children hospital (MCH) KSA, najran : General Pediatrics for 3 month 

Excellent evaluation with two recommendation letters from two peadiatrics consultants

Dec 2015Feb 2016

Maternity and Children hospital (MCH) KSA, najran : Obstetric and Gynecology for 3 month.

 Excellent evaluation with recommendation letters from supervisor consultant.

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Now am suppose to end my intrship in King Khalid Hospital as follow:

from march -jun. 2016 in King Khalid Hospital , najran : General

surgery for 3 months


from jul.-sep. 2016 in King Khalid Hospital , najran : Internal medicine for 3 months.


I also applied for traing 2 months after Graduation in internal

medicine in Khartoum Hospital with internal medicine

pulmonogist consultant, with recommendation letter.

Courses , Certificates and Exams



Certificate from saudi commission for health specialety for passing

the Saudi Medical Liscence Exam (SMLE)

with score of (77%) in Feb. 2016 AD.


MBBS & Recommendation letter from dean of the faculty.


Basic Life Support (BLS-CPR) Certificate from Saudi Heart Association (SHA).


Research and Methodology certificate  from  a research i conduct in the University.


Now iam applying to the International Foundation Of Medicine

(IFOM) exam in 4 May. 2016 AD.


Also i apply to United States Medical Liscence Exam (USMLE) step 2 

clinical knowledge (CK) in 10 Jun. 2016  AD.


Had initial registration in Sudan Medical Council (SMC).


Attending Arterial Blood Gases (ABG) orientation lect. and (MERS-

COV)  prevention and management in Maternity and Child Hospital (MCH) .



My Objective



To expand my knowledge and offer opportunities for personal and

professional growth.And being responsible in challenge positions that

will utilize my education background.

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Clinical Skills And Procedures

Basic Life Support provider   


Uretheral cathetarization

NG Tube insertion

IV cannulation

Blood Sampling


Chest tube insertion

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