I am an expert in quantitative and qualitative analysis of empirical data in social sciences, as well as in sociological theories. I specialize in Sociology, Economics and Demography of Population Aging and Life-Course Perspective. My passion is using Quantitative Data to test Philosophical and Social Theories. I have a profound experience in managing big DATA SURVEYS and Computerized Databases, such as SHARE; deep knowledge of statistical software, such as STATA, SPSS and SAS; in addition, I am a PRODUCER of international ART and SCIENCE workshops; finally I have good experience in NEWS EDITING and NEWSCASTING.

Work experience
Work experience
2007 - 2011
SHARE Coordinator
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Gerontological Data Center (IGDC)

Director of Field Operations (data collection and treatment) for the Israeli component of the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE). (2007 – 2009) Research Associate at the IGDC

Skills: Data Collection, Research Design, Statistics, Quantitative Analytics, Data Analysis, STATA, SPSS, Survey Research, Data Mining, Multivariate Statistics, Econometrics, Demography, Sociology, Literature Reviews, Scientific & Academic Writing, Creative Writing, Report Writing, Critical Thinking, Cross-cultural Competence, Bilingual - Russian, Hebrew, English, Translator, Web Content Creation, Public Speaking, Management, Team Building, Leadership, Event Management, University Teaching, Lecturing

2002 - 2004
SAS Programmer and Consultant
Pilat of Hicapital group

I worked as a SAS programmer and consultant in a project of development and application of a computerized model for assigning young professionals to jobs in a company. Working under the supervision of the firm’s director, the final aim of our small team (two psychologists, a mathematician and a programmer) was processing data to reach concrete solutions, taking into account professionals’ skills and preferences, as well as the institutional needs of a company.

Skills: SAS, SQL, Microsoft Office Excel, MS Access, MS Visual Basic 6, Hebrew, Research and data analysis, Statistics

1999 - 2002
Field Researcher
Compulsory military service in Israel

Team Leader in the personnel selection department of the military

Skills: SAS, SQL, Microsoft Office Excel, MS Access, MS Visual Basic 6, Hebrew, Research and data analysis, Statistics,Team Building, Leadership, Event Management

1998 - 1999
Data Analyst
Henriette Szold Institute for Social Sciences Research

Used SPSS to analyze data, collected in schools, to reach conclusions about the effectiveness of a new educational programme.

Skills: SPSS, Hebrew, Research and data analysis, Academic Writing, Statistics

2012 - Present
Producer of Workshops, Web Content Manager
Contact Improvisation, Padua, Italy

Bringing happiness and power to people.

I. Organizing international workshops of Contact Improvisation in Padua, Italy. I have already held in Padua (Italy) 3 CI workshops with Ullrich Wittemann and 1 workshop with Bernd Knappe.

II. Contributed to development of CONTACT IMPROVISATION in Padua (Padova), Italy by creating the following web-sites:

1. CIP Contact Improvisation Padova

2. Pagina di Contact Improvisation Padova

Skills: Event Organization, Event Marketing, Project/team leadership, Content Writing

2007 - Present
Political Activism in Palestine/ISRAEL
  • Provider of Humanitarian Aid

Providing humanitarian aid to victims of political repression. In particular, to Palestinian families suffering from the Israeli Occupation.

  • Journalist/Political Writer

Who in Israel Serves the People’s Representatives? A report by a citizen after visiting the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset)

a) In Hebrew: haOkets Internet Edition: מי משרת את נבחר הציבור

b) In Danish: Modkraft-Kontradoxa, Hvem tjener folkets repræsentanter i Israel?

  • News Editor and Newscaster (2007 - 2008)

All for Peace Radio, Jerusalem/Al Quds

I was using the Internet to collect alternative news items about the political/humanitarian situation in Israel/Palestine. These items do not reach the mainstream Israeli media. I was translating them to Russian from English and Hebrew; editing and broadcasting them.

  • Translator

European Graduate School, Saas Fee, Switzerland

Translated to Hebrew and Russian Articles by Professor Judith Butler:

1. Judith Butler responds to attack: ‘I affirm a Judaism that is not associated with state violence’." in: Mondoweiss. August 27, 2012. (English)

2. Judith Butler. "Final Remarks on my Controversial Remark." in: European Graduate School. July 8, 2012. (English)

Skills: Creative Writing, Team Building, Leadership, Event Management, Critical Thinking, Human/Civil Rights and Social Action, Cross-cultural Competence, English, Russian, Hebrew, Translation, Journalism, News Writing, Web Content Creation, Social Media, Public Speaking 

Sep 2011 - Apr 2015
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Economics
The Graduate School of Economics and Management, Veneto, Italy

Joint PhD programme, ran by Universities of Padua, Ca’ Focsari (Venice) and Verona. The programme was taught in English.

Research on Sociology and Economics of Population Ageing. With awarded Three Year Scholarship

Skills: STATA, MATLAB, MacOS, LaTeX, Multi-variate analyses, Scientific writing, English

Master of Arts (M.A.). Sociology
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Thesis on social determinants of productivity among citizens aged 50 and over in Israel. This study was performed under the supervision of Professor Dr. Jona Schellekens, using data from SHARE-IL


Population Ageing
Quantitative Research
Qualitative Research
Dance and Movement
Middle East
Gender Inequality and inter-Gender Relationships
Using Quantitative Data to test Philosophical and Social Theories.
Life-Course Perspective
Dependency Ratio
Inter-Generational Justice (Accounting)
(Bayesian Graphical) Hierarchical Models
Social Theory
Mathematical Modeling


Youssim, I., Hank, K., Litwin, H. (2015). The role of family social background and inheritance in later life volunteering: Evidence from SHARE-Israel. Research on Aging, Vol. 37(1): 3–17. 

Shiovitz-Ezra, S., D. Pascal and I. Youssim. (2010). Sources for Development of Knowledge and Research: Computerized Databases in the Field of Gerontology, Gerontology, (2-3): 101-113, Journal of the Israeli Association of Gerontology (In Hebrew)

Litwin, H., L. Achdut and I. Youssim. (2009). Who supports delayed retirement? A study of older workers in Israel. Journal of European Social Policy 19(3): 245-257.

S. Zalcberg, E. Katz and I. Youssim. (2005). "Hesed’s Impact on Jewish Identity" in: Julia Mirsky, Roni Kaufman, Amos Avgar (eds.), 2006, Social Disaster As Opportunity: The Hesed Model, University Press of America

Presentations at Conferences


Venice International University, Summer Institute on Ageing: Uncertainty in Intergenerational Transfers


Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy, Munich, Germany. Munich Center for the Economics of Aging (MEA). Seminar, October, 30th. Flows of Capitals throughout the Life-Course and Successful Aging


The Israel Gerontological Society, The 19th Biannual Conference. Iaroslav Youssim and Howard Litwin, Receipt of Capitals and Productive Involvement among People Aged 50 and Older in Israel (In Hebrew)


GSA (the Gerontological Society of America), 64th Annual Scientific Meeting in Boston. Iaroslav Youssim and Howard Litwin, Receipt of Familial Capitals and Productive Involvement among People Aged 50 and Older in Israel


The 42 Conference of the Israel Sociological Society: First Prize for presentation of the M.A. thesis: Social Determinants of Productive Involvement among People Aged 50 and Older in Israel

2010, 2009:

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Annual SHARE-Israel Users Conference: Presentation of the SHARE wave 1 (2009) and wave2 (2010) databases


Haifa University: Violence toward Elderly Israeli Citizens. Results from the Survey of 65+ in 7 Israeli towns. Data collected and analysed in the IGDC framework


Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, the SHARE conference: Who supports delayed retirement? A study of older workers in Israel


Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem: Howard Litwin, Leah Achdut and Iaroslav Youssim, Opinions about Delay of the Retirement Age among Older Workers in Israel

    Honors & Awards     

2011 2014:Three Year Ph.D. Scholarship at Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy


First Prize for presentation at the 42nd Annual Conference of Israel Sociological Society: “Social Determinants of Productive Involvement among People Aged 50 and Older in Israel”


Scholarship for M.A. thesis by Shaine Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem




Professor Dr. Howard Litwin,  

Country Team Leader, SHARE-IL. Head of Israel Gerontological Data Center. Editor of European Journal of Ageing

Paul Baerwald School of Social Work & Social Welfare, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel 

Email: [email protected] 

Professor Dr. Axel Boersch-Supan,

Director of the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE). Director of the Center.

Munich Center for the Economics of Aging (MEA), Max-Planck-Institute for Social Law and Social Policy, Munich, Germany 

Email: [email protected]

Professor Dr. Guglielmo Weber

Director of the Department. Country Team Leader for SHARE-Italy. Deputy director of SHARE-ERIC

Department of Economics and Management. University of Padua, Italy. 

Email: [email protected] 

Public Speaking
Social Media
Web Content Creation
News Writing
Report Writing
Data Collection
Academic Writing
Multivariate Statistics
Data Mining
Survey Research
Scientific Writing
Quantitative Analytics
Literature Reviews
University Teaching
Qualitative Research
Cross-cultural Competence
Human/Civil Rights and Social Action
Critical Thinking
Data Analysis
Quantitative Research
Research Design
Event Management
Team Building
Creative Writing

Participation in scientific projects

  • The Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)
  • Testing P. Bourdieu's Notion of Cultural Capital, using Econometric Tools
  • Old age dependency ratio, active ageing and intergenerational justice. Alternative perspectives on social security spending and outcomes. With Professor Dr Harald Künemund. 

  • Social Determinants of Economic Behavior. With Professor Leah Achdut and Dr Daniel Felix Ahelegbey. This project develops ideas that were proposed in my doctoral thesis, mainly via mathematical modeling and application of the Bayesian Hierarchical Graphical Approach to panel analysis of SHARE data. a) Uncertainty in Private Inter-Generational Transfers of Money and Time b) Early-Life Conditions and Unpaid Productive Involvement at the Age 65 and Older in European Countries c) Linguistic Communities and Financial Behavior of Older Adults in Europe.

  • Global Intergenerational Justice and Climate Change. With Dr Justyna Monika Stypinska. This paper will introduce the notion of “global intergenerational justice” (as follows from the argumentation of injustice towards the "future generations") and connect it with the discourse about climate change. In the first step, we will study the literature and develop a theoretical model. In the second step we will look for data to be analyzed. Finally, we will run analysis and write a report.

  • Living with Hope in Jerusalem • Producer • 2015 to Present. The images and media shall reflect the sufferings while transmitting the rays of hope for better life without occupation