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Work experience

Senior Project Manager

Shaw's Supermarkets, Inc
  • Business Process Improvement Project Management
  • Activity Based Cost Modeling
  • Database Development and Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Inventory Auditing and Policy Development Manager
  • Operations and Customer Service Management

Senior Business Analyst

  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Aquisition Management
  • Competitive Analysis Management

Senior Program Manager

Radian Group
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Nation-wide Program Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Supplier / Retailer Relationship Management


Sales & Marketing
I have developed and managed national cross-merchandising sales programs for Fortune TOP 50 companies.   I have managed programs that have produced $6M plus in annual incremental sales and $2.2M in increased annual gross profit. I have helped businesses increase profits by $1.8M to the bottom line with 1 process improvement project. I have successfully re-designed hundreds of critical business processes that increased profits for the companies I've worked for.   "People Of Value" will always make your business better.

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Personal Interests - Philanthropy, Travel, Cycling, Ice Hockey - Men's League Goaltender, Golf, Racquetball, Personal Fitness 

Worldwide Travel -Spain, Italy, Mexico, Arubu, British Virgin Island, US Virgin Islands, Bahamas, 30 US States including Hawaii


Highly motivated senior manager with demonstrated ability in Retail Operations, Strategic Planning and Integration, Continuous Process Improvement, Sales and Marketing, Category Business Planning, Program and Project Management, Activity Based Cost Modeling and Crisis Management. A leader who is skilled at building high-performing teams, with a track record of adding significant value to fast-moving, customer focused organizations. Thrives on challenge and multi-tasking, strong business acumen, confident, creative yet pragmatic. National experience with particular expertise in the Food and Beverage industry. Delivers on-time solutions that make a difference.

RADIAN GROUP, INC. - Minneapolis, MN                                                                          2007 - Present

Business strategy development and implementation services for food and beverage retailers, distributors and manufacturers with complex supply chains.

Senior Sales Program Manager

Implemented high-impact, store-level sales and merchandising concepts directly to the retail consumer. Successfully launched and managed food and beverage cross-merchandising programs to 800+ large retail locations. Managed supplier and vendor relationships, client store management relationships, equipment assets, product distribution, merchandising assortments, marketing programs, sales associate training, analysis and results reporting.

Program produced:

  • $30m annual incremental sales
  • $4.1m annual net profit

Category Business Planning

Led the re-design of the critical Buying, Merchandising and Category Management process for a national retailer / wholesaler with $42b in annual sales, serving 2500 owned retail grocery locations and 2500 independent retailers. Developed category plans using market, supplier, management and consumer insights, best-in-class research, emerging technology and supply chain trends, integrated with the company's strategic business plan and current operating model.

Net income increased:

  • From $452m to $615m
  • A 36% increase over 24 months of re-design

SUPERVALU - Minneapolis, MN (formerly Albertsons, Boise ID)                              2004 - 2007

A National Grocery Retail and Supply Chain leader serving over 5000 end point retail locations.

Senior Manager - Buying Analytics and Planning (2006-2007)

Hand-picked by a Senior Vice-President to manage a department providing critical sales and consumer data to Sales Managers at all levels of the business. Led project of 20 Category Managers identifying and implementing action plans for key gross margin opportunities by analyzing the competitive price position and SKU rationalization that:

  • Realized $13m in annual gross profit increase per year
  • A .93% annual gross margin increase per year

Category Manager - Business Integration (2004-2005)

Managed company efforts in identifying and implementing supplier, merchandising program and item level synergies from Albertsons acquisition of Shaw's. Led Category Managers in a deep dive of Own Brand sourcing, specifications and cost-of-goods analysis.

Successfully managed:

  • $75m annual cost-of-goods and marketing synergies
  • Synergies reported to the street each quarter

SHAW'S SUPERMARKETS, INC. - Boston, MA                                                                    1987 - 2004

A New England supermarket with 200 locations serving the region for over 140 years.

Senior Manager - Activity Based Costing (1998-2004)

Built, managed and reported on an Activity Based Costing database model that calculated sales, cost of goods, gross margin, 45 key cost drivers and net profit for 220,000 items in 200 retail locations. Through intense evaluation and analysis developed action plans that produced significant bottom-line profit increases for two consecutive years.

A department generating $235m in annual sales:

  • Increased net profit from $1.2m to $8.8m in year one
  • Increased net profit from $8.8m to $12.4m in year two

Senior Manager - Business Process Improvement (1994-1998)                                                             

A new role for the company developing a Continuous Process Improvement department. With two Project Managers as direct reports, developed annual business plan for projects, timelines and cost benefit analysis. Managed project where 25 Key Managers assisted in the re-design of the company's new store opening process.

  • Reduced the cycle-time by 33%
  • Annual savings of $5.1m in operations labor

As Project Manager for a Union Strike Contingency Plan, charged with assembling 40 Key managers from Loss Prevention, Risk Management, Human Resources, Retail Operations, Buying / Merchandising and Distribution to develop and implement a plan to operate 40 stores and 1 distribution center during impending labor action.

During labor strike:

  • Mobilized 2500 associates and managers from 3 states in 12 hours
  • Successfully served our customers in 41 locations for 5 days

Manager - Store Inventory Auditing (1991-1994)                                                             

Led audit group in conducting store level audits in 150 stores for stock levels, inventory accuracy and compliance of policy and procedures. Develop action plans with Store Managers to resolve issues and bring store into compliance. Directed policy and reported results to Operations and Finance VP-level executives.

  • Reduced store excess inventory by $11m per period
  • Brought 150 retail locations to one formalized inventory management policy and process

Store Management (1987-1991)                                                               

Hired and trained stores associates on an on-going basis. Developed store operating budgets, capital expenditure plans and period results reports. Directed product ordering, scheduling, inventory management, seasonal planning, shrink reporting and daily operations execution.

  • Turned around store with ($385k) net operating profit to $890k net operating profit in one year
  • Enforced strict compliance and execution of established inventory procedures and improved in-stock position
  • Managed stores generating $26-30m in annual sales with 150-175 associates


Phil Francis - President and CEO, PetSmart, Inc.

Former President and CEO, Shaw's Supermarkets, Inc. 


I would like to say "Thank You" a thousand times for the exceptionally high level of execution that your team planned and carried out for the labor strike contingency plan.

David Sainsbury, owner of our parent company (J Sainsbury PLC) commented that “your group was terrifically effective”.

I hope you feel a sense of satisfaction for a job well done!

Thanks again!

Phil Francis

President and Chief Executive Officer

Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc

Scott W. Ramsay

Former Chief Financial Officer, Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc.


Your level of preparedness and execution clearly made the difference in the negotiations and the end results in the recent union work stoppage. The only way I know how to say it is “We couldn’t have done it without you”. It is clear that without your leadership, commitment, planning and execution we would not have been as successful during this critical time for the business.

Thanks again!

Scott W. Ramsay

Chief Financial Officer

Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc

Peter Gunderson

Former Senior Vice President - Distribution and Logistics, Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc


On behalf of Shaw’s Executive Committee, I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did in conceptualizing, developing, executing and leading the largest single project at Shaw’s.

This was an enormous undertaking that required a board based commitment from every department in the organization. Your leadership was instrumental to the ultimate success of our company goals. The plan never would have achieved its goals without your very dedicated commitment to the project.

Your long hours and quality efforts made it possible. We really appreciate your sacrifice and the results that you achieved. I know that you share with me the pleasure of having excelled at our undertaking.

Thank you for a job very well done.

Peter Gunderson

Senior Vice President - Distribution and Logistics

Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc

Ruth N. Bramson

Senior Vice President of Human Resources - National Grid

Former Chief Human Resources Officer, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Former Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc.


The recent Customer Satisfaction Forum meetings held with the 250 Senior Managers in the organization were clearly a success due in large part to your leadership, efforts and skills as a organizer and facilitator.

These meetings will serve as a springboard as we move forward to change the culture in the organization. For your leadership role in making these meetings a success, please accept my sincere thanks.


Ruth N. Bramson

Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc