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My name is Derby Phicil. I am 21 years old and a young Entrepreneur. I have always had a love for 3 things, 1 is success, 2 is people, and 3 is business. While all the other kids were out having a good time I was 8 yrs old focusing on clients and work. I began working with my mom when I was 8 years old. Within this new family business I was able to focus on the things I like to do best like Interacting with people, clients, stocking, placing orders, and tracking shipments, and it was a great experience.

I am very goal orientated; I enjoy executing tasks and completing goals to perfection. I also enjoy learning how to do new things and teaching others how to excel. I enjoy working and I see it as a privilege. My goals are to attend Rollins College and get my B.A. in Business Administration and complete Pre-Law.

I like to be ahead of the game and know the full potential and abilities of where I work and have a full understanding of what we sell or administer. I once helped a lady pick out a tv at HHGreg beause i was planning to work there in the electronic department. A requirement is to know the info on all the electronics and I had happened to look them all up and memorize them so I could do well on my interview. After finding out the position had been filled I ended up using the information that I knew to help a lady make an informative decision on which t.v. to buy. The manager was impressed but had already hired.

I am a people person, i love being in the presence of others and helping other people. I am very sociable and very respecting of all people.

Work experience

May 2001Present


LN&P Variety Wholesale & Retail

LN&P Variety Wholesale & Retail is the combination of three businesses into one small business. The first sector is Wholesale Distribution of tourist wear and Florida apparel. Our main clientele is tourist shops like the ones you would see on International Dr., Orlando. We also own retail stores in  major Flea Markets (Market World, Auburndale, FL; Sumter County Flea Market, Webster, Fl). The second sector is Custom T-Shirts, we do shirts for any event, any occasion, or just for fun. We don't only print onto t-shirts though, we can pretty much get what you want on anything you want. Screen printing, Embroidery, Heat Press, ect, we do it all!! The third and latest sector of business is Hobby and Electronics. We have R/C Boats, Helicopters, Nitro boats, Nitro Cars, R/C Tanks and more.

Mar 2013Jun 2013

Sales Rep / Customer Service

May 2011Jul 2012


The Groove

I run promotions for The Groove's Teen Nights and it was a major success. With previous promoting they were only getting 700 a night. Once I started, within my first month, we had 1,000. Now we get over 2,000 each night and our capacity is 1,600, every night there are hundreds outside that don't even get in. I used Facebook to promote and at one point I had 3,000 friends on their page but Facebook had the page removed due to over usage and they said there is no way someone can get 3,000 friends in the span of 2 months.

Feb 1999Mar 2007


C.I.A. (Children In Action)

Children In Action was a non-profit, faith bases, organization that my sister started to help the youth in and around my community. It consisted of a TV Show featured on Tele Kreyol and a radio show on La Voix Evangelique De Orlando and prior it was on 1600 WOKB. I was the co-host for the TV Show and Radio Show. I did a lot of public speaking at large events that we put on and had to manage large groups of kids even though most of them were older than me.


May 2011Jun 2012

High School Diploma

Sheeler Charter High School


Robert Altine

Maculeuse Phicil

Ian Pollock


Customer Service
At trugreen, I worked in their call center as a sales/ customer service advocate. Earning great acclimations such as best call and one of my calls were even presented to all the call centers as an example to go by as far as my customer service process during the phone call.
People Skills
I do not like to just have someone buy or sample a product. I make it a point to make conversation and become acquainted with the people that I service and that I am servicing with. I believe in making clients(customers) that don't just come one time, but through making them feel comfortable they won't go anywhere else but to me for their services or to the company. I have been working the tourist field for a while now. I have come to the realization that if you can get them to feel comfortable with you, they always come right back. I have clients that come down every year and some have traveled out of their way just to come by and chat or to buy some products. I believe that these people skills are necessary for success in any career.
Public Speeking
I am a very eloquent speaker. I have been chosen to speak at many local functions including a couple church events, events i did with C.I.A. and even some radio appearances and Hosting at different events. I enjoy public speaking and it is something that I just had a natural talent for.
I started my first business when i was 8yrs old. That business has grown into the small business called LN&P Variety Wholesale & Retail. So i am very well skilled management wise. I have had to deal with employees, stocking, inventory, finances, distribution, shipping, marketing, store setup, sales, telemarketing, event planning, and so much more. I ran the company on my own with my parents help from time to time.
Event Planning
When anyone wants to throw any type of function I am the guy they go to first. I am great at event planning and I have been planning events since i was about 8 yrs old. I have put on events with 1,300+ people and even small parties with just 30+ people. I enjoy watching peoples hard work come together in an event. I am very proficient and planning events is like a fun hobby to me.
I am great at Telemarketing, i am easy to talk to and I am always looking for ways to make people smile or laugh. They love it when I call! My sister Started a Company that was to be our sister company called Variety Printing and Sales. She didn't get a single client her first 3 months. I told her I would help for free. She told me i was not skilled in the field and she would rather someone that was skilled and had experience to do it. After the first day we were already on our way with several clients.
I have promoted for several groups, artists and organizations, one of which is Universal Studios. I raised the attendance at The Groove's Teen Nights 57% my first month. I did promotions for an artist called Stephon4u and his fb page had 36 people now it is at a rocking 1,867. I promoted for a VMA Party they didn't think i would bring more than 100 people but the attendance was an astounding 500!! I was called 'The future of the promoting business' -Ian Polluck , Universal Studios