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Published Works

                Cultivating Visionary Leadership by Learning for Global Success: (Beyond the Language and Literature Classroom) Volume 1 of the Visionary Pedagogy Series. Coedited with Mary Alice Trent. Contracted To Be Published in 2015 for Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

                “Pardlow’s Argument Questions and Guidelines.” To Be Published in DiYanni, Robert (Ed.), The Pearson Guide to Critical and Creative Thinking.Upper Saddle River, New Jersey:Pearson, 2014.

                Notebook of a Black Gypsy (Poetry and Fiction).  ISBN Number 0-9640230-9-1.  University Research Press (NM), Portales, New Mexico, 2014.

                Flight to Flatland:  A Descriptive Study of Using Creative-Writing Pedagogy to Improve the Teaching of First-Year Composition (Monograph).  ISBN Number 978-3-639-14094-1.  Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller Publishing Limited, 2009.

                “Bedtime” (Poem).  Old Red Kimono 35:  Spring 2006             

                “Can Composition Teachers Use the Workshop to Overcome Minority Students’ Aversion to Word-processing?”  (Refereed Essay).  Readerly/Writerly Texts 11.1/2 (Fall/Winter 2003-Spring/Summer 2004)

                “The Dangers of Difference for Ph.D. Students” (Refereed Essay).  Readerly/Writerly Texts 10.1/2 (Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter 2002-Spring/Summer 2003):  107-116.  (MLA Accession Number  2003873140)

                “Finding New Voices:  Notes from a Descriptive Study of Why and How I Learned to Use Creative-Writing Pedagogy to Empower My Composition Students—and Myself” (Solicited and RefereedEssay).  (ERIC Document ED474934)

                “Seeing the Light—at the End of the Tunnel:  Notes on How I Developed a Whole-Language Philosophy of Teaching Composition” (Refereed Essay).  Readerly/Writerly Texts 9.1/2 (Spring/Summer 2001-Fall/Winter 2002): 53-59.  (MLA Accession Number 2002871111)

                “Haiku and Senryu” (Poems).  Old Red Kimono 31:  Spring 2002

                “In Praise of the Living” (Poem). Muse of Fire 17(2):  September 1999; The Neovictorian/Cochlea: Summer and Fall 2000

                “Take Off the Mask” (Poem).  Lilith 3(4):  August 1999; The Neovictorian/Cochlea:  Summer and Fall 2000

                “Tonya Finds Home” (Poem). Muse of Fire 17(2):  September 1999

                “The Poet’s Task” (Poem). Muse of Fire 17(2):  September 1999; Lucidity 14(3): Fall 1999

                “No Alternative” (Poem). Muse of Fire 17(2):  September 1999

                “Flight to Flatland” (Poem).  In Touch (5):  May 1999

                “Tonya” (Poem).  Pen and Quill Quarterly(1):  14 February 1997

Selected Works in Progress

                Deductive Logic in English Composition (Monograph).

                Tales Written in Water (Fiction).

                A Multicultural Poetry Workbook. With Jacinda Okoh, Kristina Faust, and Crystal Payne.

                Volume 2 of the Visionary Pedagogy Series.  Coedited with Mary Alice Trent and Meghan Peggy Stevenson Ratliff.


Teacher of English composition, English literature, applied linguistics, logic, critical thinking, creative thinking, and visionary leadership.  Published author, researcher, poet, and fiction writer.  Experienced in the administration and assessment of developmental, undergraduate, and graduate composition programs.


Creativity and Its Role in Pedagogy

Language Acquisition

Teaching Writing to Second Language and Second Dialect Learners

Teaching the Writing Workshop in the Computer Lab

Applied Neurolinguistics

Classical Rhetoric

Traditional Logic and Critical Thinking

Modern Logic

Biblical Rhetoric and Literature

Multicultural Rhetorical Traditions

Teaching Basic Writing

African American Studies and Literature

Literary Translation

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods

Creative Writing

Writing Program Administration

Transformational Pedagogy

Transformational Leadership in Literature

Middle English Language and Literature

Old English Language and Literature

Work experience

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