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Doyle Salewski Inc. has its main office in Ontario on Bank Street in Ottawa. This company provides the following services; credit counselling where they can help an individual or company in budgeting, discovering financial stability, and dealing with cash flow. The company also will help in providing business solutions like management consulting, business reviews, viability assessment, litigation support and forensic accounting. They also offer consumer proposal and Bankruptcy.

Brian Doyle is the co-founder and president at Doyle Salewski Inc. He has an MBA and a Bachelor of Science from McGill University and a working experience of 36 years. Brian is also a fraud examiner, an accountant, and a trustee in bankruptcy. He has helped companies to gain profit by refinancing, outsourcing, rationalizing of operations. Brian is a licenced pilot and participates in various charities. This company offers various resources online like Debt reduction calculator, income and expense form, a guide on dealing with debt and many more.

Doyle Salewski Inc.
396 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y5
Tel: (613) 237-5555