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Software Engineer with 10 years of experience in web and application design and development.  I offer a wide range of talent and a diverse skill set.  I am experienced in Java/JSP, Tomcat, Apache, Ruby, RoR, C++, C, SQL, VXML, ECMA, LUA, Bash/Shell scripting, TCL and Expect.  

I have designed and developed applications in several environments including but not limited to Linux, Windows and OS X.  My development work includes applications in Java, Ruby, Voice XML, Microsoft C++ and GCC for various open source and commercial platforms.

I am a focused and dedicated employee that works well in a team as lead or contributor. I yearn for challenging tasks that expand my knowledge while achieving results. I am interested in working with team members that coordinate and share knowledge to better the company and the individual.

Work experience

Jul 2004Present

Software Engineer

medSage Technologies LLC

Joined medSage Technologies LLC during the startup phase in July of 2004 as one of three Java developers responsible for 4 web applications deployments.

Implemented IVR survey response processing logic which parses VXML result request strings, applies business logic and generates notification and reorder requests that are displayed in the web applications as tasks for customers to act on.  

Learned IVR and VXML technology APIs and assumed lead position in all related development.

Created original scheduling algorithms which enabled the company to automate patient scheduling based on Insurance reimbursement eligibility originally managed by hand via Excel spreadsheets.

Designed and developed original UI for managing and scheduling large volumes of patient IVR phone calls and original customer call monitoring dashboard application which provided a global view of all call campaign progress and error states.

Primary individual responsible for customer application deployment, configuration and issue resolution.

Supported and enhanced existing sage2 application and acted as advisor to the sage3 engineering team responsible for decoupling the call scheduling and launching components into separate standalone core applications.

Currently supporting approximately 200 web application deployments, developing tools to expedite the configuration and deployment process and contributing in the development of the next generation Ruby on Rails UI. 

I am continuing to perform my role and responsibilities with the medSage Technologies LLC after acquisition by Philips / Respironics in January of 2011. 

My recent responsibilities and accomplishments include:

  1. Lead engineer in Voice XML technologies.  Responsible for the majority of the companies automated and human communication interface implementations.
    • Company expert in VXML technology design and implementation.
    • Replaced existing static VXML survey design with complete modular implementation to eliminate errors introduced by copy, paste and edit methodology.
    • Migrated entire VXML GSL grammar set to W3C standard grXML format.
    • Enhanced current VXML deployment with i18n support.
    • Built ECMA library for managing complex IVR tasks in VXML surveys.
  2. Lead engineer in the design and implementation of company SETI RESTful web service.
    • Created VXML modules to capture end user voice audio clip responses in current patient IVR survey deployments.
    • Developed core Ruby Rack audio capture RESTful service implementation to act as the VXML audio clip storage interface.
    • Designed and implemented CouchDB back end for audio clip capture storage and retrieval based on VXML session ids.
    • Integrated captured audio clip access into existing customer Java web service application via Java Servlet Audio Streaming implementation. 
  3. Contributor in the maintenance and feature enhancement of the existing customer Java web application service running under Apache Tomcat 6 deployments.
    • Trouble shoot and resolve application and data related issues.
    • Implement new features based on customer feedback.
    • Maintain, upgrade and enhance internal Call Center UI implementation.
  4. Lead engineer in implementation of IVR VXML interface for creating, configuring, maintaining and editing existing and future IVR survey deployments under the next generation Ruby on Rails application.
2001Jul 2004

Application Developer

Stoltenberg Consulting

Joined Stoltenberg Consulting as Assistant Application Developer in late 2001.

Initially responsible existing Integra java application software suite enhancements.

Supported IT manager in maintenance, backup and troubleshooting of existing Microsoft Exchange Server. 

Setup, Configured and Installed software for field consultants.

Assumed Lead Application Developer Position. 

Stoltenberg Consulting employment milestones:

  1. Developed feature enhancements to existing Java Application Integra software suite UI front end for PL/SQL patient duplicate medical record identification and merging resolution.
    • Designed, developed and implemented SSL client / server socket interface for HIPAA compliant HL7 transport of patient medical records.
    • Contributed in Java Class Modeling of HL7 medical record transactions.
    • Assume Lead Developer role in Integra Product Suite.
  2. Designed and Developed Microsoft C++ MFC application to replace PL/SQL stored procedure based duplicate resolution.
    • Created data model representations in C++ MFC.
    • Developed MFC interface to Oracle 8i Database Server.
    • Ported PL/SQL N^2 algorithm to C++.
    • Created Windows desktop configuration application interface.
    • Optimized Oracle 8i server implementation to utilize four available processors rather than single processor.
    • Significantly reduced the time to process 1 Million Patient records from 1 week in PL/SQL implementation to approximately 24 hours in C++ MFC implementation.
  3. Designed and Developed IAscent C++ MFC interface core to transform patient medical record information from Hospital reports and HL7 format into Ascent data model format.
    • Created core Ascent model classes.
    • Developed medical report and HL7 parsing and transformation engine.
    • Implemented patient unit number interface based solution not supported in Ascent software offering.
    • Completed initial prototype interface and implemented testing and debugging stages at City of Hope Cancer Medical Center and Bloomington Hospital.
Jun 2000Aug 2001

Java Programmer

Atlas Software Technologies

Joined Atlas Software Technologies as a Junior Java Programmer in June 2000.

Learned Enterprise Java Bean development and Web Interface Design.

Worked with deployed consultant team for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) providing 

EJB implementation support and UI enhancements.


Sep 1996Dec 1999

Bachelor Of Science

University of Pittsburgh