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An experienced entrepreneur with a number of accomplishments in the financial arena, Doug Naidus currently serves as Non-Executive Chairman of Deutsche Gulf Finance. He also serves in the capacities of Chief Executive Officer of World Business Lenders and Operating Executive with Morgan Joseph TriArtisan Group. With nearly 25 years in the mortgage industry, Doug Naidus began his career following receipt of his Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Finance from Syracuse University in 1987.Only one year after graduating, he founded his first business, IPI Skyscraper. Over the next decade, Mr. Naidus grew this company into one of the largest traditional mortgage brokers in New York, with annual loan originations of $3 billion and with more than 300 employees at the company's peak. In 1999, Mr. Naidus continued to build upon his achievements with the launch of MortgageIT, a nationwide residential mortgage broker that went public in 2004. Benefitting from highly successful leadership, MortgageIT originated more than $33 billion in loans in 2006, shortly before its acquisition by Deutsche Bank.From that point, Mr. Naidus became a Managing Director and Global Head of Mortgages for Deutsche Bank's Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS) Group. Over the next four years, Doug Naidus led Deutsche Bank's efforts in the RMBS sector, with oversight for trading desks and residential lending around the world. During this time, he cofounded Deutsche Gulf Finance to provide real estate financing to residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council region. An integral part of Deutsche Gulf Finance to this day, Mr. Naidus also remains a key figure in finance in the United States, contributing to the ongoing success of Morgan Joseph TriArtisan Group and helping small business owners reach the next stage of corporate development through short-term loans. Doug Naidus lives and works in the greater New York metropolitan area.

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Operating Executive

Morgan Joseph TriArtisan Group

Chief Executive Officer

World Business Lenders

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Deutsche Gulf Finance




Syracuse University