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Experienced Product Manager adept in all facets of the product life-cycle; product concept, requirements definition, user experience, software development, strategic marketing, release planning and sales enablement.


  • Photography - Author of two photography instruction books:
    • You Can Take Great Pictures! - Placement, Proportion & Cropping
    • You Can Take Great Pictures! - Creating Depth & Interest in Your Photographs
  • Golf
  • Skiing



Experienced in all facets of the product development life-cycle; product concept, user-experience, feature definition, design trade-offs, quality assessment, product marketing, training & support.


  • Enterprise SaaS (Software as a Service) - Defined next-generation SaaS marketing platform from beginning to end, which became the company's flagship product.  Managed the "Crown Jewel" application within an online marketing suite ranked #1 by Forrester and Jupiter Research for six (6) years running.
  • User Experience - Successfully introduced workflows, tools and user experiences than enabled users to intuitively understand, navigate and use browser-based applications.
  • Product Introduction - Successfully introduced to the market products that immediately became the foundation of each company's go-to-market strategy.


  • Product Strategist able to define product concepts and user experiences that resonate with users.
  • Go-to man in crisis situations; able to quickly identify and resolve issues.


Phil Meuller

I worked with Phil at Responsys as a peer when he was the Director of Services Technology and again later when he work on one of my many projects as a contractor.

Donald Gallegos

Donald is a friend of 35 years.  He can provide information about character.

Barry Stamos

Barry and I worked together for several years when he was Chief Strategist at INBOX Marketing and continuing on at Responsys.  He has seen the quality of my work first hand.

Edward Harris

Edward Harris is a software consultant (primarily web-database applications).  He and I were principals in Mousetrap, LLC and worked together on Palm OS applications. He can provide reference to the quality of my design and quality standards.

Work experience

Nov 2012Present

Director, Product Management


For a company that has long been associated with email hardware systems, we have evolved into a leading SaaS-based cross-channel digital marketing platform.Currently providing Product Management direction for the primary research and development efforts that effect this transformation (Big-Data Analytics and Report); as well as directly leading the core aspect of the product that enable the fastest adoption of these new capabilities; namely the Targeting, Segmentation and the Life-Cycle Marketing Automation Platform.We are leading the way for marketers to get a stronger view of their customer with insights that reach down to the individual level and with a marketing platform that enables true one-to-one marketing through innovation in both the user experience and technology infrastructure.

Nov 2010Present


Modern Photography Course

The company combines the joint passions of its founders; photography, teaching and technology. Having begun as a producer of instructional photography e-books, the company has evolved into a principles-based, on-demand photography course. The company's technology is built on Amazon Cloud Services and takes full advantage of email automation for lead-generation and lead nurturing.Having proven the viability of the product through white-label licensing with, the company has completed its technology development phase and is embarking on its growth phase; centered on symbiotic business partnerships.

Jul 2011Oct 2012

Director of Product Management

Lyris, Inc.

For a company that had struggled to innovate due to an aging technology stack, the company needed to make a bold move. Lyris invested in a project to build a Big-Data SaaS platform.I was hired to lead the definition and design of their cross-channel, digital marketing application that would utilize this platform. I designed an innovative application with marketing automation and role-based processes at its core. After seeing demos of the evolving product, the CEO and Board of Directors went all-in as a company and put their full support behind the project. The project became Lyris’s flagship product known now as Lyris ONE.OTHER TITLES HELDSr. Product Manager

Jul 2007Jul 2011

Product Manager, Interact Team, Interact Program & User Guidance

Product Manager for market leading enterprise SaaS marketing platform.

  • Product Manager for marketing automation, workflow (BPM) and mobile applications
  • Responsible for all aspects of product success; feature roadmap, feature definition, deployment, training, support, sales and client success
  • Feature and requirements definition and UI concepts; usability studies and development of use cases
  • Develop pricing strategies and alter strategies to fit the market
  • Work closely with engineering, documentation and QA; leading the design, development and deployment of the product
  • Develop training content to train the trainers, product support, technical support, and system operations
  • Work closely with sales; developing sales materials and product positioning; deliver product demos to clients and prospects
  • Consult with Strategic Services to refine content libraries designed to jump-start client success in a number of vertical markets: B2B, Retail, Financial Services, and Travel & Hospitality
  • Deliver presentations to industry analysts (Forrester, JupiterResearch and Gartner); helping secure top rankings for our company
Feb 2006Jul 2011

Product Manager

Feb 2006Jun 2007

Sr. Manager, Services Solutions and Operations (Responsys)

Led operations make-over of the Professional Services Organzation (PSO) after Responsys acquired INBOX Marketing

  • Streamlined business processes; overhauled inefficient methods, integrated new technologies, improved data visibility and decision-making
  • Improved financial control of PSO operations
  • Devised and implemented a demand forecast model; empowering C-level executives to properly plan for personnel requirements
  • Led the evaluation and deployment of a Professional Services Automation tool across all billable departments (PSO, Technical Services and Training)
  • Developed online video series (144 installments) for dual use as a training tool for PSO staff and as a augmentation to the help system for clients

NOTE: Reported directly to the VP of Professional Services

Oct 2003Jun 2006

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Insulin Group, LLC

Founded a company offering insulin dependent people on injection therapy a simple, mobile device-based method to manage their blood-glucose levels with infrequent blood-glucose readings. We did so by developing algorithms that adapt to each individual's insulin, carbohydrate and stress responses.

Successfully developed the algorithms and presented our research to the President of the American Diabetes Association and her staff of PhD's at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta; where she confirmed that we had elegantly solved a problem no one has solved to date.

Nov 2005Feb 2006

Strategic Services Manager (INBOX Marketing)

  • Formulated comprehensive one (1) and two (2) year strategic plans, helping clients grow revenue through the email channel.
  • Provided strategic consulting to existing clients
  • Developed a library of strategic marketing programs that enabled our Strategic Services team to develop customized 30-100 page strategic recommendation documents in a matter of three to four days (as apposed weeks).

NOTE: Reported directly to the Chief Strategy Officer

Oct 2003Nov 2005

Marketing Consultant (INBOX Marketing)

Independent Contractor

Created marketing strategies and collateral to advance client marketing objectives:

  • Created marketing strategies to generate and nurture B2B and B2C clients and prospects
  • Developed marketing materials for corporate and franchise marketing efforts
  • Developed sales materials, outgoing and incoming phone scripts, tested their effectiveness and rolled them out
  • Ghost-authored (for the client) stockholder, financial and other corporate communications to ensure a unified message across all channels

NOTE: See work samples

Oct 2002Oct 2003

Product Manager & Chief Designer

Mousetrap, LLC
Defined product roadmap, features descriptions, user interface elements and supporting data structure.
  • Directed startup and handled strategic planning and requirements definition for Palm OS-based medical applications designed for diabetes self-treatment
  • Developed the initial prototype, attracted top talent, quickly ramped-up operations; and produced first commercial product in 4 months
  • Designed and rapidly developed Palm OS database applications for medical and health & fitness industries 
  • Served as the product manager and chief designer of interfaces, databases, and application code; creating intuitive applications
Nov 2002Oct 2003

Sales Development (INBOX Marketing)

Independent Contractor
  • Developed new relationships with mid-market and large companies; customizing email solutions to increase customer acquisition, conversion and retention.
  • Worked closely with the VP of Business Development to create sales and marketing materials - as well as sales processes - used by the entire sales staff

NOTE: Reported directly to the VP of Business Development

May 1997Oct 2002

VP of Operations & Co-owner


LNI owns and operates Residential Care facilities in Gallup, NM.  The facilities provide shelter, food, transportation and a sense of community to aging and dependent Native American's in the surrounding territory.

As the co-owner of LNI had profit and loss (P&L) responsibility for turning around under performing company; increased revenue 440% and margins 220%

  • Oversaw 13 FTEs in two facilities
  • Expanded operations, opened up new markets, diversified offerings and mitigated risk
  • Developed corporate infrastructure and operating procedures; implemented state-of-the-art COTS technology
  • Quadrupled capacity expanding to a 2nd location; saved 20% on acquisition price
  • Negotiated key government contracts
  • Streamlined reporting, strengthened alliances and improved working relationship with client
  • Managed 440% revenue increase with minimal increase in staff
  • Doubled efficiency by restructuring work flow, standardizing processes and implementing leading-edge technologies
  • Designed/delivered an innovative proposal, extending contract for 5 years with projected $2.5 million revenue stream

NOTE: Profitably sold interest in 2002

May 1992Jun 1997

Product Manager

Developed product roadmap, defined feature descriptions, directed user focus groups and developed UI prototypes to ensure proper translation of requirements into technical requirements and managed products to completion.

  • Designed and developed decision support system for USSPACECOM
  • Authored and instituted software quality policies and standards across $20 million organization
  • Salvaged lagging $600K contract; successfully turning around the project, resulting in $2 million add-on business

  • Revitalized $60K project, generating $3.5 million new business in 6 months; won Managerial Excellence Award
  • Spearheaded special projects for Executive Management; streamlined reporting, freed up 13 FTEs, and improved efficiencies

NOTE: Reported directly to the VP of Colorado Operations.  DSA was purchased in 1998 by Steven Meyers & Associates Inc.

Work and Writing Samples



Written and Oral Communication
I have written professional articles and marketing materials (see samples) and have a gift of being able to communicate - and relate - to all levels of the organization; from C-level executives to the temporary staff.  It is this ability that makes me particularly effective in rallying those whom I do not directly supervise to work together to achieve Product development and delivery goals.
Technical Management and Coordination
Proven ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal authority.
Feature and Requirements Definition
Currently manage all product management aspects of two modules on the industry leading SaaS email marketing platform Have been developing requirements for products and features since 1992


Nov 2002Nov 2003

Series 7 & 66 (Investments)

Securities and Exchange Commission
Nov 2002Nov 2003

Life License (Insurance)

California Department of Insurance

Top Secret/SCI

Department of Defense