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Work experience

Jan 2010Sep 2014

Assistant Engineer

Lincoln power resources 

Assistant engineers work in a team alongside professional engineers as part of an apprenticeship to learn the basics of diesel and petroleum engine components. I performed maintenance, cleaning, repairs and stock checks of 100's of parts alongside of a team of up to 8 people for deadlines ranging from 1 to 12 weeks.


Sep 2014Jun 2018

Msci Physics 

Royal Holloway University of London

A 4 year course designed to give students a though knowledge of mathematics and physical principals. This includes 8 maths exams, and approximately 24 physics exams of which 8 are laboratory exams made of sets of experiments. This course is designed for higher level physicists and those looking to do a Phd.  



The ability to confidently and comfortably socialise with other members of staff or customers.

Time management 

The ability to manage time allocated to me to perform a certain task by senior staff, either at work or for an assignment outside of work.


The ability to Co-operate with a large variety of different team members.


Jun 2012Jul 2012

National citizenship service award

UK Government

A government initiative designed to increase the number of volunteer workers and to promote public well-being. Over a four week period candidates take parts in a group project to improve their local community using events and donations to raise money, in my case we renovated a retirement home by raising £250 to redecorate, refurnish and rebuild the garden, this took the 6 of us two weeks. We spent the next two weeks taking part in leadership and enterprise activities with companies such as Coca cola and Siemens to design and advertise a drinks product for an upcoming fashion show in London.