To obtain a position on your company's sound team, contributing my experience as an audio engineer. As well as to always continue to learn and grow, both professionally and personally. 

Work experience

Work experience

Junior Audio Engineer/Sound Designer

Center for arts & Technology Okanogan
2010 - 2012

Throughout my education at CATO, I worked on various recording projects for school projects, as well as projects I took on for fun/experience. This includes multitrack recording sessions or local bands, live sound experience in local venues/school venues, as well as multiple sound design projects for both student films and video games. 

Meat Department Management

Canada Safeway
2012 - 2015

My duties included (but not limited to), cutting meat, writing orders/taking inventory, people management/schedule writing, and various manager responsibilities. I believe this experience is relevant, as it has improved my problem solving solving skills. Working alongside staff, as well as working through customer requests/complaints has been beneficial to my professional development. 

Meat Cutting

Freson Market IGA/Canada Safeway
2007 - 2012

My duties included (but not limited to), cutting meat for retail sales, meat department cleaning and sanitation, and fresh/processed food merchandising. I believe this work experience is relevant, as it has greatly developed my teamwork and people skills over the years. This is a fast paced job, and requires time management, as well as focus and safety.



Audio Engineering Professional Diploma

Center for Arts & Technology okanogan
2010 - 2012

High School Diploma

Beiseker Community High School



I have always had an extreme interest for music, which led me to my Audio Engineering education. Playing piano by ear as a child made me want to develop my music skills and knowledge. I play instruments including drums, piano, and guitar. Music theory was an important part of my school's curriculum, and I have always wanted to learn more and challenge myself.

Computer Skills

I am extremely skilled with computers, and have always been interested in learning everything I can about computer software and technology. I have extensive experience with both Windows and Macintosh based systems, and have extensive knowledge and practice with various DAW software. This includes Pro Tools, Logic, Wwise, etc. 

Organizational Skills

I am extremely precise with my approach with projects, and meticulously plan and pre-plan to prevent as many issues as possible. I believe organization is key to stay on top of things, and to make sure projects run as smoothly as possible. 

Teamwork Skills

I have worked with many different groups of people in my years in retail. Developing my skills to work together efficiently, to reach goals and deadlines.