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I have extensive experience in SEO, radio advertising, internet advertising, telemarketing call centers, lead generation, mortgage and health related companies. I have been an entrepreneur since a very young age, I have owned multiple business in different industries, I also have run different organizations. The last few years I have donated my time to a couple of corporations, I have helped them grow their business and develop a viable business and marketing plan. I donated my time and consulting skills, so I can obtain experience in radio, Internet, and SEO. Additionally I used some of my own money, so I could test the different advertising methods on the internet. I have advised and help build marketing campaigns on Facebook, Myspace, and recently Twitter. I have extensive experience using the Google Ad words' system, the different methods to use on Google, such as the content matching, pay per click, Google Maps, and I have a good formula for keyword pricing. I have worked on Microsoft and Yahoo ad centers, I also have experience in blog promotions and have methods on different ways to reach out to bloggers.  I have built multiple websites and increase page ranks to a high as PR5. I also have different formulas for building rank through links and other methods. I have worked and help build companies that target a global market, I have also helped build companies that target a small 10 mile radius, focusing on a local market.

I have a deep appreciation for the telecommunications industry. I began my career in the call center industry, gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, doing both outbound and inbound sales, since I was 16 years old, I was the top sales person within 2 weeks of starting my first outbound job, at 16 years old, by the time I turned 17, I was promoted to the  inbound call department and within a few days I was the top sales person in that department, I achieved this at a large company with over 50 people  sales people that had advanced degrees and years of experience. I was promoted to management at a very young age and could accomplish this and handle school at the same times. I branched out a few years later at a very young age, and starting developing different call centers mostly targeting the travel industry, by 21 years old, I had at least 20 people working for me. I am grateful for this experience, I could make mistakes and learn at a young age the different lessons in business and 10 years later I have much more life experience and knowledge than most people in my age range.

The last few years I have worked  in advertising and business development, I have worked for myself and worked for a corporation, I have traveled across North America, working with different companies developing advertising plans. I have worked on developing my skills in the different advertising mediums, developing my outside sales skills, I additionally have gained  experience in B2B sales, I have great confidence that I can  reach the decision in a very reasonable time frame, I have different methods which I have developed in which I can filter out unnecessary calls and reach the correct person cut out unnecessary calls and reach the decision maker in a reasonable amount of time. As mentioned above I have worked on different projects doing SEO, internet and radio advertising. I have taken many sales classes, motivational classes, as well as I currently read 4-5 different books a month on different business matters. I also have extensive knowledge in the finance industryy, I have worked in the mortgage industry, I am always up to date with all current events, marketing trends, new technology and the American, Chinese and European stock markets. I have a deep understanding and appreciation for the global economy on how it works, outsourcing different projects, website translation and different marketing plans based on culture and need. I have worked with different partners in researching different countries and cultures before marketing in those areas.

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Doug Kaplan Services
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Doug Kaplan Services

I was responsible for business development and consulting, for small and medium size companies. Specializing in both inside and outside sales. Account management, business growth and development. Cold calling, SEO, radio, internet, TV, and telecommunications.


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