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Quotes I live by

"When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself."

-Jacques Yves Cousteau

Don't blow it - good planets are hard to find.

~Quoted in Time

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." -Alan Kay


Active Body == Active Mind

I enjoy many activities in the community. I play on and manage several adult soccer teams. I ski as much as I can. I am also active in charitable causes raising money for various foundations and associations.  


The BeginningThe internet was created in the 50's. The first public interface to the internet was internet as we know it was in the early 90's with several very quirky telnet based and meta-text based services. Most people remember the early web browsers that were integrated into AOL and Prodigy services. 

My exposure to the internet started with I was 12 years old in 1984. Wielding 2 TRS-80 Color computers given to me by my uncle I used to dial-in to several university CSNETS. These were simple (mostly non-password controlled) systems that linked together universities. I would play games online and interact with other computer scientists about various programming languages I wrote at the time. BASIC being the main one. I used to write my own games in BASIC and upload them to others using these networks.

The Now

The internet has come a long way since then and many remember the golden years but it has shaped my understanding of the progression of organized networks as well as see beyond the immediate niche technologies. I tend to be pragmatic on many new trendy internet gimmics and focus on the core internet technologies. My skills section will details my influences and focuses over the years. 

The FutureShifting my knowledge base from hard development skills to more of a strategic planning role is the path I am taking. Most clients know what they want but can't explain it or visualize it in a cohesive manner. Also, many clients lack the strategic information to make informed decisions. My new focus has been advising clients on competitive and simple strategies which are allowing them to leverage the current web and IT technologies without getting trapped in a ceaseless cycle of "niche widgetry".


JQuery UI
Extensive experience using jQuery to create hip and cool elements on several sites. jQuery is a robust client side scripting framework that allows for simple implementation plans and a rapid development path. I have yet to find a framework more flexible and forgiving as jQuery
UI / Design / Usability
Designing sites and making them usable to the audience is a skill that most ignore. Websites have to be designed for ease of reading, color blindness, Section 508 compliance and a myriad of other metrics to ensure the successful integration and acceptance by the audience in question. I have designed sites for Government agencies, Fashion designers and non-profits. Each having a distinct need and desire to convey the information in a clean and efficient manner. 
Supplimentary Skills
T-SQL, MS Word, Excel, PPT, Access, SQL Server, My-SQL, Dreamweaver, Harvest, SAP, XML, Section 508, Adobe Creative Suite and other CMS portals, Wordpress, PHP and some basic unix based open source systems as well as most Adobe Products. I actively design and develop enterprise grade databases and schemas. I understand 3-tier development and clustered systems as well as CMM methodologies.    I don't list each skill independently because every developer/programmer should have these skills and not make too much out of them. They are the pre-reqs to being a good developer.
Cold Fusion
Cold Fusion was learned mostly to convert from Cold Fusion systems to ASP or .NET. It is a simple language that at the time was an alternative from ASP.
Adobe (Macromedia) Flash Actionscript
Flash, while still heavily used, is in a death cycle in my opinion. While I maintain skills in flash for several clients who use it for galleries and interactive features I do not write new systems or encourage systems development using Flash.
Apple XCode
I feel that Apple's new coding tools and SDK's are the genesis of future convergent technologies such as iPhone and other portable and integrated systems. As such I have started learning these new technologies.
Always had Photoshop in my arsenal. All my sites are designed with esthetics in mind.
Javascript, DHTML and Ajax
While I do not focus on Javascript I use it all the time for mundane tasks as well as more advanced DHTML needs. While many focus on heavy use of Ajax I find it to be better suited as a helper class versus primary language.
.NET is the future of Microsoft interactive web content. I have embraced it as such. However I believe Microsoft is losing their way with the introduction of Silverlight and their lack of a well developed mobile OS strategy. Microsoft will need to do more to embrace Web 2.0 and beyond technologies. As such I have started learning different technologies. Google and Apple are running circles around MS and it's truly disappointing.   However, many consultants I manage and work with are highly skilled .NET developers.
Learned ASP when it was first introduced with IIS 1.0. I am fluent in both VBScript and JScript. I actually taught several classes in ASP to the World Bank in 1998. The World Bank then hired me to work on their intranet which at that point were clunky lotus notes based systems. With the assistance of my best friend at the time we both re-engineered their internal loan processing systems.    

Work experience

Apr 2002Present

CEO and Director

Hivemind Studios, LLC

Designed several dozen internal and external websites as a consultant for Hivemind Studios.

Clients include:

  • Council on Foundations
  • Amazon Cares
  • Defense Logistics Agency
  • Logistics Management Institute
  • Shoshanna Fasion
  • Anlo-NYC
  • Alice + Olivia
  • Building Owners Management Association
  • Mandaree Tribe
  • NIMH (NIH)
  • Micheal Garda Inc.
  • Several smallers fashion designers
  • Wennergren systems
  • other smaller clients

Technologies employed:

  • ASP
  • .NET
  • Cold Fusion (CF)
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • MS CMS
  • Sharepoint
  • Flash
  • Jquery
  • other technologies as employed.
Jun 1999Aug 2001

Sr. Consultant

World Bank

My tenure at the World Bank began when I was hired to train their software developers in a new language called ASP. Specifically JScript. They felt the best way to use their new skills was to bring me on board to continue mentoring and training in the language.

I had them hire my associate at the time and we both re-engineered the development of the Internal ISGLS Loan systems that at the time were utilizing Lotus Notes systems.

We converted several systems included a Loan exchange and transfer system as well as several internal decision making systems that enabled borrowing countries to convert their loans into different currencies to allow for savings on interest and exchange rates.

Oct 1994Jun 1999

Sr. Emerging Technologies Specialist

Regent Systems Inc

Job Summary

  • VAX Unix developer. Developed EDI to MILSTRIP conversion functions.
  • MS Access Development at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma. Wrote a database system that tracked all firefighting activities at the base.
  • Developed several internal websites for Lexus Nexus data systems. Most of them were internal customer profiling systems.
  • Managed a team of developers for the Defense Logistics Angency
  • Wrote several internal databases for Knowledge Based Engineering
  • Acted as system administrator for several years running all internal networks and systems.


Sep 1991Sep 1992


Having been accepted in the NEUCOMM school at Kent State for an accelerated Medical degree. It was a six year program instead of the 8 year path most doctors would take. After my first semester my family had serious monetary issues and I knew I had to leave after my second semester.

I ignored all my classes and studies and focused on what I loved which were computers. I would hang out in the computer labs and just tinker with new languages such as C and C++. Windows 3.0 just came out and I actually worked in the computer labs helping students with the quirkiness of Word Perfect and Windows. 

After I left college I returned to my family and taught myself sgml and html. The rest is history.