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Work experience

Sep 2014Jan 2017

Tire Delivery Specialist

Busy Bee LLC
Dec 2012May 2014

Night watch

Colorado Security Services

I watch over a manufacturing plant in Golden,Co patrolling their property hourly. I check all entry doors and gates

and write detailed reports, check in hourly, and am trusted to work independently each and every night.

Sep 2011Dec 2012

Security Officer

US Security Associates

I work closely with UPS drivers understanding and remembering individual requirements for each. I treat them with respect and expedite their movement as they are under deadlines.

Aug 2011Dec 2011

Security Officer

Spear Security

Variety of posts, most all customer service related.

May 2011Aug 2011

Freight Associate

Home Depot

Temporary position

Oct 2010May 2011

Security Officer

Spear Security



Ranum High

Attained 3.2 GPA while taking advanced math. Also lettered in gymnastics and was member of state championship team in 1970. Good baseballer, made several All-Star teams.


First and foremost, I am looking for a Lifetime position. A place to call home for the duration of my working life.

While my resume does not reflect this, I have owned 2 businesses of my own. I understand the importance of being reliable, punctual, and being a good team player. Firmly believe in the 'Golden Rule', and treat people in this manner daily.

A natural leader, co-workers gravitate towards me because I lead by example. I go above and beyond job expectations by doing the little things that help teammates.Clearly dedicated,loyal, and trustworthy employee.


Creating a Word of Mouth experience everyday, that's what I do.I would become an ambassador for any business in which I become a member.


Mark Harris

Known Mark for over 15 years. We do not visit too often but we know each other well.

Mai Shannon

Mai and I worked side-by-side and I was her subordinate, helping her with anything she requested from the front desk. We had an outstanding professional relationship.

Tom Wartela

We have only known each other a short while, but it's was apparent from beginning we had equal work ethic.


Voracious learner, enjoy continual education and becoming better worker and person. I am a patienttrainer, and very accomplished at developing plans that are effective. I would consider myself a very quick learner.

What customer service means to me:

I use the 'Learn' principal when I think of customer service

  • L isten,really listen to the customer and their problem
  • E mpathy, if situation dictates
  • A nticipating a customers wants and needs to resolve their wishes
  • R epeat their wishes back to them and let them know you'll do everything you can on their behalf
  • N urture the relationship making the customer feel truly warm about doing business with you

Always strive to make people Lifelong customers that return and even tell their friends,family, and others.

  • Perpetually over delivering,building trust, and creating such an outstanding experience that the customer is compelled to tell everyone they know
  • Becoming a trusted advisor and someone the client or customer can turn to for help
  • Developing a plan so your team or co-workers are fully prepared to carry the message as well
  • Leading by example, doing whatever it takes to create a 'word of mouth' experience


Customer Service
Always in use, The way to gain more customers is creating trust and a sincere desire to help them anyway possible. This means being reliable,punctual, and caring in earnest.
International shipping
I was exclusive shipping agent for Hewlett Packard to all international destinations for facilities in Loveland,Greeley, Ft. Collins, and Colorado Spgs. I was also trained and became the Dangerous Goods expert for AEI.
Certified material handler
Particularly adept with numbers and Order Selecting. I have worked for in this capacity for Levi Strauss,Gerry Outdoor, and Nobel Sysco. Done it all within warehousing environment including, inventory management, cycle counts,stocking, order selecting, packing,crating, and shipping/receiving.
Workkeys Silver Certificate
This Certificate issued by Colorado Dept. of Labor. I attained level 4.
Certified in CPR