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E-mail: [email protected]

Lindemans gate 5A, No. 13

0267 Oslo, Norway

Tel. (home 22 44 59 31 (cell) 90 25 46 90

I am a U.S. citizen, residing permanently in Norway.

I have a great deal of relevant experience for this position, and very good demonstrated performance which I believe can be beneficial in a position with your company.I would particularly highlight my 10 years of experience and excellent results from United Parcel Service (UPS), as well as broad experience from the growing "home healthcare" industry in the USA, as Branch Logistics Supervisor for Apria Healthcare. I am equally comfortable in management positions and/or as part of a team.I am proactive, enjoy challenges and I am not afraid to pitch in and lend a hand wherever needed.

I am enclosing my CV in an English version. Please note that the English version of my CV contains considerably more detail than the summary version I have prepared for Norwegian applications.I hold a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business and otherwise have a varied work background, with particular expertise in all aspects of logistics/transport, etc.

I hope that my qualifications are of interest.Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or to schedule an interview. I can start work immediately.

Thank you in advance!


Donald W. Osthoff

Work experience

Feb 2006Present



Apria Healthcare2006-2008

Branch Logistics Supervisor: Davenport, IA

In charge of the logistics department in Davenport, IA, report hours of service to corporate every month, vehicle inventory as well as warehouse inventory. Conduct and report weekly inventory to the Regional Warehouse through the use of cycle count, place orders for needed equipment. Conduct interviews for new employees, train new employees,Hold staff meetings with the drivers and attend and input needed information at the branch meetings.Work with the corporate safety department, regional logistics manager to ensure safety is first and all rules are obeyed in all aspects of the job.Complete oxygen analysis and fill the truck from the bulk tank.Have a commercial drivers license class B with endorsements haz mat, tanker, air brakes

Transportation Supervisor: Phoenix, AZ

Essential functions include scheduling/distribution of products/services, responsible for operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, supervision and development of staff, effective loading/unloading, regulatory compliance and compliance with company policies/procedures. Correct delivery pf medical supplies.Put in charge of hospice to make sure deliveries and pickups are completed by 21:00. Accident investigation, proper training of employees in safety (retraining existing employees and new employees),

I am also in charge of vehicle maintenance.Conduct and schedule driver ride along to get field view of safe work methods, safe driving methods and do immediate correction when not done within standards. Putting in additional safety recognition and rewriting safety/driving policies and procedures, they are being reviewed at the corporate level at present time.Took drivers from an accident a week to zero in July. Inventory and warehouse responsibilities.

Jan 2003Aug 1993


UNITED PARCEL SERVICE, Fort Lauderdale, FL1993 – 2003

($30 billion corporation; world's largest package delivery company)

On-Road Supervisor1999 – 2003

Supervised dispatch and coordination of pick-ups and deliveries of 56 drivers, union and non-union. Scheduled route activities to conform to 9-9.5 hour shift, in accordance with union contract. Reviewed and approved all payroll functions prior to submission to Accounting. Monitored all drivers to ensure air shipments were delivered by respective commit times.Closed Center 1-2 times per week; transmitted time cards and supervised activities of all part-time workers regarding customer concerns, messages and Driver Control Records.

·Accident investigation, safe work methods, safe driving habits, rewarded when drivers went 30 days with no injuries or accidents with cookout.

·Received award for Achievement of 98% on-time delivery of premium product in the region.

·Ranked #1 in Accuracies in Payroll Submissions.

·Monitored and corrected inefficient driver methods to ensure maximum driver productivity.

·Reworked route details. Increased driver productivity 14 to 17 Stops Per On Road Hour (SPORH).

·Reduced COD Irregularities/Errors from 35 to 2 in 30 days and maintained accuracy for four years.

·Served as HAZMAT First Responder. Trained personnel in safe handling of all hazardous materials.

·Acted as Manager when needed.

·Trained new drivers on new version of DIAD (Delivery Information Acquisition Device).

Preload Supervisor1998 – 1999

Ensured correct loading of all package cars. Trained, motivated and disciplined 80-110 personnel, processed timecards, collected hours for division from management personnel and expedited drivers’ departures from building.

Package Car Driver1994 – 1998

Drove route to ensure next day air packages were delivered by 10:30 a.m. Simultaneously delivered and picked up parcels to homes and business. Served as Quality Coordinator to achieve highest level of service to all customers.

·Updated driver logs to reduce missed pickups and ensure that swing driver covered entire route.

·Developed sequence for 750 vendors with delivery at one location.Reduced delivery time by three hours within two months and maintained for four years.

·Constantly changed delivery route utilizing Customer Information Notifications (CINs).

·Acted as Driver Trainer. Observed other drivers and checked safe work methods.

·Member and Coordinator of Safety Committee.Updated Staff Manager on claim reductions.

Preloader 1993 – 1994

Loaded package cars, segregated Next Day Air. Moved irregular packages and sorted by zip code.


Contract Ratification B / Hazmat First Responder Training

Injured Employee Procedure / Quality Improvement Process

Antitrust Compliance Training / Building Employee Relations

Employee Relations Workshop / Employee Safety Training (ESTA)

Vehicle Safety Training (VSTA) / Career Development Workshop

ADA Procedures Overview


Sep 1985Aug 1989


Sep 1978May 1980