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Seeking full-time/part-time employment that is flexible enough for me to continue focusing on my musical endeavors, and, when the time comes, finishing my degree.

Work experience

Mar 2009Present

Founder, Vocalist, Lyricist, & Conceptualist

Cosmic Sea
Aug 2012Oct 2012

Customer Service Consultant - "StubHub"

Sutherland Global Services
Jan 2010Aug 2011

Student Worker

SUNY Oswego

During the school semesters, I worked at the dining hall as a dishwasher, server, stock person, and general kitchen staff work, including food prep. and upkeep. During the summers, I drove/delivered supply shipments from stock rooms/storage areas to various academic buildings and residence halls.

Nov 2007Jan 2010

Catering Manager

Bridie Manor

Started out as a dishwasher and prep. cook. Switched to Catering after around 6 months. After another 3 months, I was promoted to Catering Manager. At this point I was scheduling/setting up and supervising events on my own. Parties up to 150 people I was solo; anything 200 people or more, I supervised a staff of 1-3 others.


Aug 2008May 2012


SUNY Oswego

Major Studies: Focus on abnormal psychology, clinical psychology, motivational psychology, developmental psychology (child & adolescent-adult and gerontology). Historical Philosophy, existentialism, epistemology, critical thinking & logic. Experimental Topics: Including but not limited to Lucid Dreaming, Sensory Deprivation, Remote Viewing, Altered States of Consciousness, etc.

Minor Studies: Music History, Music Psychology/Therapy, Jazz Studies, etc.








Sound Tech
Basic set-up for live music performances (mixing, levels, mic set-up, sound check in general).
Creative Writing
Focus primarily on fictional work (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc.), but also talented in editorial/journalism work, as well as research and analytical pieces.
Around 60wpm
Computer Software
All Microsoft programs, including Office Suite/etc., Adobe programs (although not as advanced). Troubleshooting, etc.