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Doriane Coukan

Diplômée en logistique du transport (Institut maritime du Québec)

Objectives: Bring my logistics and international trade skills, and competences, to a company that shares values such as respect, self-achievement and passion. Contribute to a company growth and to take advantage from it in a professional and personal way.


mai 2015août 2015

Internship and summer job as an Office clerk / Cargo 

Relais Nordik Inc. (Groupe Desgagnés)
  • Deal with customers complaints
  • Deal with clients’ needs
  • Archive transport documentation
  • Organize the maritime transport of different goods (cars, food…)
nov. 2012nov. 2012

Internship as imports assistant 

FASCOM international 
  • Optimize the global transportation (From china, Europe, South Africa…)
  • Deal with orders for goods (price and conditions negociation)
  • Negociate with forwarder
  • Deal with international payment
  • Deal with customs (Documentation)
mai 2012juil. 2012

Internship as Marketing assistant 

JO’M Cosmetics
  • Prospect the Spain, Usa market to find new contracts.
  • Assist in the organization of a hair vents
  • Develop adverts
  • Prospect Spain and South Africa to find new suppliers (Olive oil)
oct. 2011oct. 2012

Internship as Marketing assistant 

VGB Diffusions
  • Prospect the South African Market (Phoning, mailing, meeting clients).
  • Develop communication supports (Catalog, brochure, business card…)
  • Research on the South African market to see the opportunities



Diploma in Logistics of transport

l’Institut maritime du Québec. 

Graduate with a diploma in Logistics of transport from l’Institut maritime du Québec (Rimouski)


French Diploma in International trade

Lycée Leconte De Lisle (France)

Graduate with a diploma in International trade from Lycée Leconte De Lisle (France).


French Diploma in literary

Lycée Moulin Joli (France)

Graduate with a diploma in literary from Lycée Moulin Joli (France). 

Option: English 

Competences and AWARDS


  • 2016: Academic award for scholarship excellence, L’ Institut maritime de Quebec.
  • 2015: Academic award for scholarship excellence, L’ Institut maritime de Quebec.
  • 2014: Academic award for scholarship excellence, L’ Institut maritime de Quebec.
  • 2014: Merit scholarship, La fondation de l’Institut maritime du Quebec.

Logistics/Marketing/International Trade

  • Optimization of transportation
  • Imports/exports operations
  • Communication 
  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing strategies
  • Markets studies
  • Supplying
  • Negociation
  • Projet
  • Customs

Technology of information:  

  • Open Office Suites (excel, word, power-point, publisher)
  • SAP / ERP
  • PC miller


  • French (Native language)
  • English (professional)
  • Spanish (Conversational)


Extracurricular activities:

  • Secretory of the graduating committee
  • Member of the multicultural committee
  • Blogger 
  • Youtuber



  • Fashion and beauty
  • Books
  • Tennis
  • Travelling