My vision

I'm a girl who lives in Portugal, studying management in the University of Coimbra . About me, I like a lot to travel, meet new people and know new cultures, even if they are from the furthest point in World or even in the neighbouring country. 

University Experience

Formação Acadêmica
Set 2015 - atual

1º Year of Magement dregee

Faculdade de Economia da Universidade de Coimbra


    • Leaderships Skills
    • Team Management
    • Presentation Skills
    • PC User Skills
    • Project Management 

This skills were obtained through the organization of charity and sports events. Some of these capacities/skills were obtained through my academic course, seeing that I am studying Management. My argumentive and presentation skills, were gained by participating in several debates and oral presentations.


Language Skills

  • Portuguese (Native)
  • English (Intermediate) 
  • French (Beginner)