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Computer Club

I have been involved in Computer Club at Pine View High School for a few years and have enjoyed every minute of it. We participated in Code Camp and Dixie State University's code competition and have won in our respective category. It is always a lot of fun and is like a family. We raised money for the computer classes at the high school as well.

Code Camp

I have, along with several classmates, participated in Southern Utah Code Camp two years now, and last year my team took 1st place in the student group. We also competed in the Dixie Coding Competition (I am unsure of the official name) and we won the high school section of that as well.


My goal in life is to go to college and start to work my way up to engineering the next generation of video games. I love video games and always have and since I was a young child I have desired to work with them. A few years back I discovered computer programming and I loved it. I enjoy writing coding and spending hours trying to solve problems. There are several steps in this process and any kind of experience is helpful - I am open to almost any experience.


I have played guitar for 5+ years. I have taken lessons from a couple different instructors. It has been an intense passion of mine and a lot of my friends look up to me when it comes to guitar.


Web Development
I know a little about web dev. and am a fast learner when it comes to coding. I know Javascript, HTML, and have a basic understanding of PHP.
Software Development
I have taken several programming classes in high school and studied programming a small amount on my own time. I know Python, Java, and Javascript. I have also worked with programming, too.

Work experience

Jun 2011Present


Best Western Abbey Inn

I have worked at the Abbey Inn for several years now, preparing food, setting up banquets, and helping serve the food. My bosses all love me and my coworkers think I am very friendly. I get along with everyone, coworkers and customers. I have never had a problem with not getting done in time and being too slow, as I am quite productive.

May 2013Sep 2013

Android Developer

Omni Solutions Dispatch

I helped write and improve a dispatch application for truck drivers delivering water in the oil fields. I worked with Git, Java, Eclipse (my favorite IDE so far), and Trac (ticket system for managers to give employees jobs). A lot of what I did was implementing new features into the already written application. 


Aug 2010May 2013

Pine View High School

I graduated with several college credits and placed the second highest test score on my AP CS test.

Aug 2012Dec 2012

Dixie State University

I took classes through concurrent enrollment at Pine View HIgh and plan on going back to finish Generals. I also have Computer Programming credits through Dixie State.


Eric Atkin

Eric was my supervisor during the development of our dispatch app. He thought very highly of me, even though I was a beginner. I appreciated working for him and he appreciated me working for him. It was a very pleasant experience.

Shane Wittwer

Shane is the manager of the Abbey Inn and is very professional. He is very kind, but very business-like as well. He is very honest and caring.