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Impresario Group Tours of Italy: Tuscany

Don Teolis and Impresario Group Tours is dedicated to providing the best in hospitality and creating experiences that are the most invigorating and memorable. We introduce you to the amazing imagery, the exquisite cuisine, and beautiful language of Tuscany. Our tours are unique and are dedicated to making the best of each day in a relaxing and memorable way. Impresario’s tours of Tuscany offer an excellent insight into the obscure villages, breathtaking countryside, and destinations that are not found in most tours of the regions of Italy.   Don Teolis and the Impresario Group team invite you to experience the best Tuscany has to offer.  Please visit our or email [email protected] for more information.


Don Teolis holds a special interest in children and parents dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  He has established an organization called Autismatic (, which showcases informative and inspirational books like “Be Strong, Be Tough, Be Smart” by Donato Alfredano and features various articles and information on Autism.  Don Teolis’ goal is to boost awareness, while encouraging families to realize the profound impact they can have on the development and ultimate success of their loved one. 


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Ain't that the truth!

"One's best success comes after their greatest disappointments." H.W.B.

Don Teolis