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I like design, coding and 


My professional focus is building Full Stack applications that run on Open Source Software (OSS) and Linux.


I prefer to work with NodeJS server-side, as it is a flexible back-end framework that opens up the possibility of writing isomorphic code. By using NPM packages, I can store JSON data as collections in MongoDB with Mongoose, and I can build RESTful APIs to serve that data with Express. On the client-side, I prefer using the ReactJS or AngularJS libraries to build out the views.


I think Ruby is a great language for coding in the back-end. Its clean syntax and convention over configuration philosophy make it a pleasure to work with. I also think Rails is an amazing framework for data-intensive applications. I can use the ActiveRecord ORM to build out models and relationships for SQL data, and then provide RESTful interfaces to the front-end of an application.


I can traverse and manipulate the DOM, and know how to style and animate webpages using CSS, preprocessors such as SASS or LESS, and client-side Javascript libraries like jQuery. I have an excellent sense of proportion and try to polish applications by using CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Materialize. I think that the look and feel of an application is second only to its functionality.


I have been working with Linux since the dial-up days, and I am very familiar with using the command line. I am comfortable performing system administration tasks like network configuration, provisioning of services, setting up domains, email servers, and SSL certificates. I prefer using OSS in my projects because I like understanding how things work and believe that transparency and openness lead to higher quality software. Having access to source-code gives me a near unlimited supply of material to learn from, as well as giving me the opportunity to contribute to projects that I enjoy or find interesting. In the future, I hope to contribute more to OSS projects as my experience grows and my coding skills sharpen.



A card game based on the ancient Chinese Calendar.  I am currently working on physical and digital versions of the game to be launched in 2019.  My responsibilities and contributions include game design, graphic design, and business strategy.  


Oct 2015Dec2015

Web Developer Bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs (LHL)

At LHL I got into coding with Ruby and Javascript, and building Full Stack applications using frameworks like Rails, Sinatra, and Node. I learned how to provide data persistence in applications by using ORMs to interface with various SQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. I also learned how to use the VCS, git, to save different versions of my work and collaborate with others through branching, forking and pull-requests.

August 1997May 2001

Bachelor of Arts in History and Philosophy

Oral Roberts University (ORU)

During my university years I pursued my passion for learning by studying the most general fields of human knowledge there are: history and philosophy. My undergraduate education provided me with a solid foundation in conceptual and critical thinking that influences my work and decisions everyday.

While a student, I worked in the IT department at the internet help desk for two years and interned with a software company, TAASC, for a semester. Throughout my enrolment I helped my classmates and dorm-mates  by volunteering as an Academic Peer Advisor, where I assisted them through tutoring and guided study. I completed my degree by graduating Summa Cum Laude, with Highest Honours.

Work History

Sep 2006Oct 2015

Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher

City of Toronto - Toronto Paramedic Services

"Toronto Ambulance, where do you need us?"

In my position as a 911 operator, I gave First-Aid and CPR instructions over the phone, and dispatched paramedics and support resources to the scenes of emergency calls throughout the city of Toronto.

My work with Ambulance was all about managing outcomes. I learned to suspend judgement, gather facts, to stay focused, to listen, to instruct, and to console. My job was full of ambiguity, and I operated as a calm voice of reason, speaking to patients and family members, many of whom were having the worst day of their lives. It was truly a slice of life and I am honoured to have had the opportunity to serve the community of the city I love.