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·High performance, results and data driven Senior Executive with a 23 year career in wholesale marketing/distribution and retail company/franchise operations.

·Demonstrated leadership, vision, expertise and distinguished performance in business startup, turnaround and operational management of multi-site, national and international operations.A catalyst for change, combining tactical execution of strategic initiatives with strong leadership of a cross-functional staff and development of strategic alliances to improve overall productivity, quality, business and bottom line financial performance.

·Visionary, creative executive accomplished in driving sustainable profitable growth and cash flow through team building and innovative project management and development.

·Experienced in developing, implementing and orchestrating new product launches, with a talent for providing the vision required to create and execute a strategic growth-centered business plan.

·Focused on finding new opportunities for products and services in the marketplace.

·Build, lead, managed and motivated a team of channel partners with go-to-market and full-life cycle sales and marketing support.

·Responsible for building and managing relationships with key marketing/sales executives and end customers, resulting in increased market share.

·Strong background in strategic market planning with a proven track record in the tactical execution of marketing programs.

·Responsible for driving product strategies and the development of sales force effectiveness tools and programs, product positioning and messaging, and play an integral role in the development and execution of overall management of the product development life cycle.

·Influential communicator practiced in leveraging interpersonal skills to articulate vision, strengthen relationships and build consensus, and served as the face of the company to the industry.


Business/Brand DevelopmentRetail Management & Operations

Sales & MarketingMergers & Acquisitions

Franchise Management/MarketingStrategic Planning

Distribution/LogisticsFinancial Management



I am looking for a CEO/President/COO position in the Wholesale or Retail Marketing/Distribution Business.


Sep 1990Jun 1993


Sep 1982Jun 1986

Bachelor of Science

Work experience

Nov 2008Present

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Retail & Wholesale Marketing Group, LLC


November, 2008 – Present

Strategic consulting firm providing turnaround & restructuring advice, organizational development, financial restructuring and management support.In addition, provides marketing support and advice in the biofuels industry, specializing in marketing to oil companies and providing extensive knowledge of the Renewable Fuel Standards, associated regulations and market distribution activities worldwide.

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

·Responsible for the management, marketing and operations of Retail & Wholesale Marketing Group.Founded the company in November, 2008 and have successfully grown the business each month, adding new customers and providing extensive turnaround & restructuring and marketing support consulting services.

·Providing turnaround & restructuring services to a $60M retailer in Virginia.Was able to improve cash flow and enhance profitability for the company based on a strategic review and assessment of operations.Generated an operational business plan and strategy for future success.The company fully implemented the strategic recommendations, and they are extremely satisfied with the recommendations and advice provided during the consulting process.Business performance continues to improve, and we continue to provide consulting services to this customer.

·Actively providing consulting services to a large worldwide biofuel distributor, assisting them at customer generation and entrance into the US biofuel marketplace.Also charged with identifying and securing terminal and distribution facilities throughout North America.We have greatly assisted in the growth and success of their US business, and their business growth continues.

·Actively providing consulting services to a large US based biofuel manufacturer, assisting them at customer generation and an entrance into the US biofuel marketplace.In addition, we are providing advice and guidance in the Renewable Fuel Standards and how to benefit from those rules and regulations, risks and rewards associated with the overriding governmental regulations and how those regulations will impact future biofuel business in the US and abroad.We have greatly assisted in the growth and success of the business, and continue to seek new partners for their manufactured products and technologies.

·Providing turnaround & restructuring services to a $12M retailer in Pennsylvania.Currently providing a strategic review and assessment of the business plan and developing an ongoing business strategy based on the company’s strengths and market position.The focus will be on increasing sales and driving profitable growth.

·Provided market strategy and advice to a transportation services company based in Helsinki, Finland.They are looking for acquisition opportunities in the US Market, and we provided market share information and transportation economic analysis for future market penetration.We are currently assisting them at identifying acquisition opportunities.

Mar 2006Nov 2008

President & COO

One of the largest commercial & industrial fuel wholesalers in the country, operating in a 27 state marketing area.RKA owns and operates a fuel storage terminal in SE Michigan, moving over 300M gallons/year of gasoline, diesel, ethanol, biodiesel and jet fuel.

  • Responsible for the management and operations of RKA Petroleum Companies (which is comprised of 5 different operating companies), reporting to the Board of Directors.
  • Grew the business from $172M to over $565M in sales while increasing gallons sold by over 110%.Went from operating in 5 states to 27 states, increasing the staff from 85 to over 125 employees in four offices located in Michigan and Florida.
  • Acquired a $33M business in SE Florida to assist in the expansion of the business.Identified the opportunity, analyzed the operating history of the company, ensured that the new business would fit into the overall strategy, negotiated the acquisition value, secured the necessary financing and closed the transaction.The acquisition was accretive to earnings and hit its established performance targets in the first 12 months of operations.
  • Developed a long and short term strategy for growth with the management team and focused the direction of capital toward the long term strategic focus of the organization.
  • Completed a comprehensive strategic business review, analyzing the markets, customers, financing, market positions, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.Prepared a business plan, including a human resource and capital strategy, then matched combined the plan with a financial strategy to make sure the plan would be financially sound and operationally focused.Once completed, the plan was presented to the Board of Directors, Auditors and Bankers, receiving overwhelming support to move forward.
  • Moved the company aggressively into the BioFuels Business.The company became one of the largest blenders of B99.9 in the US, generating $900k in net margin to the company.In addition, the company became the 1st BQ9000 Certified Supplier of Multi-feedstock B99.9 in the US.On the ethanol front, the company became the primary supply point for ethanol in SE Michigan, with the RKA Terminal being the main thruput facility for most ethanol supply in SE Michigan and NW Ohio.
  • Developed a new business line (Commercial Dealer Business) which is generating over $300k/month in net margin before overhead and generates over $6M in free cash flow to the organization.
  • Initiated a corporate restructuring strengthening the company and increasing profitability by 110% in the first year and 74% the second year.EBITDA grew from $1.6M to $4.1M, with return on equity hitting 56% from 5%.
  • Refinanced the business and enhanced relations with the banking community, allowing for a significant credit line improvement of over $17M (went from a $10M to $27M LOC), secured $5M in financing for capital improvements for the terminal and arranged acquisition financing in the amount of $6M ($3M in bank debt and $3M of seller financing).
  • Greatly strengthened the quality of service and safety of the transportation team by bringing in new management and outside safety consultants focused on proper driver documentation, safety procedures and processes and ongoing communications with the dispatch team making sure the proper products were delivered safely and timely to the customers.Eliminated driver errors by over 75%, minimized spills and product contamination errors by over 40% and saw the DOT safety rating go from conditional to satisfactory, saving the company over $125k/year in insurance and claims.
  • Enhanced corporate controls and information systems which significantly lowered operating costs and put proper controls in place to ensure stronger cash management, timelier collection of receivables and vastly improved performance analysis tools.
  • Moved the Commercial & Industrial Accounts Receivable from 39 days to 25 days, improving cash flow by $4M and saving over $86k/year in interest expenses.At the same time, implemented new service charges which generated an incremental $120k/year in new gross margins.
  • Greatly enhanced the acquisition of butane, which when blended with gasoline, saved the company over $240k/year in lower product costs.
  • Increased the company supplier base by adding over 30 new suppliers and over 100 new terminal locations to the supply network, saving the company over $300k in lower product costs because of greater supply competition and more supplier credit line availability.
  • Visited the top 10 customers in each business unit to find out how RKA could add more value to their business, and how RKA could increase its business with them.These efforts created more customer goodwill and lead to more new business because new and creative ideas were generated at the meetings allowing RKA to enter new lines of business and grow existing lines of business with the customers. 
Jun 2004Mar 2006

President & COO

Pro Golf International

Pro Golf International is the largest franchisor of retail golf stores in the world.With over 140 stores, located in the United States, Canada, Ireland & Puerto Rico, Pro Golf is the most recognized retail name in golf worldwide.

  • Responsible for the leadership and management of a $150M franchise operation, with 140 international locations, 112 franchisees, employing approximately 1,100 staff members, managed by a headquarters staff of 12 employees.
  • Designed, developed and implemented a business strategy and action plan resulting in the addition of a record number of new franchisees, increased profitability of the new and existing franchisees and the resulting increased profitability of the holding company.Franchise network sales went from $120M to $150M (+25%), sales per store went from $975k to $1.1M (+12%), and network profitability increased 16% to $12M.
  • Provided a newly designed, state-of-the-art training program for the new and current franchisees.All new franchisees were required to attend the week-long training program which helped them learn how to start up their business, then sell, manage and make more money in their business.
  • Improved relations with the banking community by improving communications and providing greater access to the company performance and personnel.
  • Improved company relations with the vendor community, and secured stronger product sourcing and marketing support for the franchisees.The results led to significant savings to the franchisees in the form of lower prices, higher credit lines, increase product availability, increased field training from the suppliers, more supplier supplied fixtures and national television and print advertising was funded by the suppliers.Total value of the incremental supplier provided resources and savings to the franchisees was $1.9M.
  • Instituted a program to increase field visitation and provided training and support to the franchise network which was four times greater than the levels provided in the past.The franchisees gained valuable insight and training from the increased visitations which lead to the higher sales and profitability of the franchisee network.
  • Shareholders saw the value of their shares increase in value by 400% as a result of the improved profitability of the business and market confidence in the management of the company resulting from the strategic planning and business plans that were prepared and implemented.
Aug 1994Jun 2004

President & COO

Atlas Oil Company / Fast Track Ventures

The largest commercial & industrial fuel wholesaler in SE Michigan.Atlas Oil owned and operated a fuel storage terminal in SE Michigan, moving over 200M gallons/year of gasoline, diesel, ethanol, biodiesel and lubricants.Atlas Oil is the largest wholesaler of fuel to retail gasoline stations and truck stops in the Midwest.

President – Fast Track Ventures (November, 2000)

  • Started the company as a new venture, with the sole focus of identifying and securing new business acquisitions or start ups in order to provide a series of new growth ventures which could be added to the Atlas Oil portfolio or sold off to prospective buyers for a strong profit.
  • Developed a comprehensive business plan and strategy, presented it to the financing community, and secured the required financing.
  • Grew the business to over $20M in sales with EBITDA of $3.9M and return on equity of 58%.
  • Acquired and sold over $60M of real estate, generating in excess of $70M in profits to the company.
  • Negotiated a $30M acquisition of a bankrupt company, turning the business around and generating $40M in profits over the life of the transaction using a creative and innovative new business concept.
  • Created four joint ventures, securing the equity partners and the required senior debt participants.
  • Secured $35M in senior debt which was used to grow the companies.
  • Created a retail operations team to take over and profitably operate 23 retail locations in Michigan, Ohio and Arizona.

Executive Vice President – Atlas Oil Company (August, 1996)

  • Responsible for the commercial & industrial sales staff, retail sales organization and transportation department, comprised of approximately 100 employees.
  • Analyzed the existing business lines, and determined there was a significant market for growth in two of the three business lines in the Midwest US.With the team, we developed a comprehensive strategy and business plan that allowed us to grow aggressively in the Midwest.
  • Grew the business from $40M to $600M in sales with EBITDA increasing by $9.1M to $10.2M with return on equity at 26% annually.
  • In the Commercial & Industrial Sales area, achieved the #1 market share position in the Midwest US.In the Retail Sales area, became one of the top three players in the Midwest, generating $22M in free cash flow to the organization.
  • Prepared a thorough analysis of the business and determined there was going to be significant consolidation in the business.Prepared a request for funding and presented it to the banking community in a series of presentations.Secured $45M in senior debt which was used to grow the company.
  • Completed acquisitions of 9 independent fuel wholesalers, with purchase prices from $300K-$6M.
  • Completed the acquisition of a $30M fuel retailer and wholesaler in Indiana.
  • Hired and developed the strongest sales/marketing team in the wholesale commercial & industrial fuel marketing & retail industry, becoming the largest fuel wholesaler in the Midwest.

Vice President – Atlas Oil Company (August, 1994)

  • Grew the business from $6M to $175M in sales with EBITDA increasing by $2.3M to $2.6M with return on equity at 28% annually.
  • Increased the fuel distribution from 8 Marathon retail locations to 330 retail locations under the Marathon, Phillips 66, Clark and Fast TrackÔ brand names, becoming the largest distributor of fuel to gas stations in the State of Michigan.
  • Developed a proprietary brand, Fast TrackÔ, which became the fastest growing private label fuel brand in the country with sales of $75M.
Sep 1986Aug 1994

Category Manager

BP Oil Company

BP Oil Company is one of the largest integrated global oil companies in the world.Headquartered in London, BP has business lines in crude oil exploration, refining and marketing fuels, lubricants, chemicals and gasses, and has an interest in the growing biofuels and solar based businesses.It provides these services through its worldwide staff of over 100,000 employees and 2007 sales were in excess of $285B.

Category Manager (September, 1992)

  • Was a key player in the design, development and implementation of BP’s worldwide convenience store strategy and design concept.Researched the “best in class” marketers in the world, and implemented many of those findings into the project, which was later rolled out to BP locations throughout the world.

Analyst/Marketing Specialist (June, 1990)

  • Was responsible for the analysis and marketing of all BP car wash facilities in the US.Projects ranged from pricing, cost analysis, marketing the facilities, negotiating chemical and equipment costs and return on investments for all capital projects.

Senior Account Executive (June, 1988)

  • Responsible for the sales, support and was the technical liaison for the automotive factory fill program, where BP provided Ford, GM and Chrysler with the initial fuel that was put into a vehicle as it left the assembly line. Also responsible for the sales, support and was the technical liaison for the coal strip mining industry where BP provided fuels and lubricants to keep the extremely large strip mining vehicles operating throughout the US and Canada.

Retail Supervisor (September, 1986)

  • Responsible for the management and oversight of 16 retail gas stations and car washes in the metro Washington, DC marketplace.There were 16 managers and over 125 staff members employed and under my management.