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I am friendly, strong-willed and outspoken; logical and demanding of myself and others; driven to demonstrate competence; creative and innovative with a global perspective; decisive, organized and efficient. The most important thing to me is to demonstrate competence and making important things happen.I have a gift of being able to see the 'big picture' while maintaining control of the details important to make it all work.My 25+ years' of senior project management experience, managing complex and broad-based projects, (many of them at the Director level) have been spent mostly either as a vendor representative or on contract.These years have given me a wealth and breadth of experience collecting and designing business processes throughout large, cross-functional projects and companies.

I have had several years experience in the telecommunications world.As Senior Program Manager or Director, the Customer Experience, including Help Desk (Customer Care) and Training functions were integral components of successful project implementation and production.

My 'generalist' background and experience has ensured that I have become cross-functionally educated in various and several industries, business and technological areas and within traditional, matrix and other organizational paradigms.While I would not be considered 'technical', I have enough knowledge to be able to hire the people who can do the work required.   I am considered an effective and results-oriented project manager with a 'make it happen' attitude, with a very long string of successes as part of my work history.Are you interested in someone who is creative, thinks outside the box, is able to marshal teams towards a common goal and result, coaching them through challenges and ensuring top productivity? Are you also interested in a manager who will ensure that your project stays within budget and scope and is well reported and contained? If you are and are not bound by a checklist of formal skill sets, then you ought to seriously consider me as the one who can be an asset to your client’s team and can 'bring it home' for you.I assure you that you will not be disappointed! I am prepared to do whatever it takes to get the job done; meanwhile creating a pleasant and challenging environment for team members I work with and for.Business benefits achieved through applications delivered:

ADSL, Business to Business Internet dial-in application, Internet Provider rating and billing software, contingency planning, Y2K leadership, Workstation software applications and network delivery, Integrated Debit at Point of Sales, MasterCard Program, Contact Management, Securities Query, Financial Institutional Applications, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Work in Progress, Payroll, Gas Billing and other financial, strategic and tactical systems.


Canadian Citizen &

Legal Resident of Dominican Republic

Willingness to Relocate:

Any Location

Travel Preference:

50% + Travel

Travel Distance:

No preference

Career Focus

Management & Business, Mentoring, Coaching, Training, Information & Technology

Position Type:

Project or Program Management - Contract Assignments


English, Spanish, French

Professional Development

Professional Development

MIND Project Management MethodologyIMP Project Management MethodologyBates Project Management MethodologyDMR Courses in Project Management including:DMR Productivity+Data/Process Flow DiagrammingTCPL Project Management MethodologyADABAS VMS FundamentalsData ManagementLeadership Training Seminars and CoursesTeam Skills Seminars and Courses, Supervisor Training and many other Leadership and Management Courses & Seminars

Multiple Project Management Methodologies as required by individual companies while on contract

Work experience

Nov 2006Present


Para La Estrella, CxA - Boutiques y Cafe

• Owner/Operator of a retail business, catering to dancers, entertainers and hotels on the North Coast, providing professional footwear, Bodywear and make-up. Marketing make-up, jewelry and accessories for the general public as well.

Sep 1990Present


Chameleon Consulting Inc

Self-employed as a contract Senior Project/Program Manager, taking assignments throughout Canada, the United States and the Dominican Republic.

Apr 2004Sep 2005


Brainhunter Inc

Brainhunter had acquired Treklogic, Protec, and wanted all systems to be integrated and converted to ensure efficient performance of service offerings.• As Senior Consultant, for one of the largest online recruiting and placement firms in Greater Toronto, of computer, engineering and diversity personnel on a contract and full-time basis, assisted in the amalgamation of 4 companies in the summer of 2004.

Nov 2001Oct 2004

Self Employed

La Pequena Plaza

• As Owner/Operator, managed the start-up of a group of enterprises in the Dominican Republic. Enterprises included an Internet Café, Laundry, Book sales & rental, Car and Scooter Rentals, beach chair rental, beach bar, Cafeteria and Beverage service. Currently, operating a beach vending business which sells t-shirts, towels and other beachwear to tourists visiting the island.

Dec 2001Jun 2002

Senior Program Director

Sprint Canada Inc.

ADSL Program (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line)• For a major telecommunications company, acted as Senior Program Director, ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line) Program, providing an affordable high speed Internet access solution. Created the infrastructure base for the program, determined short and long-term requirements, hired and deployed experts in areas of discipline, directed and managed critical path and total program to first product launch.

May 2000Dec 2000

Senior Program Manager

Sprint Canada Inc - Internet Services Group

IP (Internet Provider) Billing Project BID (Business Internet Dial) Project • For a major telecommunications company, acted as Senior Program Manager, Internet Provider (IP) Billing Project, implementing Portal Software Inc.’s Infranet rating and billing package solution. Managed in a matrix environment the development of a dial-up Internet access service, managed the implementation of an e-mail solution, web-based customer self-administration and service selection and web-based billing and reporting. Initial product launch was implemented on time.

May 1999Mar 2000

Senior Consultant/Facilitator, Y2K Contingency Planning, Project Management Office

City of Toronto

Works & Emergency Services, Finance Department, Community & Neighbourhoods Services• For the largest municipality in Canada, acted as Senior Consultant/Facilitator, Y2K Contingency Planning, Project Management Office. Managed and interfaced with Works and Emergency Services, Finance, and Community and Neighbourhood Services, to ensure that contingency planning for Y2K was complete and risk was assessed. Role included assisting in building confidence factor with respect to City’s overall Y2K preparedness. Project was completed with no critical problems to be addressed;

May 1998Dec 1998

Program Manager - Y2K

Rogers AT&T – Cantel

Y2K Project• For a major communications firm, assumed the role of Program Manager, Year 2000 Program. Led 11 Business Unit Project Managers towards achieving Year 2000 readiness across all business critical processes, applications and infrastructure. Project was 91% completed by December 15th, 1998 and within budget;

Sep 1990Oct 1998

Director - Procom Projects

PROCOM – Professional Computer Consultants Group

PROCOM – Professional Computer Consultants Group Mar 95 – Oct 98PROCOM PROJECTS (Self employed) Sept 90 – Dec 92• As Director, PROCOM PROJECTS and Managing Consultant, duties included performing feasibility studies, provide consulting to clients with major projects, assist in planning, staffing, organizing, and building relationships between users and I/S groups and acted as strategic advisor and consultant on strategic and tactical projects for a diversity of clients. Duties also included providing computer personnel on a contract basis to clients;

Sep 1997Dec 1997

Senior Project Manager - Executive Workstation Roll Out

Workers’ Compensation Board

Executive Workstation Roll Out• As Senior Project Manager. Workstation and Laptop Rollout for Executives and Assistants of a crown corporation, worked collaboratively with existing personnel and a crew of consultants to organize the project from conception to final implementation and training. Project was completed on time and within budget;

Apr 1996Jan 1997

Project Management Liaison

Livingston International Group

Amalgamation of 3 major companies to one• Acted as Liaison Project Manager for a major manufacturing and distribution company in a mainframe environment, to establish the project mandate, budget, set and communicate goals and strategy, organize the project, manage the critical path of the project across all disciplines, select and deploy staff and implement the changeover for three major user communities to new accounting systems. Effected business process engineering throughout the organization, ensured appropriate documentation and complete training of all users. This project was delivered on time and within its operating budget of $1.6M;

Mar 1995Dec 1995

Application Product Manager

Canadian Tire, Store Systems

Retail Point of Sale Projects• As Application Product Manager for a major retail operation, coordinated the successful evaluation, strategy development, planning, design, coordination with internal and external third parties. Responsible for launching a corporate MasterCard, installation and implementation of Debit Cards at the retail store level and delivery of an internal marketing program throughout Western Canada. Projects that went forward were delivered on time;

Oct 1993Dec 1994

Senior Project Manager

Scotia McLeod Inc

Project Management Office – Major Projects• As Project Manager, for a major financial institution, responsible for the management, design, process re-engineering, and implementation of a $20M+ system client server project, including determining functionality, adherence to timeliness, quality and resource management and client management. In a DEC client server environment, effected the successful implementation of 1200+ new workstations in 58+ branches across Canada. This project was delivered on time and $1.5M under its budget of $20.1M; effectively coordinated all re-engineering requirements at the branch and head office levels for all applications and equipment implemented;


Manager, Project Development Services

DGS Information Consultants

• Performed feasibility studies, provided consulting to clients with major projects, assisted in planning, staffing, organizing and building relationships between users and I/S groups and acted as strategic advisor and consultant on strategic and tactical projects for a diversity of clients.

Mar 1989Aug 1990

Co-Ordinator, Financial Systems Projects

TransCanada Pipelines Limited

Information technology solutions and services are provided through the Functional Systems Team assigned to a Company Functional Unit and through the use of integrated mainframe/ mini/micro facilities and related software.As Coordinator, Financial Systems Projects:

Coordinated the design, re-engineering, development, enhancement, maintenance, retirement and implementation of package solutions in a client server MAC/DEC environment for a complete suite of accounting systems including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets and other sub-system requirements. Effected business process re-engineering throughout the functional group, ensuring appropriate documentation and complete training of all users. These assignments were successfully implemented at the client site;

As Functional Systems Team Leader:

Provided effective and responsive automation services in the support of local system development and the daily operation of production applications of the company functional unit. Coordinated all Information Systems’ services and acted as the first point of contact for requests for services and/or resolution to problems in the CFU.

Mar 1988Mar 1989

Management Consultant & Senior Business Analyst

DMR Group Inc.

As Senior Business Analyst

• Performed preliminary user requirements and analysis of financial systems to be replaced with software financial packages, using interviewing techniques and conducting JAD sessions.

As Management Consultant• Analyzed existing systems, proposed solutions, studied proposals from vendors, conducted cost/benefit analyses by function and package requirements, and made recommendations as to which financial packages to choose and implement.

Nov 1981Mar 1988

Account Manager

Computer Associates (Software International)

• As Account Manager for a major international retailer based in the Pacific Basic, responsible for the design, re-engineering, installation, initialization, conversion, transfer and implementation and support of General Ledger systems at client sites on S/38. This assignment included design of logical chart of account structuring, task and resource planning and scheduling, re-engineering of all business and systems processes, training material development, system testing, platform migration, data conversion, user education and company/client coordination. Project completed on time and within budget.

Worked in Toronto, Canada, Andover, Mass, San Francisco, Ca and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Jul 1978Oct 1981

Director of Operations

Canadian Opinion Research & Market Perspectives Inc

As Director of Operations• Planned, performed studies, determined feasibility, analyzed data, and directed projects, while adhering to budgets and deadlines of all market research studies across Canada.As Project Managero Through marketing previous clients and responding to requests, increased new business 32% in a 6-month period o Estimated costs, formulated budgets, coordinated the work of sampling, data processing, and data output departments and wrote post-study evaluation reports. Projects varied from $5K to $500K budgets; o Recruited, trained, supervised 130+ people across Canada, to include supervisors, staff, clericals and third party services.



Business Administation & Communication

Ryerson Polytechnical Institute


Charles Blaquiere

(colleague) worked directly with me.

“Donna is a detailed, resourceful program manager/director. She has the ability to lead and navigate through the chaos attacking each challenge head on with a "get it done" attitude.”

Gillian Prieur

Matthew Roebuck

(colleague) - worked indirectly for me within the projects I was managing

“Donna was a well organized and efficient Program Manager. She was effective in both command of the overall schedule as well as managing the cross-functional team to achieve key milestone dates. I recommend Donna as a results-oriented Program Manager.”

Ardi Ghorashy

(colleague) reported to me on more than one project

“I’ve known Donna for over 15 years since we met on a large project at Scotia McLeod in Toronto. I learned much from her and was very impressed by her organizational skills and the way she managed the stakeholders: many SVPs, steering committee, vendors and the project team. We’ve never worked together again, but we have been in the same companies and I’ve always heard good things about her.”

Christine Logan

- worked indirectly for me, within the projects I was managing

“Donna is a very effective Project Manager and is capable of managing very complex and strategic projects. She was able to get the results from team members that she needed in order to deliver the project with the quality demanded. She effectively managed communications within the team.”

Susanna Solowiej

(colleague) worked directly with me on more than one project

“Donna is one of the best senior project managers that I have known and worked with. A true leader, Donna always went the extra mile to get the job done and to make each person on the team more successful. Donna worked extremely well with the client and was very well respected. Her expertise in project management and project methodologies were extremely valuable to the organization.”

Peter Landolt

(colleague) worked directly with me

“Donna is a very intelligent and diligent worker and an excellent hands on Project Manager who always finds those areas where a project tends to bog down and Donna proactively resolves these conflicts before they can impact the project, especially regarding budget and completion time. Peter G. Landolt B. Eng., MBA, CMA”

Michael Soliman

(colleague) - worked directly with me

“Ms. McMillan Participated with great effort as PMO, Senior Consultant & Facilitator and Y2K Contingency Planning. Managed and assisted the City project teams to identify the risks and its mitigation, building contingency plans with walkthroughs. In her role, she facilitated Emergency Services Department, the Finance and Community & Neighborhood Services Teams, assuring complete project success.”

Donna Spence

(colleague)-reported to me

“Donna quickly identified functional components of the ADSL project requiring distinct expert focus and set about assembling and mobilizing a team of project managers and SMEs. I was one of the PMs reporting to Donna and was at all times extremely impressed with her ability to work with and support her team, while at the same time set, communicate and manage expectations with Sr. Mgmt stakeholders.”

Karen Clegg

(colleague) - worked with me on several projects both project related and business development related.

Donna's breadth of experience and deep business acumen proved to be a significant value to any customer that engaged her. Donna demonstrated time and time again her amazing capability to prepare and manage a winning project scope of work and budget which resulted in high customer satisfaction ratings and repeat engagements.

“Donna is an extraordinary project manager, a true leader with excellent communication and team building skills. She has a track record of delivering on the some of the most complex projects, and has frequently been called upon by clients to take on and 'turn around' projects in trouble with amazing success.

Donna’s key strength is her ability to bring clarity & focus to project teams. I had the pleasure of working with Donna on a number of client engagements where she was the Project Manager for complex projects. Many of these had been classified by the client as projects in trouble. Donna’s leadership and strong Project Management skills brought the projects back on track in every case.

I particularly admired Donna's confident, inclusive approach to keeping teams focused and motivated, and can't say enough about her ability and willingness to act as a mentor and coach. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Donna again, and would highly recommend her to any organization seeking a project manager who will deliver results.”

Lauren Crawford

Michelle Hutchinson