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Work experience


Magna/Cosma International, Various Worldwide Locations

  • Acted as a pivotal resource for executive business leaders in analyzing and responding to talent development needs of the organization across manufacturing, engineering, R&D, and sales facilities as a key contributor to the launch of new plants.
  • Took on a critical leadership role with Magna’s technical training operations throughout a period of tremendous revenue growth from $2.4B to $7B, taking on a technical apprenticeship program for tool-and-die, millwright, and industrial electrician training.   
  • Circumvented significant budgetary challenges through the redesign and revitalization of the training centre business model, delivering key improvements in curricular relevance, revenue stream leverage, trainer professionalization and engagement.
  • Assumed authority for a unionization avoidance strategy for training centres based in Canada, the United States, and Mexico, while engaging executive-level management in the active leveraging of new training investments.
  • Actualized a global webcast highlighting and broadcasting from key divisions on a regional basis, playing a pivotal production leadership role in developing and managing the communication infrastructure supporting a regular two-hour program.
  • Worked in close concert with financial management to provide for purchasing and vendor selection needs, while directing the establishment and administration of a departmental budget in addition to pre-RFQ, RFQ, sourcing, and contract management.
  • Planned and executed a 2004 leadership conference supporting a focus of global integration regarding business behaviour, organizational thinking and design, championing a company-wide shift toward cohesive global operations.         


Cosma International

Tapped by this preeminent and globally-scaled automotive supplier specializing in body, chassis, and engineering solutions to fulfil a directorial administrative capacity before migrating into a dynamic support role in the company’s global expansion with a mandate in championing a critical focus on the continuous evolution of the corporate growth strategy from people management and knowledge development perspectives, while providing sound stewardship for the implementation and management of talent and knowledge initiatives as Vice President – HR / PD&T.

With a business critical leadership position at the head of the company’s global HR operations, actively spearheaded positive change across Cosma’s worldwide business units while consistently applying a comprehensive “hire-to-retire” approach incorporating the entire employee lifecycle and providing invaluable strategic input into global operations.

  •  Managed a 42 person HR / PD &T team comprising interactive and instructional design, learning cycle management, distance learning, e-learning, expanded communications, PD & T marketing, employer branding, and leadership development functions.
  • Launched the rollout of a globally-scaled HR measurement system to define and evaluate performance metrics including average turnover, and absenteeism, while playing a critical part in leading the pilot initiative and global execution.
  • Served as head of a global council tasked with the development and implementation of a comprehensive talent management and succession planning system serving the HR / PD & T area in response to the mandate of the CEO. 
  • Partnered with executive leaders to obtain buy-in and approval for the implementation of an objective-driven logic tool and reverse engineering process in support of strategic thinking and tactical planning initiatives focused on eliminating waste.
  • Conducted extensive leadership workshops at the division level to support the identification of LEAN practices, processes, and system changes utilizing value stream mapping of process flows for material-in and material-out.
  • Established an integrated talent management system and developed the Magna People Development and Training Council.
  • Obtained organizational buy-in for a strategic concept of an internal post-graduate accelerated leadership program targeting recent college and university graduates in a two-year fellowship with aim to position candidates for succession leadership roles.
  • Executed the rollout of a highly-effective business targeted, technical leadership program that matched technical expertise with leadership development components to produce global leaders for Cosma and Magna International.
  • Designed and executed programs to leverage best practices and disseminate lessons-learned specifically in  business development across decentralized silos with programming focused on pre-RFQ, RFQ, costing, negotiation, and customer relations.


Magna/Cosma International


Canada 3000
  • Conducted analysis of 3 airlines (Royal Airlines, CanJet, and Canada 3000) operations to confirm technical and operational compliance with regulations governing aviation in Canada to allow for successful merger of the 3 distinct cultures.
  • Conducted meetings with Transport Canada regulating body to detail the approach to integration and consolidation of the three operating systems, while preparing a supporting business case outlining timelines, budgets, and key milestones.
  • Converted all airline training manuals to reflect the new consolidated operating system from airframe and avionics perspectives, while partnering with critical technical and financial leads to develop an actionable operating system.
  • Championed the functionality of the new operating system among C-level management at the regional and national levels, in addition to securing key additional certifications for avionics-side operations personnel.
  • Coordinated the full breadth of training, maintaining a consistent focus on quality assurance and control through a series of comprehensive internal audits of the organization and compiling the results into an in-depth action plan.
  • Ensured the prompt and responsive handling of all health and safety issues and delivered on Transport Canada and Canadian aviation requirements while addressing quality management issues stemming from the merger of three major charter airlines.
  • Assessed the efficiency of personnel within all key functional areas and identified potential risks, and played an instrumental leadership role in informing the leadership in the creation of an accountable and compliant system against TC requirements. 
  • Conducted training for Engineers and Flight Operations to policy and procedural changes


ReconAir / Dash Tech Avionics,
  • Streamlined and reorganized the business and established appropriate processes and equipment, in addition to securing necessary approvals for new ownership from Transport Canada, banks, and business critical internal resources.
  • Aggressively targeted the local customer base while sourcing and capitalizing on new market opportunities following intensive analysis of conditions and trends in support of key business development initiatives.
  • Took the lead in recruitment and proactively aligned new resource strengths with functional needs and business expansion objectives, while attracting significant opportunities for new investment.
  • Increased sales from $200K to $6M within three years before arranging the sale and divestiture of the business, and developed a high-performance work culture supporting considerable improvements in quality, sales, and customer service. 



Masters of Business Administration

Anglia Ruskin University


  • Organization Change Management
  • Talent Management
  • Strategic Vision & Execution
  • Innovative Program Development
  • Transition, Merger & Acquisition Leadership
  • Global Workforce Planning
  • Executive HR Management
  • Process Improvement & Consolidation
  • Technical & Leadership Capacity-Building
  • C-Level Coaching & Mentorship 
  • Standards & Practices
  • Skilled Trades Program Development
  • Talent & Leadership Management Systems
  • Total Employee Lifecycle Philosophies
  • Grassroots-to-C-Level Succession Planning


 ...offers 20+ years in executive HR management, General Management & Business Development...

Accomplished, visionary, and challenge-driven Executive Management Strategist with a wealth of comprehensive leadership experience accrued on the global stage in the manufacturing and aviation industries, reinforced with an impressive record of achievement in providing corporate and operational high-impact organizational leadership supporting responsive HR and talent development strategies, and championing the consolidation of complex multinational operations yielding significant bottom-line improvements.

  • Strategic & Tactical Leadership: Blends a breadth of practical, hands on operational expertise and business orientation  in the management of complex organizational issues with a history of improvement-driven and results–oriented contributions to C-level decision-making.
  • Human Resources Excellence: High-impact organizational leader, drives responsive HR and talent development strategies, supporting positive change management, while developing high-performance management cultures.
  • Operations Acuity: Champions the consolidation of complex multinational operations yielding significant bottom-line improvements,  addressing business, operational, technical and critical functional needs on a global and regional basis.      
  • Fiscal Finesse: Considerable success building and managing of Operational, Capital and Project budgets.
  • Program & Project Management: Success launching logistics and operating systems and developing unique, sustainable programs that breed financial, human, and brand success. 

Possesses a well-sharpened skill set in selecting, training, and developing top-performing talent across multifaceted managerial and technical capacities, in addition to considerable success in the architecture and management of globally-scaled  systems. 



  • Global Workforce Planning
  • Executive HR Management
  • Strategic Vision & Execution
  • Innovative Program Development
  • Process Improvement & Consolidation
  • Worldwide Communications Networks
  • Technical & Leadership Capacity-Building
  • C-Level Coaching & Mentorship Programs
  • Regional Standards & Practices
  • Manufacturing & Engineering Trades
  • Talent & Leadership Management Systems
  • Total Employee Lifecycle Philosophies
  • Grassroots-to-C-Level Succession Planning
  • Transition, Merger & Acquisition Leadership