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Approved Disabilty assessor

Bishop Grossteste University Lincoln

A four week training  course consisting of practice and theory to qualify to be able to assess claimants for Personal  independence  payments  for the DWP whilst maintaining  nursing registration. 

NCFE level 2 certificate in understanding the care and management of Diabetes 5/11/14


Nursing Mentorship

University of Sheffield

Training through theory to act as a student mentor to assess Nurses undertaking Nurse training . 


Registered Mental Health Nurse- University of East Anglia 2000-2003

Work History


Disability Assessor


Assessing claimants  in their home address for personal independence payments (PIP) and writing reports considering all evidence available and gathered from health professionals and the claimant, making recommendations on awards and submitting this to the DWP 


Staff nurse

Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation trust.

Assessing patients over the age of 65 with acute mental illness, providing treatment,  administering medications and injections, liasing with members of the MDT to facilitate a safe discharge with appropriate  follow up. 


Staff nurse

European health care

Providing nursing care for 19 residents with dementia and mental illness  in a care home while overseeing a team of carers and Senior carers. Administering medication , carrying out  risk assessments and formulating plans of care.


Ward Sister

Barnsley Primary care trust.

Working as a ward sister overseeing a team of staff nurses and carers to provide care for 21 patients over the age of 65 with mental health illness.  Rotating staff on shift, covering staff absence and acting as a bleep holder overseeing the running of the hospital out of hours and at weekends.


Catheterisation training male and female 2016

Bariatric moving and handling 2015

Health and safety training 2016

Infection control in the care home 2015

Equality and diversity +inclusion  2015

Moving and handling  2016

Mca/ DOLS training 2015

Safeguarding adults in the care home 2015