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Highly skilled scientist with over 20 years of experience who excels at problem solving, innovating methods, and getting results. Flexible and motivated, learning complex new skills when needed. Experienced in supervising employees and management of complex projects, experimental design and data analysis.



∙ HPLC and analytical chemistry                                               ∙ Extensive in-vivo and surgical skills

∙ Data analysis and statistical calculations                              ∙ Problem solving and experiment design

∙ Excellent writing and editing skills                                        ∙ Writing reports, SOPs, technical papers

∙ Lab management, training and supervising techs                ∙ Regulatory and safety compliance   

Work experience

Sep 2013Feb 2017

Qa Lab Technician II

Sun Products Corp

Conducted analysis of chemical and physical properties of commercial detergents for and incoming raw materials for QA approval and manufacturing process control in a cGMP facility.

Utilized HPLC, FTIR, pH meters, Karl Fischer and other automatic titrators.

Learned TVC (Total Viable Count) and other microbiology techniques.

Took on increasing responsibilities regarding lab operations including paperwork and SAP review, equipment calibration and maintenance, hazardous waste management, 5S, and safety training.  

Wrote lab manual detailing procedures for common tests and operations.

Developed and validated a new HPLC method for analyzing new ingredients.

Joined the Emergency Response Team and received advanced first aid and rescue training.


Senior Scientist

Aciont Inc

Created, designed, and researched a new ocular drug delivery system.

Co-investigator and supervisor for all in-vivo experiments; wrote IACUC protocols.

Graded irritation of tissues with indirect ophthalmoscopy.

Resected, dissected, and processed ocular tissues for drug level analysis.

Analyzed solutions and tissues for drug and metabolite content.

Responsible user for radioactive facilities; managed and maintained company laboratory.

Designed and oversaw in-house studies and GLP studies performed by CROs.

Assisted in the design and engineering of medical devices and packaging.

Participated in formulation and stability studies; assessed sterilization techniques.

Wrote and/or edited formal reports and documents for FDA IND submission.


Sr. Research Specialist

University of Utah Div. of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Conducted research on the prevention and reversal of cardiac ischemic contracture and reperfusion injury.

Reduced the rate of in-vivo experiment failure from 20% to 1% by improving research procedures and apparatus.

Performed complex cardiac and vascular surgical procedures.

Modified assays to better fit needs and available equipment.

Operated and maintained clinical and research equipment including blood chemistry analyzers, UV/vis spectrometers, luminometers, fluorescence detectors, and other general laboratory equipment.

Documented and maintained inventories for DEA and USDA controlled supplies.



MacroMed Inc

Designed and performed new in-vivo experiments to evaluate and optimize characteristics of novel drug delivery systems (ReGel).

Documented, prepared, and reported data.

Designed GLP studies for outside labs.

Reviewed, tested, and compared competitive systems.


Sr. Research Specialist

University of Utah Dept. of Pharmaceutics

Conducted experiments on a wide variety of drug delivery systems.

Studied oral peptide drug delivery systems utilizing enhancers, enzyme inhibitors, site specific release, and/or peptide modifications (prodrugs).

Researched biocompatible, biodegradable, and nonthrombogenic polymers.

Created or modified analytical procedures.

Performed or supervised all aspects of in-vivo research in the group.

Supervised surgical and radioisotope facilities.

Trained students and other researchers in in-vivo, surgical, and other lab techniques.

Managed several concurrent research projects.



University of Utah

Letters of Recommendation