I am active in my community and church while greatly enjoying bicycling, walking, traveling and more with the family.  I am very hands-on thoroughly enjoying working around the house building and fixing things as well as taking care of our home's landscape.  As well I enjoying learning and testing new culinary treats. 


Don is seeking a long-lasting leadership opportunity integral to a company’s strategic PLANNING, PREPARING, FUNDING and FORECASTING of long-term success.  A company who reinvests in itself in terms of both financial and human capital and whose entire leadership team values a highly-trained team oriented work force.  With preference, Don favors companies that market tangible or intangible products that definitively advance and improve the performance of discreet and or process manufacturing by incorporating newly arriving technology into its core.  

For this, Don’s seeking a company that markets to a large geographically targeted audience with strategically timed tactical plans for continued incremental expansion.  A well-traveled leadership team that’s confident and competent of its preparation for greater success.  A leadership team that is constantly being educated and informed on the global market and the company’s future therein 



As a sales and marketing professional, who has strong operational support abilities, I capture market share and boost sales to secure exceptional results. I protect margins to grow profitability. I position sales organizations to survive under the most demanding conditions and to continually outpace the competition.  

I establish new international sales organizations, launch new products and land high value, win-win contracts time-after-time.  

Whether establishing relationships, or improving products understanding, I am known for:

• Meeting sales quotas in difficult market conditions

• Recruiting, training and leading exceptional sales talent

• Establishing strong relationships to earn add-on sales contracts

• Turning around underperforming operational, sales and marketing organizations

I earned my BS from Eastern Kentucky University. I have also completed Northwestern University’s Executive MBA program. Others recognize me for my ability to develop high performance teams that consistently meet and exceed ambitious sales goals and objectives. As a skilled negotiator, I close deals with key decision makers routinely.

Work History

Work History
2009 - Present

Director Sales

Measurement Masters, Inc

Automated Manufacturing Software Developer

Managed and implemented global sales strategies and marketing program(s) for building/maintaining multiple channel distribution system aimed at penetrating targeted markets by taking advantage of highly advanced product capabilities enabling unique competitive sale’s strategy. Research and analyzed competitive market while creating partnership opportunities globally. Lead team of 5 and developed cross-functional sales team of 50 professionals located globally.

2007 - 2009

Director – Business Development, Strategic Sales/Marketing

Remmert USA

Global Automation OEM

Responsible for establishing North American industrial automation company for European headquartered manufacturer. Generated target marketing program and aggressive sales initiatives / tactical strategies for producing swift sales results. Investigated all domestic competition for customer-rich product features used in developing sales rebuttal strategies and advertising program. Created new after-sales support program for all existing and new sales. Worked with 12 direct reports and over 200 cross-functional team reports.• Previous European marketing failures negatively affected North American image and sales. Assessed situation, created, and implemented strategies for leveraging industry relationships. Within 20 months generated over $40 million in sales.- U.S. Operations closed in 2010 due to collapsing European economy -

2005 - 2007


Advisory Business Consultants

Consulted with agricultural, manufacturing and medical companies providing assessment of existing operation and implementing, as required, enhanced organizational structure, business management practices, marketing programs and/or strategic sales planning for growing their business. Created re-focusing exercises for companies needing market track re-alignment, i.e. getting back to what built the company initially. Developed distribution agreements and strategies for future geographical expansion along with updated manufacturing practices and procedures.- Company Closed Due to Downturn in US Economy

2003 - 2004

General Manager/North American Sales + Marketing

Missler Inc

Global OEM & Software Developer

Created and implemented business plan involving operations, sales and marketing with the goal of entering emerging country market by penetrating, retaining and maintaining a customer base for selling the products and services to the industries served. Direct Reports: 8; worked with Cross-Functional Team Reports of over 150 people externally. Sales cycle of 3 to 9 months generally. Company sales into: U.S. Canada, Mexico and Europe• Recognized marketplace opportunity to increase market awareness and sales. Developed web presence that keyed in on the product attributes that meet customer requirements for new distribution channel. Implemented new company marketing technology that increased market awareness and penetration resulting in achieving annual sales goal in the first year within 7 months. • A high-priced foreign product required strategic business development marketing plan for entry into each marketplace for expanding global sales. Conducted market research, evaluated competition and established distribution channels, and determined marketplace requirements that created business development strategies including unique video and technical sales presentations within 45 days of start-up. Led implementation which resulted in launching new product and generating sales of $10MM by the end of the second year.- Company Purchased by Competitor, Closing All Facilities Globally -

2001 - 2003

Regional Manager / Product Manager, NA

Peddinghaus Inc

Global OEM

Re-developed a regional market which had been left neglected and un-served by enhancing market presentation, generating information harvesting techniques and improving team moral by instituting training programs, providing improved support and direct contact with all sources involved in retaining, maintaining and obtaining marketing and sales opportunities. Direct Reports: 6; worked with Cross-Functional Team Reports of 60 people. Sales cycle of 3 to 12 months generally. Company sales into U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Asia, Oceania

• Inherited an under-developed, under-managed region that was declining in sales. Analyzed and evaluated customer accounts and staff, identified problem areas, developed, and implemented sales strategy that included region re-structuring and redeveloping solid customer-driven relationships within 30 days of hire. All resulted in turning around region which drove sales back to the company and away from the competition.

1993 - 2001

Regional Sales Manager, NA

Behringer Inc

Global OEM

Full responsibility for all short- and long-term strategic sales, market planning, sales communications, contracted distribution, product training and consultative application engineering for all of North America designed for a product line that included over 160 different offerings ranging in value from $25,000 to $1 million each. Sales management of all projects generated outside North America. Direct Reports: 8; worked with Cross-Functional Team of Indirect Reports: over 100 people. Sales cycle of 3 to 9 months generally. Company sales into U.S., Canada, Asia, Caribbean, South America, India and Oceania. 

• Recognized need to address competitive environment that was negatively affecting sales. Analyzed and evaluated product line, identified features, advantages, and benefits, created value added business strategy that included new sales presentation and training curriculum. Executed strategy which resulted in a 20% sales increase that provided platform for continued long term sales growth throughout the ‘90’s. 

• Needed to generate sales through well-planned and controlled tactical expansion of distribution channels. Identified distribution nucleus from which all expansion would be generated; researched and analyzed potential channels of distribution, contacting, interviewing, evaluating, selecting and training each. Successfully executed channel expansion strategy, resulting in the sought after controlled sales growth forecast expansion by the end of 1996.

1985 - 1993

National Sales Manager

Kaltenbach Inc

Global OEM

Directed all facets of strategic sales and distribution management for the U.S. including identifying, establishing, and managing strategic relationships to leverage and generate significant business opportunities. Sales management of all projects generated outside North America. Direct Reports: 22; Worked with Cross-Functional Team of Indirect Reports: over 100 people. Sales cycle of 3 to 9 months generally; Company sales into U.S., Oceania, South America, India, North Africa, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Middle East and more

• Recognized marketplace opportunity to increase sales. Utilized previous industry experience and relationships to build on trust, confidence, service, and support to new distributor partnership. Successfully executed new partnership that resulted in a 12% increase in revenue for the company.

Additional positions held include

Operations Manager

Product Manager

Application Engineer




Eastern Kentucky University

Executive Program

Kellogg Management Institute at Northwestern University



Team Builder, Coach, Mentor

Business Planning & Development

Whole Brain Creative Thinker

Information Harvester

Effective Communicator & Active Listener

Success Oriented Professional


Global Visionary

Tactical Strategist