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Operating/Organizational/Merging/Financial Results:

  • Business income improvement - Income growth of 70% in the first management year, attaining the best financial results ever since its incorporation (1966). These results were reached by means of the immediate potential growth identification, market opportunities exploitation, entire company motivation regarding the inquire after company's objective, as well as quantitative and qualitative direct communication to all organization levels. (Hiter/ Crosby, 2007)
  • Lawsuit reduction - From 30 to 2 civil claims, and litigations from US$7.5 million to zero, by means of the recurrent monitoring of legal counsel, clients and suppliers. (Amcor White Cap do Brasil, 2002/2007).
  • Strategic plan Identification, creation and execution - Reaching a consistent plan to acquire a supplementary industrial facility, aimed at the business expansion and existing facility production decentralization. This strategy has proven a 3-years payback term without any fresh money, by the simple utilization of the tax savings (Hiter/Crosby, 2007)

Industrial/Supply Performance:

  • Brazilian's subsidiary financial independence achievement by means of obtaining positive operating results.
  • Ending the first fiscal year with operating results 25% above previous year's and positive net cash, overcoming the headquarters' best expectations. Result achieved in my first year, after 7 years of negative operational and financial results and annual cash dependence from the international headquarters. (Amcor White Cap do Brasil, 2002)
  • Balance between cash generation and business operation, supporting all monthly liabilities and rising up the necessary working capital increment to support the expected growth, reverting Headquarters' cash dependence prior to my management around US$600 thousand/year. (Amcor White Cap do Brasil 2002 to 2007)
  • Industrial performance improvement and market share acquisition- Brazilian Operation performance becoming equivalent to the group's best parameters experienced in US and European facilities. Position never reached in 7 years of previous managements, allowing new orders receiving from companies such as Nestlé and AmBev. Spoilage control, best quality inspection data definitions, continuous productive processes follow-up, most reliable and flexible suppliers definitions, raw material replacement, convince overseas Headquarters regarding local raw material utilization, among others, all responsible for the turn for a better consolidation of the local subsidiary. (Amcor White Cap do Brasil, 2002 to 2007)
  • Purchasing better performance curve by 30% - Result achieved through a new suppliers' technical qualification, accomplishment of new purchasing contracts valid for one year, bidding calls, continuous searching for new partners with competitive quality and prices. (Amcor White Cap do Brasil, 2002 to 2007)
  • ISO 9000 certification Acquisition - For a 100% outsourced production, allowing the new Brazilian subsidiary to supply subsea equipment to Petrobras, an unprecedented operation in the subsea equipment industry. (Cameron 1996)
  • Purchasing and industrial performance improvements - Achieved by utilizing new technologies, reorganizing machine tools, processes and personnel, new source of suppliers and raw materials, specific team training and special technical consulting services utilization,. (Cameron 1996 to 2001; White Cap 2002 to 2007; Hiter/ Crosby 2007 to 2008).

Commercial/Market Results

  • Business increasing income and cash generation  - Income increasing by 100% and better production increasing of 60%, without the usual Headquarters' fresh money dependence. Cash generation enough to support the additional working capital required to finance the up coming growth. (Amcor White Cap do Brasil, 2002/2007)
  • Market consolidation - Market share acquisition in the first couple of years, equivalent to competitors with local facilities running over 20 years, with regard to income, quality, reputation, reliability and delivery performance, through the team training and straight team management and make a right use of all details related to the assigned technology. (Cameron do Brasil, 1996 to 1998)
  • Achievement of "subsea equipment" orders - Orders achievement above US$100 million by Sade Vigesa, never achieved by Villares before. This amount awoke the international technology supplier's interest- Cameron - to build up its own Brazilian subsidiary. Results achieved by moving the "Oil Equipment Business" from Villares to Sade Vigesa, unifying the whole operation into a single management. (Sade Vigesa - 1992 to 1996)
  • Backlog acquisition "oil equipment business" - Enough to full load the available industrial capacity(construction of 53 equipment - average of US$2 million/unit) for five years, via commercial enforcement. (Sade Vigesa 1991 to 1996)

Patent Building -up

  • Metal vacuum sealing system for the food industry, with straight possibility of becoming the main product of the Brazilian subsidiary.  (Amcor White Cap Do Brasil 2004)
  • Cable/chain transition system for floating rigs anchor winches, developed in conjunction with a company called Hepburn - Canada.. (Villares - 1990)

Business framing/Start-up

  • Design, structure and implementation of the Brazilian subsidiary - From inception until start-up, reaching orders around US$25 million in the first year of operations. This industrial facility has distinguished itself among the other plants of the group, in regard to global parameters, management guidelines, quality, cleanliness, delivery time efficiency and operational results.  (Cameron, Taubaté, 1996)
  • After market facility full implementation - Since its land acquisition until complete the entire industrial facility, directed to repair / test / modify subsea equipment, meeting Petrobras expectations. (Cameron, Macaé, 1996 to 2001)

Other Education

  • First executive hired in the USA for the Implementation and Management of a multinational subsidiary in Brazil.
  • International negotiations conducted in Argentina, Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Poland, UK, USA and Venezuela.
  • Attendance at several courses and congresses both in Brazil and abroad.


  • I am a Brazilian executive with experience in General Management, whose career was developed in multinational and local companies from the capital goods and consumer goods segments such as Cameron, Amcor White Cap, Villares and Hiter/Crosby.
  • I have over 30 years of attested business experience in the Development, Implementation and Administration of industrial and commercial undertakings. I have provided efficient personnel management, being successful in the implementation of new technologies which were transferred from several countries of Americas, Europe and Asia.
  • Experience in the development of new businesses, emphasizing the position as the first executive hired in the USA to commence and run the multinational subsidiary in Brazil.
  • I have been responsible for the entire business profitability with straight actions on preparation and follow-up over the annual plans/projects, business review and general management over the Brazilian operation.
  • Sharp commercial good sense with clear business vision.
  • Fluent in English and Portuguese. Intermediate level in Spanish.

Work experience

Jan 2007Mar 2008

General Manager - Worldwide Operation


Hiter: A 100% Brazilian company & Crosby: A Tyco USA 1/3 company both headquartered at the same address in the city of São Paulo. Leader in the industrial valves segment, operating as the most important systems/solutions manufacturer focused on control process through the installation of valves for several applications and industry settings.

Hired by the owners, directly responsible for the restructuring, growth, modernization and to assure the business sequence, generating / consolidating all operational / financial systematics not entirely dominated by the previous family structure. Companies conglomerate composed by two head offices - São Paulo and Ribeirão Preto, in addition to an industrial facility also located in São Paulo.

Apr 2002Jan 2007

General Manager - Brazil


Multinational Company headquartered in Chicago - USA. Global leader in the metal packing segment, operating as an important metal vacuum sealing system manufacturer, especially twist-off, for the food industry. 

Responsible for the restructuring, turnaround and to present positive financial results, never reached since the company's incorporation in Brazil in 1995. A company composed of two managing offices - São Paulo and Poços de Caldas, in addition to a plant also located in Poços de Caldas.

Jul 1996Jul 2001

General Manager - Brazil


Multinational company headquartered in Houston - Texas - USA. Global leader in the oil equipment segment, operating as a subsea and surface equipment manufacturer of drilling and production equipment for oil industry.

Responsible for the design, structuring, implementation and consolidation of the Brazilian subsidiary, including the definition, construction and startup of the first industrial operation of Cameron in Brazil, being responsible for the business across Brazil, with plants and managing offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Macaé.

Apr 1975Jul 1996


Major Brazilian company in the capital goods manufacturing segment - Industrial Equipment

Oil Business Manager: Subsea and surface equipment business for the drilling and production equipment. Business Development Manager: Drilling Equipment Business. Technical/Sales Department Supervisor: Drilling and gas equipment. Team-Leading Budget Surveyor: Steelmill overhead cranes and special equipment. Team-Leading Budget Surveyor: Industrial overhead cranes and related equipment. Technical Budget Surveyor: Industrial overhead cranes.

Technical/sales skill developed in the course of 21 years of expertise, with growing responsibilities and tasks in several and complex negotiations and special products lines, always utilizing international technologies (Sumitomo, Cameron, Hepburn, P&H, Oilwel, Pyramid, Ingersoll Rand etc.). Last position as a Key Executive for Oil Equipment business focusing subsea and surface equipment for oil drilling and production, unifying all the department of this business (Sales, Marketing, Management of Contracts, Product Engineering, Budgets, Proposals), responsible for the interface with international suppliers of technologies and responsible for Business global results. Oil equipment contracts topped US$250 million.



Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering

Universidade Santa Cecília

Bachelor’s degree in Business Management