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Projects Handled & Assisted


Laboratory Skills
Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Organic Carbon Elemental Carbon Analysis Spirometry Mini-vol Dust trak ppb RAE
Office Applications
Word Processing Spreadsheet Presentation







Work experience

Cadet Process Engineer

Oleo Fats Incorporated
  • Controls the production process of RBD Palm Oil from raw material to transfer to storage tanks ready for delivery.
  • Ensures that all aspects of the production process meet specified regulations and standards.
  • Ensures that the process works at the optimum level, to the right rate and quality of output, in order to meet supply needs;
  • Collects data during the production process.
  • Monitors the output, efficiency, and safety of the plant.
  • Supervises sub-contractors in the production plant.
  • Coordinates with Quality Control Section from time to time regarding the status of the product.
  • Reports to the production supervisor and plant manager for updates regarding the production.
  • Implements the Good Manufacturing Practice, HACCP, and 5S inside the plant.
Aug 2013Jan 2014

Communications Officer

PhilMSTQ Incorporated
  • Develop advocacy agenda and manage its implementation/operation.
  • Create an effective communication system with key partners and other stakeholders; and develop and extend working relationships at all levels in order to influence decision makers.
  • Organize NQI/Advocacy Orientation and other MSTQ related training programs, seminars, workshops, fora and other networking events.
  • Maintain up-to-date information on NQI/MSTQ activities, plans and programs of the Philippine and ASEAN countries to advance NQI advocacy.
  • Build relations and maintain contact with service providers and other agencies
  • Improve and maintain the PhilMSTQ website.
  • Prepare reports of all activities  undertaken;
  • Disseminate reports to concerned persons/groups.
Nov 2011Dec 2012

Air Quality Researcher

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Assist in the conduct of air quality research for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  • Develop and conduct a research study on air quality for Manila, Philippines utilizing the equipment from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  • Establish a partnership with home (Philippines) and host (Hong Kong) organizations related to air quality management to  further increase the network of Clean Air Asia.
  • Organize a seminar/training in Philippines to increase the knowledge of stakeholders in air quality management.
Feb 2009Sep 2011

Science Research Specialist I

Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development

A.Research and Development Management

  • Research on existing and emerging issues for the Environment Sector such as new technologies and policies developed;
  • Evaluates Research and Development (R&D) and Non-R&D proposals submitted to PCIEERD under the Environment Sector;
  • Provides technical and non-technical support in the processing of the proposals throughout the levels of evaluation of the Council from Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) up to the deliberation of the PCIEERD Governing Council and/or the DOST-Executive Committee (DOST-EXECOM) and ensures that all process follows the ISO-Quality Management System of the organization;
  • Monitors on-going and completed Research and Development and Non-R&D projects funded under the PCIEERD and DOST system and ensures that the proposed targets were met by Implementing Agencies;
  • Updates information databases such as Project Management Information System (PMIS) Monthly Management Activity System (MMAS) and other related information databases of the Council
  • Prepares Assessment Reports, and Project Monitoring Reports, Technology Project Profiles, Appraisal Reports and other technical reports during and after the project implementation;
  • Provides assistance to researchers in the proper implementation of Research and Development projects funded under the PCIEERD and DOST Policies and Guidelines.


  • Organize meetings assigned by the Council such as En-banc proposal evaluations, Expert panel meetings, Consultative Meetings, Pioneering Status evaluations, R&D Presentations and other related activities;
  • Prepares Business Correspondence, Minutes of the Meetings, Memorandum of Agreements, Terms of References and other related documents;
  • Writes R&D project profiles to be used in the development of information materials such as exhibit posters, Annual Reports, website materials and other related materials;

C.Other Responsibilities

  • Assists in the development of linkages with institutional clients from academe, non-government organizations, private agencies, other government agencies and other potential network of the Council;
  • Performs other tasks that may be assigned by the Council from time to time.
Jan 2007Feb 2009

Research and Development Assistant

Sandpiper Spices and Condiments Corporation
  • Product development of products assigned by the R&D Manager.
  • Conducts research studies including field research for the development of product.
  • Conducts researches for type of packaging materials suitable for the product.
  • Conducts laboratory testing in determining the physico-chemical properties of the product, from raw material up to the finished product.
  • Conducts laboratory scale formulation.
  • Conducts shelf-life study for the finished product and packaging material performance.
  • Conducts pilot plant production.
  • Conducts time and motion study for the cost of production.
  • Develops the processing parameters for every developed product.
  • Transfers the technology in a production scale as soon as the parameters were set.
  • Supervises manpower during pilot production and transfer of technology.
  • Prepares product samples for chemical and microbiological analysis for product registration.
  • Prepares summary reports, and project updates.
  • Reports to the R&D Manager for updates.
  • Directly coordinates with Quality Assurance, Packaging Development and Purchasing Department.
  • Acquires knowledge of updated domestic and international food regulations and standards, including the labeling requirements.

Voluntary Activities