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Since 1995, Donald R. Fralic has acted as President of MedisaveRx/Cash-Ware Inc. (Cash-Ware). At his firm, Donald R. Fralic designs software that evaluates capital lease auctions and prescription drug benefits. Using economic theories such as the Laffer curve, which considers optimal tax rates, and optimum mix, Cash-Ware saves people and companies money on their health care costs.The system works by having clients and pharmacy benefit management firms provide Donald R. Fralic with data regarding drug name, total claims, quantity, total amount paid, and other values. After performing a proprietary analysis and developing a cost-savings projection, Cash-Ware sends a contract to the client and informs his or her employer about potential shared savings. The extra money enters into an employee-savings sharing plan that is redistributed among those who participate in the program. To learn more about this process and how it affects pharmacies and physicians, log onto joining Cash-Ware, Donald R. Fralic dedicated nearly two decades to Cashflow Design, Inc. As Cashflow Design’s Chief Executive Officer and President, Fralic obtained clients such as National Steel Corporation, The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, and AT&T for the tax leverage-leasing firm. During his tenure, the company earned $16 million in yearly revenue.Earlier, Donald R. Fralic handled financial and hardware leasing sales for ITEL Laboratories, Inc., and Leasco Corporation; functioned as a District Marketing Manager for Greyhound Computer Corporation; and developed computer applications as an Analyst with Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. Other positions held by Fralic include National Account Manager for the National Steel Corporation division of IBM, Systems Engineer with IBM, and Industrial Engineer responsible for time studies at United States Steel.Prior to starting his career, Donald R. Fralic attended The Pennsylvania State University. At the school, he acquired a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering.                           

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