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Donald Low

Architecture Intern


An intern position where I can utilize my educational background, strong organizational skills, and my ability to work well with others to make an effective contribution to the company. In addition, I am seeking to further develop my abilities that will lead to a fulfilling career in architecture and design. Previously, I worked as an English instructor in South Korea. I was able  to retain a high percentage of students during my time at the academy. I was able to achieve this through thorough planning of class materials and projects that gave students opportunities to practice English and build their confidence. I was also able to assist others with questions by demonstrating key principles used in both formal and informal circumstances. In addition, I was able to build trust and teamwork.

Work experience

Dec 2012Dec 2015

English Instructor

CSI Park Jeong English Academy
  • Increase the retention rate of students causing substantial growth in student enrollment.
  • Boosted students confidence level to the point where students were comfortable to have conversations with each other.
  • Raised students' awareness of global issues that propelled students to discuss and to facilitate arguments in class.
  • Motivated students to think critically think and analyze information to build their understanding of the subject. 
  •  Created a system of teamwork by rotating students giving each student an opportunity to work with a different person .
  • Became a mentor to help students succeed by sharing my life experiences with them and encouraging the students to persevere to overcome their challenges.
  • Build relationships with students to further develop prosperity and productivity in class.

May 2012Dec 2012

English Instructor

Chungdahm Learning Institute
  • Facilitated discussion based on the material covered in class to implement students' critical and analytical skills.
  • Helped students to raise their level of confidence and English capabilities.
  • Increased and retained students enrolled in class.
  • Support students creativity during their presentation and engaged in debates.
  • Provided feedback in which students used to improve their weaknesses and to gage students progress throughout the class.


May 2007May 2011

Bachelor of Design with a major in Architecture

University of Florida
  • Completed coursework relative to architecture and design.
May 2004Dec 2006

Associate's of Arts

Lake Sumter Community College
  • General Education


Hand drawing, Sketching, Drafting
  • Very Proficient
MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Very Proficient
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign
  • Competent in performing tasks using these programs.
  • Self-taught
3D programs: Rhinoceros, Maya, Sketch-up
  • Working knowledge of these program
  • Competent in working with the program


Summer Design Studio Collaboration--Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Wuhan, China

This project was my first collaboration with students from HUST. The site is located in an old military factory district. The goal of my team was to create an exhibition space for the local artists within the community. This was a catalyst for a design-build project. The design began with studying the site through several layers. My team focused on several aspects of movement such as vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. We also took into consideration the existing structures to anchor our construct. We were able to create a promenade experience that stretched from the entrance to the exit of the site. In addition, the promenade became part of the construct which lent itself to a seamless transition from outside to inside that generated a sense of memory. Memory in the sense of reflecting back to where one started as he or she moves vertically through the exhibit spaces with moments of looking out from with in the structure.


 Design 4 Studio--The Desert Project 

The construct is designed on the basis of three principles, sound, movement, and the idea of a ruin. The project is embedded into the Black Rock desert landscape. It serves as a way of marking the ground if seen from above. The idea of sound is encapsulated in its volumes as they echo out of the construct and into the landscape. Movement is embodied through the compression and expansion of spaces as one progress through it from the entrance to the area of rest. The notion of a ruin is in the decay or absence of materiality in certain part of the structure. In addition, the structure is oriented on a true North axis in relation to the Burning Man festival. It also serves as a place where artists can work, play, and exhibit their artwork.