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Evaluations of grants for HHS Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Community Services Block Grant - Capacity Building Grants. Economic analysis and evaluation of federal and state funded multi-modality drug treatment faculties (HHS and Executive Office of the President).and, numerous DoJ criminal justice projects centering on drug treatment, behavior modification, and therapeutic communities. Assisting in developing and writing the Evaluability Assessment methodology and preparing texts (Harvard, Urban Institute and IICA/US Departments of Agriculture and HHS). Designed an evaluation and monitoring of Russian Financial Institutions grants (International Monetary Fund).


HHS study on the economic effects of pain and debility (Georgetown), impact of lead-based paint found in inner cities (AMMD/Kennedy Foundation), and MS misdiagnosis Harvard/Georgetown).Development of a plan for the reorganization of the U.S. Department of Labor along with reviews, writing and analysis of evaluation components for numerous studies and protocols.


      experience & accomplishments

program coordination

oCreated a paid internship program for 900 technical students.

oAdministered interdisciplinary Foreign Exchange programs.

oEstablished daily food program for 5,000 children.

oWrote grants, secured funding and established school for 4,000 students.

oDesigned an evaluation and monitoring of Russian Financial Institutions grants.

oCreated 15 Women Coops with each producing net profits for future activities.

oCounseled students on defining career and work related goals and objectives.

oFormulated, wrote, and implemented numerous technical and staff manuals.


oDirected recruitment and retention of supervisors and staff of 500 employees.

oTrained, supervised and evaluated staff, coached improvement management skills.

oManaged and developed over 200 volunteers into goal-oriented, cohesive group.

oSuccessfully refined implemented and coordinated new projects/programs.



Baccalaureate Diploma


M.Sc. Neuropharmacology

Georgetown Medical School

BS Physics

Harvard College

Le master LOPHISS

Institut d’histoire et de philosophie des sciences et des techniques (IHPST)


Harvard University

Work experience


Georgetown University Public Service Lab, Organization of American States, The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, American Association on Mental Retardation, USAID, Kennedy Foundation, Urban Institute and Boeing.Some of the tasks performed included: Participation in revising the Diagnostic Classification in Mental Retardation using cross discipline classifications from medical and social science abstracts and then writing definitions from each discipline which were used by the panel to arrive at a consensus definition.

Director, White House Foreign Aid Strategy Panel: overall responsibility for coordination with panel members along with the administration of the study and developing criteria and methodology for overall study.


Various federal government and NGO projects including: business development, capture management ,and policy development. Other activities center on development of several PBS and Network productions for StudioCentre.



Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Integrated legacy databases for a Management Information System using an Access platform and developed Quality control, inputs development of queries and reports and training of staff.




Organized the Office of Legal Services for the Elderly, which comprised 40 attorneys, 20 paralegals and support staff dealing with over 5,000 annual cases. Introduced processes for managing grants, tracking finances, procurement, human resources, training volunteers and professional and clerical staff, developing procedures for budget development and monitoring.Also, developed procedures for grant reports and an electronic grant management information system (including templates for reports and forms) prepared proposals and addressed numerous computer issues.Wrote a ‘how to’ training manual and developed a training course for staff. This also required developing a Management Information System, which included conversion from MS DOS and PICK databases to software using an Access platform.


Montgomery General Hospital

Coordinated development of medical information databases with other departments and sections


Director Strategic Planning

Drayton, Drayton & Lamar (DDL)

responsible for research and development of business opportunities; successfully created a joint venture with 14 firms for a $1 billion + indefinite delivery contract; identified partners and drew up Teaming Agreements; and prepared pre-solicitation and quals statements.



DD&L at Department of Housing and Urban Development

Handled sensitive assignments which included confidential studies for Principal Staff in the Office of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary, General Counsel, Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations, and the Chief Financial Officer. Also provides technical guidance, Business Process Engineering (BPR) targeting human resources, contracts and procurement, and various other administrative functions in the Department and the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs), along with weekly and monthly analysis of housing data and preparing, weekly, reports on economic trends and other issues.



LBG Associates at US Department of Transportation

Principal participant in development of rule making and interpretations of regulations for motor carriers. This involved economic analysis and justifications along with cost benefit analysis. Responsible for the preparation and serving of safety rating decisions and civil penalty enforcement orders from the Chief Safety Officer and coordinating actions with the Chief Administrative Law Judge. Other activities dealt with monitoring the processing of applications for operating authority, insurance filing, motor carrier identification reports, medical examinations, diabetes waivers and related ADA issues effecting the public, truckers and firms, responding to congressional inquires and writing for the Secretary.



DynCorp at United States Coast Guard

Developed and administered studies for the Assistant Commandant along with the coordination and review of programs and policies covering human resources and military policy for the entire Service.A great deal of this work meant being a facilitator/moderator along with administration of studies and projects. The assignments tended to be time sensitive and required preparation planning, defining the problem and products desired along with review of drafts, editing and interface with USCG staff from various units along with other senior government and military personnel including responding to congressional correspondence and FOIA requests. Tasks included:

·Policy studies include staffing of military and civilian personnel, support areas, procurement, acquisitions, supply, housing issues, ADA rights for members and dependents with regards employment, education and rental of housing, and contract administration.Findings and solutions to managerial problems in these areas set patterns for subsequent management analysis work and have had a wide-scale affect on the work activities and organizational areas of the Service.

·Management duties included: directing civilian and military force planning, resource allocation, space management for both headquarters and field offices, civilian and military training, the identification of financial, personnel, and other resource needs and problems resulting from program changes, reorganizations, Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) changes effecting contracting and promulgation of new legislation, procedures, regulations, policies, etc. Developing numerical and statistical databases wrote various reports, performed cost benefit and cost effective studies along with fiscal/economic impact reviews and reports.

Introduction of Knowledge Management techniques tied to specific USCG organizational objectives with the objective of achieving specific targeted results and improving performance, competitive advantage, or higher levels of innovation.


International Monetary Fund/World Bank

Prepared and conducted the bi-annual OECD Balance of Payments Survey; along with time-lag studies; data surveillance exercises; regression analysis and economic impact studies. Administered the development and implementation of an Oracle database for administrative monitoring of 196 overseas offices and residences overseeing of field HR functions, procurement of vehicles, building, furniture and supplies. This included creating an Electronic Document Management System including a classification system and introduction of a records retention policy.


Chief of Mission

Habitat for Humanity, International

responsible for administration and management of Habitat’s Indonesian country operations including hiring of in-country staff, procurement of construction materials, arranging travel and budget.Performed analysis and wrote, with the IMF country director, the definitive text on mortgage and civil contract law and other works covering commercial and residential real estate development, and land taxation issues along with publications dealing with labor regulations governing national and expatriate employees, and banking regulations.Directed studies on environmental factors affecting residential areas in Jawa Barat (Bogor and Bandung), Kalimantan Barat (Pontianak), and Yogyakarta.This included developing processes for collecting data on sewerage, pollution, housing materials, and public services.


Professor in Health Sciences and pharmacology

University of Indonesia Medical School

involved in Instructing community health groups in management techniques, proposal development, and registering as NGOs and established AIDS clinic and various education programs.


Mother Teresa's Hospices

Initiated procedures to meet federal compliance regulations and trained hospice care workers and volunteers in patient care.Coordinated protocols (dealing with AZT, DDI, DDC and combinations thereof) between SFGH and UCSF Medical Center.


Instituto Politécnico Loyola

Created and directed technological training for Institute students including arranging funding, accession of $1.8 million in equipment and negotiated cooperative agreements with IBM, SMC, GTE and 3M for student placement, equipment manuals, arranging instruction by corporate trainers and introducing an internship program.Organized community groups, developed programs, procured goods and services for community‑based health, education, water and food projects throughout the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Established and administered 15 women’s coops, built a school for 4,000 students and 12 medical and 3 dental clinics.


Woodrow Wilson Center for International Studies

Performed development and evaluation studies and worked on creating and expanding The Wilson Quarterly, a journal on international and national economic and political issues.