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How can you benefit from contacting Don Johnson?

Sometimes it may seem like employees are unmotivated. Or maybe you get the impression that your supervisors are not sure what they are doing. Perhaps there is not enough accountability or business is just flat. Is it the economy? Is training needed? Maybe you just want to fire a bunch of people and start over...but what will keep the same problems from occurring again if you haven't fixed the real issues?

Many organizations actually think replacing people will fix the problem, and while a small percentage of the time it might, you can't afford trial and error. It will cost you a fortune to keep replacing people without identifying the cause of your problems.

Then there are organizations that just throw training at a problem hoping it will fix it without really knowing if they're even addressing the right problem. The truth is, if the training is addressing the right problem it still needs follow-up, which most trainers and training organizations do not provide.

Training follow-up assures behavioral changes are actually taking place. Otherwise trainees just return to their workstations and start repeating the same poor or mediocre behavior. The kind of problems that may be holding your organization back are usually systemic and quite often are rooted in performance management. Perhaps your problems even start in your onboarding process. If you don't have an onboarding process you are starting off with a problem even before any performance management occurs.

If you contact me we can have a "no-obligation" conversation to see if I can help or make some suggestions that might assist you (at no charge). If what we discuss makes sense and you feel I could help you we can talk about the advantages of using my services further.

Let's be honest, if you have some of the problems I've mentioned my services will probably pay for themselves ten fold by improving your organization's productivity, morale, employee retention, and ultimately your bottom line.

Who is Don Johnson?

Don Johnson has a diverse background in human resources, training, safety, sales, marketing, advertising, business development, management, safety, tribal government, social services and media.

Johnson is a certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator and a certified professional coach. He is also holds certifications in HR Management, Supervisory Management, and Training. In just two short years Johnson quickly became the resident expert for the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California, while building an existing training program and establishing a new IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Plan) and safety culture throughout the Tribe’s 26 offices.

Johnson has experience in several industries including financial, print news media, cable television, Tribal government and social services. He has owned his own Advertising, Marketing and Sales company and has worked for corporate giants such as the Gannett and Knight-Ridder Corporations, as well as medium sized and small family-owned organizations. He has also worked in non-profit, not-for-profit, government institutions and private industry. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Elmira College in Elmira, New York but also believes that life-long learning is at the crux of every successful career.

He is a graduate of Leadership 2000 (San Diego) and Leadership Carson City and served on the marketing committee for Leadership Long Beach. He has attended corporate, private and university classes throughout his career in all areas of interest and believes we should never stop learning.

Johnson has also served as a board member in several different capacities during his career including Chambers of Commerce, Casa de Amparo (San Diego), CASA of Carson City and Charities Relief Foundation and served as president for two of the boards. He served on the judges panel for the National Newspaper Association of America’s Best in Advertising Contest and has been an advisor for Junior Achievement. He has been a guest trainer and speaker at colleges and public seminars and now freely shares his knowledge.

He believes our children are our future and that we must continue to build and support that foundation and uphold moral and ethical values.


Jan 2014Jan 2014

Professional Coaching

ASTD Coaching Certification

Attended training for People Coach Certification through ASTD. Coaching Expert/Trainer was Lisa Nabors. Kudos to Lisa for a workshop that was right on the money. Good group from different organizations across the nation met in San Francisco for two days of focused learning. Anybody need a coach for some self-actualization, new direction, confidence building, etcetera.


Awareness of Social Classes and their Plight

Bridges to a Thriving Nevada

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator Practitioner Certification


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can be used to make sure people are being utilized to their maximum potential. Based on Jung's theory with Briggs and Myers work in personality type dichotomies (then using the Strong assessment with the Holland Codes) we can make sure people are doing exactly what will keep them most engaged in their job function while having the best working relationships around them.


Strong Interest Inventory-Career Interest Certification

GS Consultants/CPP

The Strong should be used in conjunction with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to make sure people are being utilized to their maximum potential. Based on Jung's theory with Briggs and Myers work in personality type dichotomies then using the Strong assessment with the Holland Codes we can make sure people are doing exactly what will keep them most engaged in their job function while having the best working relationships around them.


Human Resources Management Certification

University of Nevada-Reno

Supervisory Management Certification

University of Nevada-Reno

Training Techniques Certification

Bob Pike's School of Training

Training Magazine International Conference, Bob Pike, Instructor/Facilitator/Training Hall of Fame Inductee


Jun 2009Present

Training & Staff Development

Washoe Tribe of Nevada & California

Training 100+ employees within the TANF division (previously Tribal-wide/approx. 350) on policies and applicable laws. Develop internal and outsource other training based on employee developmental needs. Develop or revise policies as necessary. Onboarding for new employees and engagement/team building activities. Wrote and got approval for first Home Visit Policy and procedures for case managers. Created and implemented training in conjunction with new policy. Developed Supervisory Workshops Leadership training and trained more than 75 supervisors in everything from basic supervisory skills to advanced leadership concepts. Evaluations ranged from "best ever attended" to "every supervisor should attend". Developed and won approval for first organization wide safety (IIPP) policy and overall safety program. Established overall coordination of Tribal safety program and wrote and implemented policy training. Created safety manual and forms, kept records, distributed information and coordinated with all department supervisors regarding safety procedures and accidents/injuries. Served on and reported to employee safety committee and investigated incidents for root causes with recommendations for procedural or engineering changes. Ergonomic evaluations and recommendations as requested. Responsible for edit and design of monthly tribal newsletter and Education Newsletter at Developed and produce quarterly Leader/Manager newsletter since 2010.

Jan 2002May 2009

Business Development Representative

Greater Nevada Credit Union

Marketing, sales, service and presentations to employers and employees of more than 1,200 employers throughout northern Nevada. Original credit union of the State of Nevada employees. Personal ongoing efforts lead to official vendor status with State of Nevada. Onsite banking visits, presentations, benefits fairs as a supplemental benefit to EEs at their workplace. Memberships, loans, mortgage referrals, financial consultations and referrals.

Nov 1998Nov 2001

Advertising Manager

Tahoe-Carson Area Newspapers
Major Accounts Advertising Manager, National Accounts Advertising Manager, Co-op Advertising Manager, Training, Retail Advertising Manager, Advertising Services Manager, Automotive Advertising Manager