human touch Design

Dom Trapp was born in 1963 in France. 

He lives and works in a fishing village in the south of France. 

A university degree in marketing and information system behind him, he independently with experienced partners addresses its first projects in industrial design. He then practice for 15 years graphic design. His passion for the products is strong, he filled notebooks of projects with the firm intention of achieving “when he has the time.”

Its products are like his universe: simple, effective and timeless.

The materials used are noble and recyclable. 

Manufacturing is French and favors sustainable development. 

In early 2007 he decided that the time is right. Too pressed to find a publisher, he gave himself day to its first products in the world of home, the Quad. 

The public appreciates and encourages the development of ranges provided in early 2008. The release of other products is already planned for 2008...