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About Me

My passion is with all things related to code and programming. I have been working with programming and Web technologies for a long time, and have become most acquainted with Fullstack WebDevelopment in the early 2012.

I am driven by the desire for learning, and am always willing to learn new programming languages (Ruby, Go, Erlang, C#), new technologies and methods, and to become well knowledgeable in my profession. I always keep learning new things, and keep experimenting with new languages, ideas, frameworks, and standards.

Work experience

Jan 2015Sep 2015

Lead Web Developer

Book a Student

Responsible for building the Book a Student API, as well as the Front-end. Implementing common Web Application building methods.

The task of building the platform consisted of REST service model, understanding the MVC (MVVM or MVW) framework, and the logic and theory behind building a secure functional application.

This both includes functional programming, and object orientated programming. 

To streamline the work process, the whole project relied heavily on GruntJS for automation.

The platform is set to launch soon. For the ability to showcase the code, feel free to contact me.

Sep 2012Present

Frontend Web Developer

Self Emplyoed

Working primarily with the MEAN stack, which includes MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. My work consists of extensive use of CSS or SASS, and mostly focusing on JavaScript and building full fledged web applications, both Frontend and Backend.

My daily work process consists of heavy use of GruntJS for automation, Yeoman tools for scaffolding (whenever needed), NPM, Bower, and primarily Git + Github. I am proficient in Git technology, as many projects that I have worked on required its use for branching, commiting, and merging. 

Most of the repositories I have worked on are private.

Jan 2014May 2015

Frontend Web Developer Intern

VATA Studio

During the time of internship I have developer my core skillset concerning responsive web design techniques, and project structures. Most of the work was done primarily in HTML5 and CSS3, as that was the core of most of the projects, and PHP (Wordpress), as well as JavaScript, as the content implementation side.

The work done during the internship can be seen on the company's website:

VATA Studio Website

Feel free to contact VATA Studio for further inquiry about my work.




Sep 2012Aug 2015

Bachelor in International Communication & Multimedia

Aarhus University - Herning

The International Communication & Multimedia studies were part of social studies which taught its students how to create meaningful messages, communications plans and strategies, and implement them with media.

Media includes the understanding of design principles such as UCD (User Centered Design), Aesthetics, Color Theory, User Experience, Web Technologies(JS, CSS, HTML, PHP), and design software(Photoshop, Illustrator).