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Work experience


Water's Edge Pub

Bussing tables, taking customers order, multi-tasking,  dealing and conversing  with people. 



I am very good at getting multiple things done at the same time and getting them done the way they are supposed to be done the first time.
I am very determind to get things done. I like to do things the right way the first time. I will always complete tasks to the best of my abilities.
I am always right on time or early for importants events or even just going to hang out with friends. I never want to waste people time so I wouldn't make someone wait longer than they need to to talk or meet with me


Mr.Beltz/Science Teacher 

Mr.Beltz knows me as a person and as a hard working student that gets their work done on time. 


Lacy knows me very well personally. She know how I react to situations and how I handle task that are given to me. 




I am also an athlete. I participate in track and field. I do long and triple jump. I usually bVe practices everyday after school throughout the week. The times of the practices range between 3-5. I also have meets on Saturdays sometimes.

Community Service

I also participated in community service. I was part of the USAirways do crew. We could go out on the weekend and either help feels homeless people up in Pittsburgh or go and help abused animals find a loving home. Helping people that are less fortunate Real,Ames ,e feel like I'm making my time worth while and makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing .

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