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I'm a person able to work in a team and individually. Thanks to the work on the production I can properly plan my schedule so I always fall in the standards of time imposed by the employer. I learn very quickly and assimilate new skills, I am patient person. During my work in "Wazny Moment" our productivity has increased 50% fold. When I worked in Ostróda Yacht, performance of our team allowed us to double the production standards.

Working in Cayman - Grzegorz Sypniewski taught me responsibility not only for me but also for the work of my subordinates, to that through appropriadste marketing strategies, we managed to get 100% increase frequency of visits of our website and also get significant increases in trade.

Work experience

2016 SeptemberPresent

Warehouse worker

Van Spreuwel Transport

My work took place at two locations. On the first of them I had to properly load goods on trucks using the EPT and handcart. At the second location, I was responsible for preparing the relevant documents according to the guidelines, the relevant planning work and assistance in loading home appliances on the trucks and vans.

June 2016September 2016


CEVA Logistics

I was responsible for booking and labeling parts in Ceva warehouse at Ericsson department. My job consisted of work with big and small parts,  which I must firstly recognize, then make label, and at the end booked in M5 Ericsson remote software.

Mar 2015June 2016

Marketing specialist

Cayman Grzegorz Sypniewski

I was responsible for developing marketing strategy, setting budgets for the campaigns, creating of advertising on the technical side, graphic processing of images with Adobe Photoshop for our website. My task was also care of the small (3 person) team and B2B contacts with partners. 

Our e-shop:

Sep 2014Mar 2015


Yacht Ostroda 

I was involved in work on the production line, at the right time I had to tighten, adjust and repair damaged parts for medium-sized yachts. I worked with a drill and cordless, metal, plastic and wood parts. I also used other specialistic tools.

May 2014Aug 2014

Production worker

Wazny moment

I worked in the production of wedding invitations, it was mechanical work, trimming paper to appropriate formats, bending, decorating, cutting.

Jan 2014May 2014

Production worker

Trend Glass 

In this company I dealt with forwarding  merchendise. I received pallets with products of glass, foiling them, manually and mechanically and then I took it to a warehouse using manual and electrical pallet trucks.



Technical school of IT and Internet in Radom