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Dominic Scali possesses a passion for entrepreneurship, sustaining several professional roles in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to working full-time with MGM Resorts International, Mr. Scali serves as an intern with Whispering Giants, a top-tier lifestyle and events-oriented marketing firm in Las Vegas. Dominic Scali achieved this position following a rigorous selection process. A lifelong connoisseur of fine food and drink, Mr. Scali shares his extensive knowledge of and passion for the Las Vegas food and beverage scene through several avenues. In 2010, he launched The Vegas Foodie, a trendy guide to local cuisine options; Mr. Scali is currently developing a new web application aimed toward foodies and beverage enthusiasts who seek exciting choices in Las Vegas. He is also under consideration to act as host of a new food-centered television show. Having worked in restaurants since the age of 15, Dominic Scali understands the world of food and food service. Beginning his career as a dishwasher, Mr. Scali fulfilled a variety of roles in the industry that include cook, server, busboy, and bartender. Later, he entered college with the intention of pursuing a pre-med degree. However, Mr. Scali's experiences at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), led him to shift his academic concentration toward entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, and marketing. Completing double Bachelor degrees in Real Estate and Marketing at UNLV, he also garnered several scholastic awards and served as President of the nationally recognized chapter of the American Marketing Association. Dominic Scali contributes regularly to organizations such as The Children's Heart Foundation and The Voice Foundation, an MGM Mirage philanthropic project. Additionally, Mr. Scali has provided ongoing support to Habitat for Humanity International, the Boys &Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada, and UNICEF. An avid reader, Dominic Scali enjoys publications like the Economist and The Wall Street Journal, as well as the works of authors such as W. Clement Stone and Ernest Hemingway. Mr. Scali also engages in a variety of physical pursuits, including running, swimming, and weight training, as well as team sports such as basketball and football.

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The Vegas Foodie - A Foodie's Guide to Sin City




University of Nevada - Las Vegas