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 Dominic is an efficient, self-motivated, well-seasoned music performer, audio and video producer with wide range of experience in technology, music/film education and the music business Industry

 To live among people as a good man, whose mere existence in any community should be an irresistible demonstration of a tower of strength to every good cause; it should also be that I am singularly modest, progressive with my vision and exhibit rare resilience.


 To secure a position within the music Industry that will enable me to utilize my music-technology, teaching and research skills in contributing to the development of the Arts Industry; to make music since it needs to be heard, to record music since it needs to be preserved and to market music over the borders since it carries a global message.


Work experience

Sept 2015To present

GA (Graduate Assistant)

Technical University of Kenya
Sep 2013Present

Sessional Staff Faculty Member

Technical University of Kenya

Lecture: Music Business and Music Technology Mentor: Studio techniques, Songwriting and Music Production

Sep 2003Present

Owner, Chief Executive Officer

Typically, I bear the responsibilities as a communicator, decision maker, leader, and manager. The communicator role can involve the press and the rest of the outside world, as well as the group's management; the decision making role involves decisions about policy and strategy. As a leader, I advise the teams, engineers, crew, co-producers & partners, motivate the teams, and drive change within the organization. As a manager, I preside over the organization's day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to year operations. Being an emerging Music enterprise, it becomes an exciting hands-on position where I am responsible for the following: -Developing the Brand vision and mission. -Steering Brand growth and recognition. -Music Compositions, recordings, concerts, rehearsals, and studio engineering. -Appointing team players and identifying creative Artists and bands with whom to work. -Handling internal and external relations, and delegating duties to reliable members. -Over-seeing continuity, by project creation and management. -Offering technical musical guidance and mentoring the teams spiritually. -Ensuring team accessibility, including alumni.
Jul 2015Present




Video Producer


Musician/ Performing Artist

Sep 2013May 2019

Part-time Faculty Member

Daystar University

Lecture and Mentor

Music Technology, Music Business and Music performance instructor.

  • Responsible for course authoring and dissemination

Carrying out administrative duties as required, and going the extra mile of allowing students to use my studio facility as a practical lab.

Sep 2009Sep 2012

Graduate assistant

Maseno University
  • Lecture, Music Composition and Harmony
  • Carrying out administrative duties as required by the Chairperson, Department of Creative and Performing Arts
  • Carrying out teaching duties, setting, moderating and administering continuous assessment tests and examinations
  • Holding one-on-one instrumental tuition on various instruments
  • Participating and contributing in faculty board meetings
  • Rehearsing and performing with the University band
  • Setting of sound equipment for out-door and in-door sound reinforcement
  • Participating in drawing of and upgrading existing teaching programs (the latest being a program in music production & technology)
Sep 2007Dec 2009

Music Assistant

Kabarak University
  • Carrying out administrative duties as required by the Music Director, Chaplain and the University Provost
  • Representing the Music Director during meetings
  • Ensuring safe custody and proper functionality of all music and sound equipment.
  • Mounting of music & sound equipment and setting them up for best results during in-door meetings.
  • Successfully trained, rehearsed and performed with Kabarak Chapel / University Choir on weekly basis  (Since Sept 2007 to date) 1-4 times a week.
  • Composed songs to be performed by the Chapel / University Choir and other groups and solo performers.
  • Formed a reliable group of performers (AgelessMuzik team) who put up outstanding performance throughout.
  • Kept reliable records of all choir members and choir uniforms
  • Was the official accompanist of the Kabarak Community, assisting the Sunday school children, the Primary, the High school and the University; offering accompaniment to even spontaneous performances without prior rehearsal.
  • Researched and wrote realistic project proposals for high-end sound equipment and a modern digital music recording studio.
  • Taught music theory and practical musicianship to students and staff, mentoring hobbyist of music and transposing their talents to a functional art.
  • Participated in music books committees and served as a secretary to these committees.
  • Contributed songs to the music books projects

a)            Mebarikiwa kuwa Mkenya b) Iyelele tujenge Kenya    c) Baba


Feb 1998Dec 2001

K.C.S.E Certificate

Friends School Kamusinga

Mean Grade: B Plain

Sep 2003Nov 2007

Bachelor of Arts (Music)

Maseno University

Performance Portfolio

Over 500 since 1996. Some of them include; 

  • Guest Artist: Safaricom Hongera Awards: 2015
  • National Performance: 2015 Madaraka Day Celebrations
  • National Performance: Opening of the GES (Global Entrepreneurship Summit) 2015
  • State House Performance: 12th December 2010: Jamhuri Day  
  • State House Performance: 12th December 2006

Corporate Music Director

Music Principle at Safaricom Hongera Awards: April 2015 - June 12th, 2015

Corporate Jingles

2015: Safaricom 'Sisimua' Anthem 

2015: Miadi/ Amara V.O and TVC

Mulei Supermaket Ad


Proficiencies in Styles of Music

Contemporary, classical, and traditional

They include: Afro-beat, Rhumba, Salsa, Benga, Ballads, Reggae, Afro-cuban, Guitar Pop, Classics on piano, Choral music…etc

Key Competencies

o    Creativity

o    Good leadership capabilities with ability and  willingness to acquire and share knowledge

o    Excellent computing skills, able to use technology for word processing, data management and electronic communications.

o    Life skills: Peer educator, Teacher and mentor

o    Writing and Research

o    Effective verbal, listening, communication and time management skills

o    Confidential, assertive and confident

o    Team player, disciplined requiring minimum supervision

o    Organized

o    Excellent interpersonal skills


Multi-talented Instrumentalist
  • Synthesizer/ sequencer Keyboards
  • Acoustic / Rhythm guitar
  • Recorder
  • The Standard Drum set
  • Afro-Cuban Conga
  • Bongo and Chimes
  • Djembe
  • Shakers
  • Voice
  • The Bass Guitar
  • Xylophone
  • Udu/ water drum


o    Reading; Inspirational books and topical issues

o    Watching informative and inspirational movies and music videos.


Productions: 2012 and Backwards

Productions: 2013

Productions 2014

Botswana High Commission

1. Malibongwe

Carson Ruth

1. God is so good

Daniel Mwiti

1. Moyo Wangu

2. Nguikira

Dennis Owano

1. Am not afraid

2. Nipe

Emmie Muthiga

1. Ni wewe

2. Better

3. Come as you are true

4. Desire

5. Till death do us part

6. Till death do us part-version 2

Eveline Amwai

1. Nipe mwelekeo

2. Sitatengwa nawe

3. Take the wheel

Godson Jawabu

1. Kama kawa

Jemmimah Thion'go

1. Inuka mama

Joseph Akonga

1. Umeinuliwa

2. Ondoka

3. Nibadilishe

4. Njooni kwangu

5. Yesu ametenda

6. Nitayainua


8. Siwezi

9. Njooni kwangu

Joyce Were

1. Tegemeo

2. Iloyo

3. Wastahili

Ken Heman

1. Gentlemen

2. Ladies

Kim James

1. Nonemwo

2. Ngoro yakwa

3. Sitaogopa

4. Nakuinua


1. All about you

Mercy Wambui Muhoro

1. Full of love

2. RnB


1. Come to Jesus

2. Shine

Omileeyan and The Afrolife Beat

1. Mr. Sailor

2. Mr. Sailor-edit              #


1. Jesus celebration


1. Denis Machio

2. IMS

3. Levitt Kamau

4. SpringBoard

5. Wilson Maina                       #

6. With Grace

Paul Bomet

1. Nifinyange

2. Kama Mwamba

3. Ndovu Champion   #

Paul Mwai

1. Gutiri



Renson Mutiso

1. 2 Wi mutheu, Mwiai wakwa

2. Sababu yako

Sammy M.G

1. Unapendeza

Sandra Nywawira

1. Falling flowing

2. Eternal choice

3. Defiance

4. Adele                #

Sophie Nyoroka

1. Anza leo

2. Mama

3. Mimi ni wako

4. Sema ukweli

5. We Munene                        


1. Midi test


Uncovered Band

1. Mapenzi msalabani

2. Hera

Winnie Kiboi

1. Iwe Niwe, niwe

2. There is none but you

3. Watch over me

4. Nyota yangu

5. Ninavuka

6. I call you

7. No one compares to my God


Zippy Achieng

1. I love the Lord

2. I surrender


Productions 2015

Allan Aron
  1. Iskuti
Debora Neema
Doreen Mbae
Edgar Maberu
Godwil Wasidi
Jane Mbura
Jason Ochola
Jemimmah Thing'o 
James Busolo 
Joseph Akonga 2015
Kabarak University
  1. Jerusalem
  2. He is Lord
  3. Because He lives
  4. Msamaha
  5. She only touched
  6. Shukrani
  7. And can it be
  8. I stand amazed 
  9. Enda nasi
  10. Yesu niokoe
  11. Love lifted
  12. Death has no terrors
Laura Mugambi
Levitt Kamau
Linda Diodio
Lucy Wa Isaac
Lusher Paul
Mercy Wairegi
Paul Mbugus
Peter Ngugi
Pitson 2015
PromoLukas Muketha
Ruthie Sheey
Susan Shitambanga 
Shiku Ndirangu
Steve Kay
Yvonne Makena (2015)

Productions 2016

Amani Baya

1. You are wonderful


1. Naogopa

Benja Kabaseke ideas

1. Oriental


1. Amani

Dorine Genga

1. Who can i trust

Emmie Muthiga

1. Mountain


1. By my side

2. Ni kweli


1. Show me

2. Ebenezer

3. Upendo

4. Risen above

5. Praise

6. Celebrate

7. More than a winner


JB1. Umenitoa mbali Baba


1. Bidco Africa

2. Catholic fund

3. Kiambu

4. Persil


1. Yoruba

Mishel Muriuki

1. Ayaya-Upendo


1. For His Grace

2. We praise you Lord


1. Uhai wetu


1. Guchaina

Pastor Simon

1. Nijenge

PHAT Production Demos



1. Zavumaaa



Rehema House

1. Tumaini langu

Size 8

1. Worthy of praise

To Him Entirely

1. WA kuabudiwa

TUK DEMOs1. Mashup

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Character References

Victoria Ochanda,


Nakuru Law Courts,

P. O. Box 61,




Cell: +254 721 615 378


Dr. Wandia M. Njoya


P.O. Box 44400-00100 Nairobi, Kenya

+254 725328340



Rev. Paul Habwe

Donholm All Nations Gospel Church (PEFA),

P.O.BOX 54856-00100,

Nairobi, Kenya.


Cell: +254 722 838 812


Professional References

Mr. Fredrick Gachau


Nyeri Baptist High School

Chief Engineer, 2nd Covenant Studios

Cell:  +254 727 013 867



Mr. Rufus K. Thuku

Director of the Permanent Presidential Music Commission

State House Road,

P.O. Box 48534-00100,


Tel. 2721052 / 2717645      Tel/Fax: 276869



Prof Emily Achieng’ Akuno

Co-operative University of Kenya,

Deputy vice chancellor, Academic affairs

Karen, Nairobi

P.O Box 24814-00502


Cell: +254 732 409 753