MEMBER: World Tae Kwon Do Federation, National Auctioneers Association

CHARITIES: Charity Auction for the Montrose Clinic (the first AIDS clinic in Houston, TX), Charity Auctions for Breast Cancer

INTERESTS: Cooking, horse riding in the Rockies, target shooting with my son, spending time with my wife of 30 years


The owner of National Estate Marketing, Dominic Briscoe provides innovative and aggressive marketing services to realtors and homeowners. Combining estate sales of fine art and antiques with property listings, Dominic Briscoe assists his clients in attracting viewers and offers from a more eligible and affluent audience. Possessing a background in the arts industry as a consultant, art dealer, and auctioneer, Dominic Briscoe supports and contributes to several charitable organizations dedicated to healthcare, emergency care, and treatment research of breast cancer. Dominic Briscoe has worked with numerous renowned institutions and government agencies. He has assisted Sotheby’s London and helped the Victoria and Albert Museum in developing three niche publications advertising Persian and Eastern carpets from the 18th and 19th centuries. Dominic Briscoe attended school in London, Rome, and Switzerland. Married for almost 30 years, he and his wife have 3 children and have lived all over the world. Currently residing in Hackensack, New Jersey, Dominic Briscoe and his family often travel to the Rocky Mountains, where they ride their horses and enjoy the outdoors. Outside his career, he spends his free time with his children and enjoys teaching his daughters how to cook. An active individual, Dominic Briscoe participates with the World Taekwondo Federation and takes great pleasure in going to the gun range with his son for target shooting.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 1990 - Present

Owner / Auctioneer

National Estate Marketing

Details:To connect with realtors and home owners in the multimillion dollar bracket and provide marketing solutions that are outside the box in order to liquidate and sell their property, be it real or personal.

Responsibilities:Oversee the process which is tailored for each individual client.

Achievements:Through my unique program that was developed for this market, have sold the following notable estates: The Bacardi Estate - Mclean, VA; The Perrier Estate - New Hope, PA; His Highness the Duke of Saxony in Dallas, TX (one of his 14,000 sq ft guest homes).

Aside from the real estate program, we specialize in liquidation of large collections of artwork, be it private collections or corporate collections. Some major collections that have been successfully liquidated by us were for the following: Artwork held by Hamilton Somerset who are private merchant bankers in the U.K.; The Nederlands Credit Bank; Royal Bank of Canada; The Izmit Chamber of Commerce (Turkey).