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"As an experienced engineer and musician, I wish to enhance the knowledge acquired from relative university degrees. With these skills, I aim to develop a career within the fields of Audio-Visual, Telecommunications, Customer Service & Support or Electrical/Software Engineering."


Sep 2008Sep 2009

(MA) Masters Sonic Arts

SARC, Queens University

I have recently completed a taught, MA Postgraduate degree. Areas of research range from, Electroacoustic Composition, Acoustics, Sound Installation Art, Sound Software Design and Interactive Controller Design Art. Graduation on Dec 11 2009

Sep 2001Sep 2008

Beng (Hons) Degree Electronic & Software Engineering

University Of Ulster, Jordanstown

Graduated, receiving a 2:1 Beng (Hons) Degree with a DIS Diploma in Industrial & Placement Studies. Completed a final-year research thesis on 'One-Bit audio algorithms with a PIC Microprocessor'

Work experience

Jan 2017Sept 2017

Lighting LX2

Flying Music (

Thriller Live UK / China Tour   

Transporting, rigging, operation and maintenance of all relevant video/light/power equipment between UK theatres.

From May 2017 - September 2017, resident show in Macau China Cotai Parisian Hotel Theatre

Oct 2015Jan 2017

Special FX Engineer / Electrician

Holiday On Ice

Ice Skating Production "Believe" touring Europe

Working with all crew (including freelancers) with respect to all aspects of a presentation including installation, rehearsal, show and pack down.
Applying working knowledge of all equipment, its application, cabling requirements and likely problem areas.
Visually identifying and assembling all equipment to the correct specification.
Demonstrating competency and a level of understanding with the following equipment:

- Custom developed, circular truss water-curtain system for tour and stage, complete with integral LEDs  highlighting the bursting and cascading water effect for a pole dancing sequence.

- Customised wireless lighting suits, mixture of electroluminescent wire and LEDs; flashing lights that skaters wore  that were synchronised to display various effects while skating.

- Professional wireless firing system for fireworks displays & stage pyrotechnics

- "Airworks" inflatable decor and design of scenic tubes for air sculpture effect

Jul 2015/2016Sep 2015/2016

Audio Visual Tech / Driver

TAG - Talent Artistic Group - UK Seaside Circus Tour

Summer freelance Contract

Driving, rigging and operation of all sound and light for a circus production, touring UK Haven Caravan Park stage locations.

Nov 2013Mar 2015

Senior Audio-Visual Engineer

Michael Edgley's Great Moscow Circus/ Great Euro Circus Australia Tour

Head of Sound, Light and Power

Great Moscow Circus / Great Euro Circus 2013-2015

Sound/Light/Power Engineer

  • Transporting, rigging, operation and maintenance of all relevant sound/light/power equipment between venues.

-      Technical advice and support 

-      Ensuring technical excellence in all aspects of event delivery

-      Flexible scheduling for rehearsal, show-time and background purposes

-      Provide team training skills and communication with reliability and consistency between departments….


  • Audio :

Active speaker installation

Mixing desk configuration and playback functionality

Audio design, editing and archiving tools setup

Audio equipment repair

Wireless microphone setup

Inventory data and documentation


  • Light and Effects:

Control & programming of light-desk technologies

Light fixture rigging, reliability and maintenance

Light configuration and design for performance specification

Setup of show effects including haze/bubble/snow/fire machines

IT connectivity, LAN networks and applied software updates

Inspection and repair


  • Power:

Layout and running of 3-phase power throughout circus and background living quarters

Scheduling of town/generator power switchover between shows

Power generator maintenance and reliability

Cable testing to established electrical/fire standards

Caravan power maintenance and safety


My experience with this particular circus finished initially in Jan 2015, but I was asked back as a consultant to another circus to design, train and maintain a new AV / Power setup for the upcoming tour providing technical advice and expertise to junior colleagues within the field. This experience lasted 3 months.

Apr 2011Apr 2013

Fibre Broadband Engineer

British Telecom

Delivery, Installation and repairing of Telephone and Broadband lines.

Responsibilities included the maintenance within local-area exchanges and newly ordered installations within customers' own premises and businesses. Skills involved ranges from experience with:

- Copper and fiber-optic termination, cabling and wiring

- Configuring/troubleshooting of local and business networks and servers

- Computer and router networking design, fault diagnosis, configuration

- WAN / VPN installation,configuration and analysis over public networks.

- Lan installation and configuration

- IP TV installation and configuration

Dec 2009Dec 2009

Sound Producer

Strule FM Radio

Worked as a sound engineer for a local radio show, hosting local music and interests once a week providing recording and technical help to fellow practitioners within the field.

May 2007Sep 2007

Manufacturing Engineer

JMG Systems

Summer work focused on the area of assembly, testing and servicing of engine remote control panels.Skills involved range from:

- Network cabling and wire harnessing

- Fault finding to a component level

- General electronic equipment support, repair and installation.

Feb 2006Jul 2006

Test Engineer

Qualitrol Corp.

Having worked for their 'Instruments division', I executed the assembly, testing and repairing of various equipment protection devices, and communication solutions for transmission and distribution systems based within the Electric Utility industry. Skills involved:

-  Network and remote interfaces configuration and testing that relies on WAN/ Wireless,TCP/IP, RS-232, Fiber and Twisted-Pair communications.

- Coaxial cabling including termination of BNC/NType connections.

- VPN configuration and analysis over public networks.

Sep 2003Sep 2004

Service Engineer

Elite Electronics Systems

Vacated as a trainee industrial engineer obtaining a one year, university placement diploma. Skills and craft practiced were implementation, servicing, testing and outsourcing of printed-circuit boards, cable looms and varied electronic system equipment such as:

CCTV / Camera systems and components

Audio amplifier and transmitter/receivers

Control panels and monitoring systems for the Power & Electricity Utility Industry.

Skills included:- Network cabling, patching and termination of copper & coaxial cables

- General electronic equipment support, repair and installation

- Fault diagnosis

Jan 1999Present



Errigal Inn Bar/Restaurant   -  Full-time Bar Staff (1 Year)

Hawthorne House Hotel  -   Part-Time Waiter/Bar Staff (1 Year)

First Trust Bank   -  Bank Clerk and Sales Rep.(2 Years)

Lidl Supermarket-Team Member, Cashier, Stores,Customer Service (5 Years)

Laika Bar Melbourne - Cocktail Barman




- Freelance, setup, operation and maintenance of live entertainment events in all departments with senior level of management

- Live Touring Experience of events at a worldwide level

- Audio, light, special FX & studio technologies, systems and equipment

- Analogue & digital wiring and signal systems (DSP development)

- Radio data communication, digital coding & microcontroller analysis

- University Level software package training, ASICs Digital Design, FPGAs, CPLDs - C++, Matlab, Visual Basic, Quartus, Arduino, Max-Msp, Cubase Studio, Sibelius

- Fault finding at system, device and circuit board level

- Maintenance skills, soldering, knowledge of components, wiring etc

- Good PC based background in a Windows & MAC networked environment

- Software drivers, network, web technologies and remote access solutions

- Awareness of current safety legislation requirements relating to IT and engineering

- Valid UK driving license - IPAF Mobile Elevated Work Platforms License - IEEE, Electrical Safety at Work - Safe Manual Lifting at Work, Working at Heights License

- Customer Relations and Service experience

Compositions for Masters Thesis


Contact for details


- Touring, events and festivals worldwide

-  Audio Visual Design

-  Composition

-  Live music & art culture 

-  Charity work 

-  Film editing, photography & books

-  All Sporting activities

-  Traveling with foreign languages



Having graduated with an Electronic and Software Engineering degree, and recently completed a Masters Postgraduate in Sonic Art, I attain that the skills learnt have given me the experience to cover a wide range of suitable qualifications.

- Engineering  has allowed me to expand skills in analogue and digital wiring with signal system abilities attributed to radio data, digital coding analysis and microcontroller development techniques. Embedded hardware, DSP development  and FPGA ASIC design can also be included within this engineering knowledge.

- Work experience has also given me a shop-floor understanding of fault finding at system, device and circuit board level and maintenance skills such as soldering, knowledge of components, wiring.....

- Work experience with Qualitrol's 'Instruments division' has allowed me to learn and test network and remote interfaces that relies on TCP/IP, RS-232, fiber and twisted pair communications.

-  I have awareness of current safety legislation requirements relating to IT and engineering such as 'BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and Danaher Integrity and Compliance. I am also familiar with the importance of practicing excellent timekeeping and customer service skills, which allow one to learn to develop quickly within high pressured, motivated, team-building environments.

- Working with Queens University in the varied course of Sonic Arts, I have had the opportunity to accredit skills in Electroacoustic Composition, Acoustics, Sound Installation Art, Sound Software Design and Interactive Controllers, (NIME, IRCAM) and Computer algorithm music. I therefore feel comfortable in environments that rely on audio-visual and studio technologies, systems and equipment. 

Within these two converging areas, I feel one can practice the ability to develop new standards of excellence that further allow one to work with many different peers within one field.

Audio-Visual engineering systems

- As of most recent, the head of the sound & light department for the Great Moscow / Euro Circus in Australia and Special Effects at Holiday on ice, Stage Entertainment, and LX 2 for Thriller Live, Michael Jackson tribute 

- My engineering thesis, was research into the field of '1-Bit audio algorithms with playback using PIC micro-controllers.'

- I have designed, produced and held a sound & art installation in Queens’s university student union for members of the public in May 2009. It was related to an indoor soccer game and Max-Msp audio playback techniques.

- The MA students of the Sonic Arts research center held a concert in September 2009, show-casing their final study development. I presented two live pieces of music for guitar, mandolin and tape for a live audience.

- I have also played with a local hometown music band between the years of 2006/2007.

This education has gained me experience in maintenance of a wide range of broadcast and production technologies, systems and equipment including: mixers, linear and non-linear edit systems, camera systems, audio and video recorders, studios, analogue and digital distribution and IP content networks, routers, communications systems, video and audio servers, automated scheduling, etc.

University Software Packages:


Matlab - Software design for development of a diagnostic tool for an Electrocardiogram ECG graphical interface. 

Mplab - Assembly language for the development of microcontroller systems. For example, 'One bit Audio using PICs' 

C++ - Final year within a team environment, we designed an object orientated 'Who wants to be a millionaire' game. 

Microsoft Visual Basic - Basic knowledge for design of a windows based, 'Virtual Oscilloscope'.

FPGA Design - Digital ASM based Alarm Clock using ASICs, CLPDs and Quartus compatible for the EB136 Hardware.

Sonic Art:

Max-Msp - Virtual Studio technology ; 'Polyphonic Synthesizer ' with MAX-MSP and Cubase studio

- Sound installation 'Max Football Pro' ; Interactive indoor soccer game, with live audio MAX-MSP playback techniques. 

Cubase Studio, Pro-tools, Logic Pro - Used for composition, recording and mixing throughout my personal musical career. Used for academic and university projects also.

Sibelius - Music notation software used for my masters dissertation to present'Electroacoustic composition for computer and instrument'

Arduino - open-source software environment used for developing an interactive controller for a guitar and midi designed instrument