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Anders Eriksen channels his creative energy into various art projects, from storyboard and comic drawings to creating horror makeup FX and custom masks. He excels in working with materials such as latex and silicone to create astonishing lifelike effects for use in film, promotional photoshoots and haunted attractions.

Anders has worked with some of today's biggest names in horror, including legendary actor Robert Englund, best known for his role as the infamous Freddy Krueger in the "Nightmare on Elm Street" films. Englund utilized Anders' ability to produce incredible artwork with intense speed and accuracy as a storyboard artist for his film "Killer Pad." Anders' strong creativity was highlighted once again, when he as the designed the main creature and various props for Englund's upcoming movie entitled "The Vijj."

Starting out in Denmark, Anders' soon became internationally known when he developed a strong fanbase supportive of the work which he is best known for - the ever-popular NightmareGloves.

NightmareGloves - owned, created and run by Anders Eriksen himself - is the world's leading source for high quality, screen accurate replicas of Freddy Krueger's frightening razor-glove - a highly prized item among horror fans. Anders won his place at the top of the line through his hard-work and strict attention to detail, paired with his constant drive to give fans exactly what they want - the closest thing to the actual props used in the films.

A well known presence among horror enthusiasts in America, Anders travels each year accross the United States to meet face-to-face with fans, sell his works of art, and give Nightmare on Elm Street followers a chance to try on his gloves and pose for pictures.

It is none other than an Anders Eriksen glove that Robert Englund will be donning on the cover of his autobiography when it hits bookstores Oct 13th, 2009, proving once again that NightmareGloves are the true Englund-praised gloves on the market.

Anders' talent, however, goes far beyond Nightmare replicas. From monsterous sculpts pulled straight from the inner-workings of an overactive imagination, to filming and directing his own short films - Anders Eriksen is a pure artist, pouring life into each and every piece that leaves his workshop. At heart, he is just a diehard horror fan remaining true to himself, and enjoying the magic of creation.


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