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Work experience

Director & Chief Executive Officer

Seven Palms Spa Consulting Pvt. Ltd

Seven Palms Spa Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is an India-based company providing specialized consulting on integrative health diagnostic & treatment technologies, energy medicine & energy psychology, natural functional medicine therapeutics, rejuvenation & longevity methodologies, somatic bodywork training, spa facility development and marketing. 

We are focused on providing advanced therapeutics for body/mind/spirit that remove the obstacles to healing allowing the body's own repair mechanisms to work properly.  We assist in the design and development of Centers called 'Spaspitals', selection and training of professional practitioners, and all aspects of marketing.

We specialize in advanced diagnostic and treatment regimes: Energy Body Balancing, Chinese Energetics, Life Coaching & Counseling, Holistic Medical Nutrition, Detoxification, Counseling, Deep Release Bodywork, Laser Acupuncture for Smoking and Weight Loss, East/West Integrated Body Work, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), EMDR, Energy Therapies, Live Blood Cell Analysis-Dark Field Microscopy, Herbal & Homeopathic Supplementation, Homotoxicology, Life Bioresonance System, Electro-Dermal Screening, Electro Interstitial Sanning (EIS), Marma Massage, Mind Purification Therapy, Naturopathy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Orthomolecualr Medicine, Psychotherapy, Qi Gong (Taoist Medicine), Reiki Therapy, Reflexology, Spiritual Healing, Ozone Therapy, Chelation, Thermograpy, Weight Management and more.

We are able to source equipment and medical instrumentation, train professional staff on the proper usage and develop Center-specific marketing programs and materials.

Call Dr. Gene Nelson, N.D., Ph.D. or Dr. Paula Horan, Ph.D. for further information.

Feb 2006Present


Living Insights, Inc.

Living Insights' mission is to identify and source advanced and emerging body/mind/spirit technologies and services for implementation into Eastern markets...India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and southeast Asia in general. In Addition, Dr. Nelson's consulting work with companies looking for innovative human health technologies for emerging markets is a small part of Living Insights Inc., his staff is able to adapt these innovations to the market parameters as well as train marketers and users in the proper implementation of them.  Dr. Nelson's formal training schedule can be found on: or by call him directly on the numbers provided.


Executive Consultant

Streeter Biofield Science Pvt. Ltd.

Developed a country-wide sales and distribution network for the Electro Interstitial Scanning (EIS) system, Polycontrast Interference Photographic (PIP) system, Life Bio Resonance system, Zyto Limbic Arc Stress Assessment system, and Nutri-Energetics System (NES).


Executive Vice President Marketing

As VP of marketing, developed an international network of Energy Medicine practitioners that use a state-of-the-art GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) diagnostic and treatment technology the Limbic Arc Stress Assessment (LSA) system.  Trained professional practitioners on all aspects of Energy Medicine, Energetic Stress Assessment and Integrative Therapeutics.


Founder & Owner

Living Insights Wellness Clinic

Dr. Nelson built and operated a comprehensive wellness clinic in the Key West market.  The Clinic offered full facial and body aesthetician services, acupuncture, reflexology, light and sound therapies, advanced energy medicine therapeutics, massage, spiritual counseling, detoxification, pain management, laser & LED therapies, FIR saunas, yoga, Tai Chi, NLP, Rohun Therapy, Dark Field Microscopy, BIRI Diagnostics, Cold Laser therapies, and more.  Living Insights had 9 professional staff in a 3,000 sq. ft. facility.



Horse Creek Store

Mr. Nelson was the owner and operator of a 5,000 sq. ft. country store in the Wisconsin.  This 100 year old, three generation operation was involved with food retailing, automotive (gas and limited services), hardware, deli services, landscape and recreational products if a vacation region just 40 minutes from the metropolitan market of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.


Vice President of Indian Gaming

Casino Magic Hotels & Casinos was the first independent gaming operation in Mississippi when gaming opened there in 1992.  A public held corporation, had three large gaming operations in Mississippi on the Gulf coast and Memphis TN.  As Vice President of Indian Gaming, Mr. Nelson was charged with the responsibility to secure gaming management contracts from Native American tribes who had been granted gaming rights in the United States.  He managed a team of 12 Indian gaming professional and made presentations of over 100 tribes in North America and Canada.  His team's efforts resulted in securing $200 million of new gaming construction and management contracts during 1992 and 1994.  Casino Magic was sold to Harrah's Casinos in 2005 after the Mississippi casinos were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.


Vice President of Marketing Operations

Treasure Island Casino & Hotel

Mr. Nelson was hired by the Medwakaton Souix tribe in Minnesota to oversee the strategic marketing for the expansion of this 100,000 sq. ft. gaming and hospitality operation.  The duties included strategic planning, advertising, promotion and public relations.  Mr. Nelson was successful in expanding the casino's revenues by 300% within one year.


Founder & Owner

AdStore Inc.

AdStore was the first fully automated, walk-in (retail) full service advertising agency in the United States.  The advertising, PR and promotional services were pre-price (fixed price) for small to medium sized business.  AdStore had attracted over 800 clients in its first 6 months of operation.



Duncan, Nelson & Lambert

Duncan, Nelson & Lambert (DNL) was a full service advertising and marketing firm in the upper midwest regional market.  From startup with only two clients in 1985, DNL became the 5th largest advertising firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota with over 50 clients, 100 marketing & advertising professionals on staff with over $15 million of annual revenue.


Vice President of Client Services

The Burns Group

The Burns Group was the 10th largest full-service advertising agency in the upper midwest market.  With over 25 creative staff, 15 account executives, and 25 clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to retail to national franchised operations to entrepreneurial startups, the company specialized in strategic market planning, awarded creative work and public relations.  Subsequently The Burns Group was acquired by the 2nd largest advertising agency in the Twin Cities.


Director of Marketing

Honeywell Corporation

In the 10 years of work history with Honeywell, a Fortune 100 corporation, Mr. Nelson rose through the corporate ranks from Marketing Manager  of the Energy Resources Center (an advanced R&D center focused on alternative energy solutions for homes and businesses), to Director of Marketing of the Strategic Research Center, a $25 million R&D center focused all aspects of Honeywell's business units to Director of Marketing of Honeywell's Communications Systems Division, which was focused on advanced telecommunications and information systems for small businesses in the US.


Doctor of Divinity

Universal University


Clayton College of Natural Medicine




Universal University


Health Technology Sourcing
Sourcing innovative and emerging health technologies in the changing world of integrative medicine can be a tricky enterprise.  Dr. Nelson is an expert in identifying market requirements for established companies and entrepreneurial start-ups.  In addition to product/market identification and matching, Dr. Nelson is able to negotiate with companies in the west to secure country rights, most favorable pricing, determination of make-or-buy decisions, product implementation, import/export requirements and financial analysis.
Entrepreneurial Startups
Assisted entrepreneurs in developing 5 year strategic marketing and business plans to secure venture capital financing for entering the market.
Franchise Marketing
Consulted with a wide variety of franchise business operations in the US in the food service, hospitality, retail and personal care industries.  Developed strategic marketing plans, acquired startup and expansion financing, developed training programs for franchisees, and developed market-specific advertising and promotional programs.
Sales & Distribution Network Development
Health & Wellness Practitioner
Dr. Nelson is skilled in a wide variety of alternative health and wellness practices through his formal training in Natural Medicine, Energy Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, Radionics, Energy Psychology, and Integrative Therapeutics.  He has expertise on all types of energy medicine technology, detoxification methodologies, nutrition, essential oils, aromatherapy, advanced cosmeceuticals and aesthetics, somatic body therapies and spiritual therapies. He has managed a private practice in complementary medicine for nearly two decades.  Dr. Nelson has taught many of these alternative and complementary therapies to doctors, practitioners and interested clients.
Web-Based Marketing & Training
Strategic Market Planning & Implementation


Gene Nelson, a practitioner of natural integrative medicine for nearly 30 years, is now living in Arpora, Goa, India.   As a doctor of Naturopathy, Dr. Nelson gained his Ph.D. in natural medicine and energy medicine. Additionally, as a classically trained clinical psychologist, Dr. Nelson is a master practitioner of many techniques in the emerging field of Energy Medicine & Psychology.

Dr. Nelson has studied and practiced all aspects of integrative and energetic medicine including Chinese Energetics, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Herbology and Holistic Nutrition.  He helped develop a comprehensive online college called Universal University in which he is the Dean of the College of Naturopathy and Energetic Medicine.

He conduct seminars and workshops though out India: Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and more.

Dr. Nelson is the Managing Director of Seven Palms Spa Consulting Pvt. Ltd. a five year old spa development and marketing company headquartered in Goa, India.

Dr. Nelson is an expert state-of-the-art non-invasive medical, energetic and therapeutic equipment in India and the US. He has been using these advanced technologies in his practice for over a quarter of a century.  He has consulted on the biofield research being conducted by the Centre for Biofield Sciences (CBS) at the World Peace College (MIT) in Pune and with other energetic product companies around the world.  CBS conducts research, using state-of-the art body/mind/spirit assessment and treatment technologies to determine the therapeutic impact of a wide variety of complementary medicine interventions.

Dr. Nelson sells LD Technology™ is dedicated to improving patient care and safety by designing, manufacturing and marketing electro-sensor devices (EIS-GS, ES Teck/ ES Oxi and ES-BC) which can be used with specific software including the management of measurements and data.  LD TECHNOLOGY™ provides safe, precise and easy to use solutions to bring affordable, reliable electro-sensor devices into daily practice.

According to the clinical investigation carried out in University of Miami to compare the data of EIS-GS, ES-BC and ES Teck/ES Oxi to standardized techniques, the conclusion of the clinical investigator was:

“The EIS-GS, ES Teck /ES Oxi and ES-BC would be useful to help detect metabolic syndrome and its complications such as diabetes, and cardiovascular disease and non-invasively and rapidly manage treatment follow-up.”

Dr. Nelson was the Executive Vice President of ZYTO Corporation in the US which manufacturers and distributes holo-linguistic energy medicine devices called the LSA (Limbic Arc Stress assessment system and the EVOX, a trans-generational miasmic mitigation system using the human voice). 

He was also the owner of an integrative MediSpa in Key West, Florida.

Dr. Nelson has been working with clients and business in the US and India using his 30 years of strategic marketing expertise, Corporate Visioneering, management development, product source management and motivational speaking.

Doctor Rainbow


Business development consulting for a wide range of industries, technologies and products.  Given 30 years of strategic marketing experience in the fields of Technology Research, Alternative Energy, Medicine, Casino Development & Management, International Marketing, and more, Dr. Nelson is looking for engaging strategic marketing projects for US-based and India-based companies in the development and/or expansion of current and future product lines to global markets.


Breathwork Facilitator & Instructor

Daleth Anu Kri School of Spiritual Breathwork

Level II Practitioner

Psych-K Institute

Master Practitioner

International Breath Institute

Reiki Level II & II

Universal UniversityToo

Master Practitioner & Instructor

Young Living Essential Oils

Master Practitioner

Yuen Energetics Institute

Advanced Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Institute
Mar 2009Present

ES Teck Complex Practitioner

LD Technologies LLC/Maimi